OneDrive users with grandfathered 25GB of free space get to keep it

Today's reveal that Microsoft has increased its free space for all OneDrive users from 7GB to 15GB won't affect the customers who already had 25GB of free space on the cloud storage service, thanks to a newly revealed "loyalty bonus".

Yes, there are people who have enjoyed 25GB of free space, back when OneDrive was called SkyDrive and a Microsoft Account was called a Windows Live account. However, in 2012, Microsoft decreased the amount of free SkyDrive space to 7GB, but allowed people who already had 25GB of space to claim that amount for a limited time.

Fast forward to this week, when Microsoft increased the free space from 7GB to 15GB for all free users. People who already had the 25GB amount of free space grandfathered into their account have since discovered that technically, their free space has been reduced down to 15GB. However, they also saw that they have a "loyalty bonus" of 10GB of extra space, which basically means they didn't lose anything.

Keep in mind that OneDrive users who activate the "camera roll" feature on their mobile apps, which saves any smartphone photos to their account, can also get 3GB of additional free space on the service.

Thanks to the many folks who tipped us!

  • Oohh I'm a grandfather
  • Me too, makes me feel old.
  • Gb Gb what's Gb... I have 1 Tb!
  • 1TB with office 360 but what will happen if i stop paying for my subscribers ?????
  • Others have asked and the answer is that you just can't add new stuff, ever, until you get back down. But I do not know from experience.
  • office 360?  did you pay for it to randomly stop working 5 days a year? 
  • Yea, funny how they say "oh, we'll let you keep it" yet back then it was clear we were grandfathered for good.
  • Yea, pisses me off. I had 25GB once upon a time as an early adopter and one day it just vanished.
  • Sorry, Buddy! You must've been asleep for a whole week or 2... They allowed every user a chance to keep the 25GBs if they opted in. I am having a grand year as Microsoft keeps giving me free space. Call me a Great Grandfather! I now have 1,152GB of space. Whoohoo...!
  • Oh, I remember that now, there was some sort of opt in phase. Good example of why its worth reading WPC on a daily basis. Not for somewhat exaggerated bad news, but to stay informed of the good. Had it not been for new sites, I probably would have missed the opt in period myself.
  • Dude. How? How do you have so much?! Are you paying?
  • I just got 1024GB for Office 365 subscription. I have another Nerd Enthusiast Bonus of 100GB (only for 1yr). The Original 25GB. Plus Camera Roll for 3GB. Nothing special, really!
  • Yup. Up to 118 GB here! No Office though...
  • Must have Office 365
  • whoa hey grandpa i have roughly 107gb for mine
  • Nah, it's just bullshit. I don't call my credit card company to ask if I still have a card every week. If I didn't want that 25GB I wouldn't have signed up for it in the first place. It's ok though, I've got 100 GB for the next thirty years from a Bing bug... Or, Until there's a five hour window I have "opt in" to keep that too.
  • Exactly!  I wasn't worried.  They said long time ago those who were grandfathered would keep their 25GB limits.  They sent out an email at the time giving you a specific timeframe to make up your mind to keep or lose.  And I decided to keep.  If anything they should have given us another 8GB for being such loyal customers.  :)
  • I know, I was in China on business for two months when they did that. Thing is, I never got the mail.
  • Hi grandpa? Hows OneDrive
  • I'm 21 year old grandfather
  • Hahaha, same here, qute
  • is not impossible ;) gypsies are known to can marry at 9-16yo... 
  • +25
  • I'm a godfather.
  • Are you giving people offers they can't refuse?  :-p
  • I want to watch your movie once more again !!!
  • Me too. I feel like I need to reconsider my life decisions.
  • Came from a hotmail account and still haven't received my benefits. :/
  • You had to actively request to remain with 25GB when they reduced to 7GB, and only those who had used Skydrive service before the date could do that. Just having the account didn't help. About old accounts, I had someone in my contacts with account, that was old.
  • Me too... For one I understand the whole article as it described what happened to me exactly... Apart from the 10GB loyalty bit, I never knew about that, only that I hadn't lost an space... I've been with Microsoft since almost the beginning in the UK... My first PC had Windows 98 & the 98SE & had a hard drive with a whole 1 1/2 GB of storage, minus the OS... I can hear that modem now dialing out through my phone line...
  • I have 1192gb. The basic 25gb, 1024gb for office which came with my laptop, 3 enthusiast bonuses for 140gb, and the 3gb camera roll.
