OneNote December update comes to everyone with virtual ruler tool, more

After a short period of testing with Fast ring Insiders, the December update for OneNote is now rolling out to everyone. There aren't a large number of features included in this update, but it does contain some useful additions.

The most notable new feature in the December OneNote update is the addition of a virtual ruler tool. The tool will help you draw straight lines and measure distance. It's also equipped with an angle indicator so you can get angles just right. The OneNote Team has also continued work on speedy search in this update.

Here's a look at the full release notes (opens in new tab) issued while this release was in testing:

  • Set things straight: On touch screens, use the virtual ruler on the Draw tab to draw straight lines and measure distance. Rotate to a specific angle with the help of the angle indicator.
  • Speedy search: Search just got faster! Your search results now appear instantaneously, making it easier to get back to your notes.

Everyone should be able to grab the latest OneNote update from the Microsoft Store now. Keep in mind that, as pointed out by Microsoft's Product Manager Lead for OneNote, William Devereux, individual features are rolling out over time. So if you don't see the new features immediately after updating, sit tight.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Dial work with ruler?
  • Or they could just make the 2016 version have a tablet mode so neither version is lacking in features because there is just the one that ALSO dumbs itself down to a tablet version if anyone wants a lesser version for some reason. Then they can go ahead and update the mobile versions to at least ha e the ability to collapse sections. The mobile version is useless without that.
  • I have ditched the desktop version a year ago in favor of the lighter version. For normal school or work-related note taking it is more than enough. I enjoy quick upstart and a very clean interface with the important stuff in near reach.
  • It's about damn time honestly. Let's hope the protractor is included in this update as well, or we'll be waiting another year for that too.
  • Is there any way to force install this version? Have been waiting for the ruler for a year... Have tried to uninstall/reinstall.
  • I saw the updates on the app. It also included math icon to help solve math problems but now they are gone. Did any one have the same issue? The app seems to have reverted back to older version. Thanks