Onrush gets gravity-defying racing trailer

Onrush will bring all-action, gravity-defying racing back to consoles when it launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 5, 2018. The game is developed by the team formerly known as Evolution Studios, the studio behind Sony's Driveclub. After its closure, Evolution Studios was acquired by Codemasters and that team is making Onrush.

According to Codemasters, the game isn't about just racing to the finish line. Racing with style and flair is what counts as you perform incredible takedowns and risk it all to power up your all-important "Rush" meter. Without giving too many details away, the developer said that Rush is the ultimate power which produces a devastating force which, when used at the right time, can obliterate the competition. A new trailer showcases just that.

In a statement discussing the game and its mechanics, Onrush's Game Director Paul Rustchynsky said the following.

We are extremely excited to finally be able to talk about Onrush. The team grew up playing iconic, arcade racing games so it is great to have the opportunity to re-imagine those experiences on today's consoles and bring something fresh to the market. We believe that it is something that gamers are crying out for. The most important factor in the game is that it has to be fun... taking death defying risks in order to reap the biggest rewards.

It's great to see the Evolution Studios team find a new home at Codemasters. Hopefully Onrush will be a great experience and a boost for the developer when it launches in a few months, starting at $59.99. The best part is that the game also features Xbox One X enhancements.

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Asher Madan

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