OneDrive to gain dark mode online and increased upload file size limit for business

Onedrive Web
Onedrive Web (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • OneDrive will soon gain a dark mode on the web.
  • Business users will soon be able to use an Add to OneDrive feature.
  • OneDrive users will soon be able to share files and folders with predefined groups.

Microsoft announced several new and upcoming features for OneDrive. The features include a dark mode that will roll out to the web version of OneDrive, and improvements to the sharing to OneDrive experience on Microsoft Teams. Microsoft outlines the new features for business, free, and paid consumer versions of OneDrive in a recent post. Here's an overview of the biggest additions announced by Microsoft.

Several of the newly announced features center around improving the process of sharing files. business users will soon have the option to test out an Add to OneDrive feature in preview. With this feature, people can easily add all of the content shared with them through OneDrive into a single place. Adding a file places a shortcut in the "My Files" section of your OneDrive while keeping the original content in the same place.

Later this Summer, OneDrive for Business will have the option to keep collaborators when a file is moved. This should make it easier to move files around without having to add people as collaborators repeatedly. Additionally, People will soon be able to copy OneDrive URLs and share them with internal colleagues. This option can be turned on or off by admins to keep files safe.

Microsoft is also increasing the maximum file size for OneDrive and SharePoint to 100GB. The previous limit was 15GB, which could cause issues when people worked with large media files, 3-D files, and other large types of content.

People who use OneDrive for personal storage and sharing files with friends and family will soon have a useful new feature. Later this month, the consumer version of will have the option to share files and folders with a predefined group of people. You can set up groups of family members, friends, or colleagues and then share files with the entire group. This feature will work with the free and paid versions of OneDrive.

Microsoft is also adding a dark mode to OneDrive for the web. OneDrive on iOS and Android already has a dark mode, so the web will match its mobile counterparts.

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