  • so how much does that add up if I already have the 25GB of space?
  • Zero.....;)
  • You keep the 25, but thanks to how they are now counting it, any future increases will increase our allotment :)
  • Did you read the article? Holy fuc&Ing $#1t
  • It looks like he can't read.
  • 25GB + Keeping it (instead of downgrade to 15GB) = 25GB You could get a whole lot more free space for doing a few things that make Microsoft some money and allow them to stay in business.
  • Plus 3GB if you incorporating your camera roll to OneDrive back up... Just saying...
  • Thank you for the correction!
  • No correction mate, just joining in.. :)
  • It now counts as 15+10. So in the future you will always have a +10 bonus.
  • I have 18gb now.....:)
  • Me too
  • i have surprisingly 35gb!!!
  • I have 38 :D
  • 148GB :]
  • I've got 38 as well.
  • 51GB here
  • I only have 5 inches... wait, what are we talking about?
  • Nice. 15 free. 10 loyalty. 3 camera roll. 1024GB for Office 365. So total of 1052Gb
  • It's mean you're a great great grandpa.
  • Now you just need to buy a Surface Pro 2 for another 200GB, and refer 10 friends at 0.5GB each for another 5GB.
  • And knowing Microsoft, this "loyalty" bonus can then be taken away in the future with some lame excuse. I'll say it again, sack the bloody lot of 'em!
  • You don't know squat! =P
  • How about a deal, MS will let you keep the 25gb of space and sack 18000 of them? Or is that not enough for you?
  • Yeah! Let's condemn a company for a hypothetical I just made up! Brilliant.
  • Which is still better than Dropbox, even if the hypothetical was true.
  • Well, in that worse case scenario, there aren't better than Google, who introduces services and stops them whenever they want to. I think I am a lucky grandma, especially with my Office365 subscription, which gives me 1 Terrabyte of cloud space :-).
  • What you know must differ from what I know... I've never had a freebie or bonus taken back across any MS device or service.
  • Love this new system. Now those who are grandfathered into the old amount will get more space if they increase the default in the future!
  • Huh. I didn't know we were only supposed to have 25GB free "for a limited time."
  • As far as I remember, the only thing that was limited was the amount of time you had to claim the space. I think they gave a month or so to say "yes, I'd like to keep my space" before being defaulted down to 7GB.
  • That's what i recall too, there was a time limit you had to go in and confirm your 25GB our risk a bump down.
  • I believe it was for a year they offered it plus 3gb for the camera roll. But its a good news they let us to keep it. MS does not want their users to be sad. Nice of them. Hahaha!
  • No, that's a whole OTHER 25gb freebie. So if you take a person who has the loyalty 25gb, they could also do the one year free 25gb, giving them 50gb. When that year is up, the lose 25gb.
  • If you read the storage breakdown correctly there is no experation date on it.  Which implies that you have if for life
  • I had 30GB free. Can't remember what i did to get that much free but decided to check and I've been given another 8GB free today!
  • Yup
  • I have 18 gb to
  • 28GB of storage is a good thing. Love Onedrive!
  • What about referral bonus for friends. I have 5GBof that too, will it stays for life time?
  • Yes.
  • I have an "enthusiast bonus" of 20GB which expires next year, is this the same as the loyalty bonus? I've had Onedrive for ages.
  • No! I have the following: - Free   15 GB
    Loyalty bonus  10 GB
    Enthusiast bonus 20 GB Valid until: 19/02/2015
    Enthusiast bonus 20 GB Valid until: 21/12/2014 
    Camera roll bonus 3  GB As you can see no date next to Loyalty Bonus! and yes currently running at 68 GB :D but not using any where near that :D
  • Cheers worth checking as the article says they removed the limited period. Oh well not fussed I have over 1tb now :)
  • I have this below, all free (168GB)! I've been using quite a lot of it too, just been trying to remove stuff I no longer actually need to see if I drop back within the regular 28GB :S Your plan Free
    15 GB Your additional storage Referral bonus (0% achieved)
    0 GB Loyalty bonus
    10 GB Enthusiast bonus
    20 GB
    Valid until: 19/02/2015 Enthusiast bonus
    20 GB
    Valid until: 26/12/2014 Camera roll bonus
    3 GB OneDrive bonus
    100 GB
    Valid until: 19/02/2015
  • "enthusiast bonus" != "loyalty bonus" If they were the same, they'd have the same name ;)
  • Me too. If you login to OneDrive and goto get more storage you will notice it says enthusiast bonus of 20GB and an expiration date. Mine expires in 2016
  • no they are not the same thing
  • I have 20GB enthusiast bonus too, expires 18/01/2015, with 3GB camer roll and standard (now) 15GB = 38GB. That would be my question too, is the enthusiast bonus going to become permenant?
