OneDrive users with grandfathered 25GB of free space get to keep it

Today's reveal that Microsoft has increased its free space for all OneDrive users from 7GB to 15GB won't affect the customers who already had 25GB of free space on the cloud storage service, thanks to a newly revealed "loyalty bonus".

Yes, there are people who have enjoyed 25GB of free space, back when OneDrive was called SkyDrive and a Microsoft Account was called a Windows Live account. However, in 2012, Microsoft decreased the amount of free SkyDrive space to 7GB, but allowed people who already had 25GB of space to claim that amount for a limited time.

Fast forward to this week, when Microsoft increased the free space from 7GB to 15GB for all free users. People who already had the 25GB amount of free space grandfathered into their account have since discovered that technically, their free space has been reduced down to 15GB. However, they also saw that they have a "loyalty bonus" of 10GB of extra space, which basically means they didn't lose anything.

Keep in mind that OneDrive users who activate the "camera roll" feature on their mobile apps, which saves any smartphone photos to their account, can also get 3GB of additional free space on the service.

Thanks to the many folks who tipped us!

John Callaham