Microsoft OneDrive is now live

So long SkyDrive, we hardly knew ye. Well actually, we’ve known you for a long time, just under different names. And truth be told, you’re not going anywhere, you’re just changing your name. Today’s the day. Microsoft’s SkyDrive brand and branding has been retired in favor of OneDrive.


We are looking forward to some new functionality in OneDrive, since the team behind is continues to improve and add features. Earlier this month we saw a leak come out that hinted at a new co-owner folder feature that would come with the rebranding. That’s not all though, here are the latest new features in OneDrive:

  • Automatic camera backup for Android
  • Real-time co-editing       
  • Easier video sharing and viewing
  • New ways to earn and buy additional storage
  • Earn an extra 3 GB of storage when you activate camera roll backup to save photos automatically

Our friends over at Android Central will be pretty stoked to hear that the OneDrive app for Android will now automatically back up their photos. A useful feature we’ve been enjoying natively since Windows Phone 7 in 2010.

Other features you’ll want to take notice include the real-time co-editing that was leaked earlier this month. In addition to easier video sharing and viewing. The cherry on top will be new ways to earn and buy additional OneDrive storage.

We look forward to seeing OneDrive grow in both users and functionality. Anyone else really looking forward to ability to co-edit documents in real-time? We definitely area. Sound off below with your thoughts!

Source: OneDrive, OneDrive Blog

Sam Sabri