Onrush's gravity-defying vehicle classes detailed [updated]

A few days ago, we reported that Onrush featured numerous vehicle classes and customization. Today, Codemasters and Deep Silver gave us a better look at the feature in a new trailer.

Updated March 24, 2018: We've updated the article with each class and what makes those particular vehicles unique. You can earn the special abilities by performing tricks, flips, and other stylish moves.

  • The "Blade" vehicle leaves a destructive trail of fire scorching the earth, and its tombstones are blinding when collected by opponents.
  • The "Outlaw" class drains boost from all opponents in range, and heavy landings trigger a shockwave that makes nearby enemies vulnerable.
  • The "Vortex" leaves a disruptive wake of turbulent air behind, and its timed boost landings are more effective.
  • The "Charger" can plow through opponents with a physically larger special attack, and has better magnetism on in-air attacks.
  • The "Interceptor" fills your "Rush" ultimate ability gauge with successful takedowns, and its initial boost usage is more powerful but more costly.
  • The "Dynamo" is a support class and can drop boost pick-ups for your team.
  • The "Titan" drops a trail of blockades that slow your opponents down, but it also gives nearby teammates a shield that offers protection from big hits.
  • Lastly, the "Enforcer" blinds any opponent following behind, and hit opponents temporarily lose their boost.

Onrush should bring all-action, gravity-defying racing back to consoles when it launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 5, 2018. The game is developed by the team formerly known as Evolution Studios, the studio behind Sony's Driveclub. After its closure, Evolution Studios was acquired by Codemasters and that team is making Onrush.

It's great to see the Evolution Studios team find a new home at Codemasters. Hopefully Onrush will be a great experience and a boost for the developer when it launches in a few months, starting at $59.99. The best part is that the game also features Xbox One X enhancements!

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