  • Its same with me.
    Enthusiast bonus 20 GB Valid through: 21-12-2014
    Free: 15GB
    Camera roll: 3GB My bonus gb is going to expire soon, anyways I don't have so much data. It can survive with 18GB.
  • I have 1.35 TB of space! I am the king!
  • I have 1.44 TB, so no :P
  • Thats a BIG 3 1/4" floppy! lol
  • Isn't it actually supposed to be 3 1/2" floppy disk?
  • Yea, my bad... 
  • Me thinks this may include the Office 365 OneDrive....
  • "I am the king!" ... said the late Joffrey Baratheon.
  • Have already 10gb since 2012 when i bought my Lumia 920, 5gigs more is awesome !!
  • I just look to my account and i have 18gb, so they give 8gb more to everyone even those who already have the 3gb from camera roll.... Nice
  • I feel Old,grandfathered. *Kho Kho Khooo....*
  • So my 25 Gb went to 15+10... Oh boy, so I got absolutely nuttin'....
  • I have:
    15 GB Free
    10 GB loyalty bonus
    20 GB enthusiast bonus (expires 1/11/2015
    3 GB camera roll 48 GB total
  • Not complainig but I got 48gb...not sure how though.
  • Remember when Hotmail gave free 25GB cloud storage from skydrive and then they dropped it to 7GB because of Windows mobiles?
  • Now if I can only combine 2 accounts. I have 1tb through my work account and 30 gigabytes for my home account
  • Share a folder
  • Since I use Bing Rewards I get 100gb of Onedrive free for a year
  • Does activating onedrive photo upload still fill up the 'other' folder in phone memory or has that bug been fixed?
  • I guess it was fixed with black update.
  • I have the 2012 25GB but I also have a terabyte from Office 365 University so I win.
  • So I guess when they bump free OneDrive space up to 25Gb in the future, I'll still get nuttin'...
  • I would assume that since the loyalty bonus is not a separate point, that any future increases will in fact net you increases space with the extra 10GB added to that
  • I have 168GB of free storage. 15GB free + 10GB loyalty bonus + 3GB camera roll + 40 GB "enthusiast bonus" + 100 GB from Bing rewards.
  • Great news, my 25 GB are now permanent! Thanks a lot Microsoft guys! :)
    Well, checking my OneDrive accounts I have 35 GB, muchas gracias again!
  • I'm enjoying 18gb... Don't know the reason how it got upgraded from 7gb at a time...:)
  • 15GB free upgrade given now + 3GB camera roll.
  • 1TB
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  • Nom nom nom moar gigabaitz nom nom
  • What else good is OneDrive besides pics and videos? Can we store apps, music?
  • You can store whatever you want, it's not limited to certain file types.
  • Also, you can get access to files on remote PCs through OneDrive by installing the OneDrive desktop App.
  • I have slightly over 1Tb..
  • I have 50gb of space. I'D got it during the rebranding of SkyDrive as a promotional offer. Will I lose anything
  • Check for expiration date under manage storage.
  • Thanks Microsoft! You will be the top in cloud storage.
  • 1.254 TB :D Only last year I paid for 200GB, now have 300GB in the cloud.  I would also highly recommend Boxcrypter if you want to encrypt everything on Onedrive, works seamlessly.
  • I have 38GB and not sure how. I had a G-Mail address on my first Microsoft account that gave me the 25GB for life, but I dropped it to create an when it launched. I honestly don't need much cloud space anyway --- I currently only use about 4.5 GB. Not to mention, if I ever want more I can redeem a measly 100 Bing credits and receive additional 100GB each year.
  • I get the 1tb with the university
  • ahahahhah,Chutiye sale...
  • I remember using SkyDrive & Mesh on my Touch Pro 2... I loved that phone...
  • Yes, & we have more 5GB BONUS which register through this link like referring
    Total 23GB by default.... Cheers
  • 1.03TB free of 1,072GB... So much space, I don't even know what to do with it! Now if only Microsoft would remove its stupid upload restrictions (I.E: The arbitrary 2GB file size limit, the fact they scan uploaded photos to see what they contain, etc.).
