OneDrive on the web now lets you edit photos without jumping to another app

Onedrive Web Edit Photo
Onedrive Web Edit Photo (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • OneDrive on the web now supports image editing.
  • You can crop photos, make adjustments to lighting and colors, and use filters.
  • OneDrive on the web will soon support a new Markup feature that provides another way to alter images.

Microsoft recently added the ability to edit images to OneDrive on the web. Now, people can alter photos without having to jump to another app. The functionality supports cropping, lighting adjustments, filters, and rotating photos. These are all standard features on many photo apps, but are a welcome addition to OneDrive on the web.

"One thing we've heard directly from you is that you'd love a way to work on your photos in OneDrive without having to open another app," explains Microsoft in a Tech Community post.

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

Later this month, OneDrive on the web will support a new feature called Markup. This will include tools for editing photos with a pen or touch, such as circling an image to enhance it and cutting content out by striking through it. Markup will also support softening or enhancing an image by drawing on a photo with different colors.

Edited photos can be saved as a new image or overwrite the existing saved file. If you accidentally overwrite an image but want to revert to a previous state, you can use the file's version history to restore an earlier version.

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