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The latest update to the OneNote Beta for Android includes only a couple of changes, but one of them could come in pretty handy. Aside from general bug fixes and performance improvements, the update adds the ability to quickly create different types of notes from the OneNote icon on your home screen. OneNote Quick Notes

Pressing and holding the OneNote icon will now open up a jump menu that offers up several different options for creating notes. Tapping one will allow you to jump into the app to add a standard note, audio, photo or list. It's a small touch, but if you're a frequent OneNote user, it works as a way to quickly jump into exactly what you want to do within OneNote, potentially cutting down on some extra taps.

Here's a look at the official release notes:

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Press and hold the OneNote icon to quickly create different kinds of notes. (Supported for Android version 7.0 and above)

If you're already a beta tester, you can pick up the latest version of OneNote Beta from the Google Play Store now. If you'd like to become a beta tester, you can opt-in directly from OneNote's Play Store page.

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