  • If you backup your pics on your phone to onedrive that space would fill up fast.
  • I like this math better: Grandfathered users 25GB + 8GB "bonus" = 33GB. many people have been grandfathered and how much would giving them a 7GB bonus cost MS vs. the goodwill created? Hell, they could have just made it 25GB + 15GB = 40GB.
  • I have 1087gb. I dont really cate about space, right now?
  • Haha
    With all the Xtra GB I got, I am now at 48. Thx MSFT
  • Hehe, go me!! I'm one of the elite 25GB users! Woot woot!! And btw? I have 168GB...all free from enthusiast bonuses and a 100GB promo from Bing Rewards ;). #BraggingRights
  • +248GB :D
  • What is wrong with ms updates
  • Wow, that's a good news. Now I don't regret opening a microsoft email account.
  • Thanks
  • It takes too long just to update one phone... An hour of silence and blackout
  • Talking about "off topic replies"
    My update took me not even ten minutes. Was this the Cyan update or the 8.1? Huge difference!
  • Another clue to be informed is when you setup your MS account you may have have said "NO" to "may MS contact via this account for special offers" and whatnot....shoulda answered YES. You can change your answer btw...
  • Frankly, I don't get it: I always got 38GB for free!
  • Having 1192gb of space is pretty great.
  • I remember back when I first signed up for Hotmail over 10 years ago that SkyDrive was a thing that no one knew about and had the 25GB of space. I literally tried to think of a reason to use it back then but with flip phones and laptops still not being extremely common, plus the fact that the interface was klunky, just couldn't find a reason because it wasn't easy to use. They've literally turned this service into exactly what I always wanted. I'm happy to be a grandfather!
  • 15 free
    0 referral bonus
    10 loyalty bonus
    1024 Office 365
    20 enthusiast bonus until 2/19/2016
    3 camera roll
    100 OneDrive bonus until 2/19/2015 1172 total
  • The grandfather plan was never for a limited amount of time. At least they never said so.
  • Agreed. I understood that so long as you consented, you'd keep your 25 GB. They were pretty clear about it. EDIT: My mistake. It appears that I was recently (no idea when) bumped down to 15 GB.
  • I have 38gb
  • I got 15gb + camera roll bonus(3gb)... :)
  • How is it that I have 30GB?
  • I'm currently rocking 68.5GB. I've been with them since jump. They should give all first WP adopters 100GB for being loyal.
  • Get yur selves 100 Bing points and cash in for 100 gigs for the year.
  • Thought we might get an extra 8gb :P
  • But still I have 7GB and 3GB camera roll storage I didn't get 15GB :(
  • try to go to the onedrive app.  go to setting and check storage.  It will take you to the external onedrive link.  I did that and my onedrive storage increased.  At least that's how it worked for me.
  • I was one of those who got their OneDrive storage upgraded to 25GB permanently... Plus the free 20GB this years add up to a solid 40+ GB of storage.
  • How did you get the extra free 20GB?  I have the old 25GB as well.
  • There was a promotion earlier in year.
  • I have 1 TB of storage, wow, I feel so powerful, that's just awesome for office 365.
  • I just checked my onedrive storage and I got 18GB.  Why is that?  Not that I'm complaining about the 3GB more. And good need I get to keep my ancient hotmail 25GB.
  • You probably linked camera roll on some device be it WP, Android, or iOS. 
  • In effect we should have got 8gb extra. As all users had that increase.
  • As a loyal customer I see this is as follows  Before 25GB - 7GB = 18GB loyalty bonus Now 25GB - 15GB = 10GB loyalty bonus. As a loyal customer I just lost 8GB of my loyalty bonus when Microsoft told us back then that we where to keep the 25GB forever. if they where taking loyalty seriously it should have been  25GB + 8GB = 33GB  
  • Correct. But that's the MS way
  • Hate these time-limited bonuses. I bought a Surface and got 200GB for a year. MS wants me to use it, then find I can't do without it so I subscribe. I've just ignored it. Bit pointless really. I have 28 GB and that's more than enough for me.
  • My upload speed is 20 kb/s
  • 253 GB for me dang thought I'd get another 8 GB free :P 
  • I got the 25 GB free but when I check my storage available it says valid until such a date should I be worried