Order & Chaos Online Beginner's Guide Part 2 for Windows Phone 8

Yesterday we published Part 1 of our guide to Order & Chaos Online for Windows Phone 8. Today we follow up with the second installment, which covers lots of fun subjects like guilds, auction houses, and crafting. This installment includes a brand new video guide as well!

Remember, these guides apply to the iOS and Android versions of the game as well as the Windows Phone 8 version, so all Order & Chaos Online newcomers can benefit from our tips and tricks.

Private Messaging

There are several ways to send a whisper (private message) to others:

  • Tap the person’s name in the chat channel at the bottom of the screen. It might take a few tries to get the context menu to pop up. Then select Whisper.
  • From the Friends or Guild menu, tap a person’s name and choose Whisper.
  • While accessing the chat window, you’ll see an arrow at the top left corner of the screen. The arrow opens a menu that contains preset messages and allows you to whisper directly to the most recent person to whom you whispered.

Earning and buying gold

Gold is the main form of currency, but you’ll also deal with plenty of silver and copper. 100 copper coins equal one silver coin. 100 silver coins add up to one gold coin.

There are lots of ways to make money: looting it from enemies, selling loot, and completing quests. You can also make a great deal from selling crafting resources and crafted items at the Auction House, which we’ll get to in a bit. As you gain levels and reach new areas, enemies, loot, and quests start providing more money. In time, you’ll be able to earn several gold pieces a day.

If you really like the game and you’d rather get your hands on some gold a little faster, you can also buy it with real money via In-App Purchase (IAP). Gold prices are kind of high unless they’re on sale, with $6.99 only getting you seven pieces. Larger packages are a better value, of course.

Whether buying gold is worthwhile to you comes down entirely to your enjoyment of the game and how quickly you’d like to get ahead. The main thing you’ll need gold for is expanding your bag and storage box.

Bag and Storage Boxes

The bag is where you store things you pick up from enemies, chests, quest rewards, etc. If your bag is full, you will be unable to pick up anything else (including quest items and rewards) until you sell, store, or drop some items.

A bag starts with one page of slots; each page holds up to 12 items. The bag can be expanded by increments of 6-slots for increasing quantities of gold. An IAP of seven gold coins will fund the first two upgrades, providing a fair jumpstart early in the game.

  • First Upgrade: 1 Gold
  • Second Upgrade: 5 Gold
  • Third Upgrade: 20 Gold
  • Fourth Upgrade: 50 Gold
  • Fifth Upgrade: 100 Gold
  • Sixth Upgrade: 180 Gold
  • Seventh Upgrade: 300 Gold
  • Last Upgrade: 500 Gold

Storage boxes allow you to put items away for safe keeping. All storage boxes are connected, so items placed in one town’s box can be retrieved from another town’s box. Players get 24 slots (two pages) to begin with. Each upgrade adds a full page of 12 slots to your box.

  • First Upgrade: 10 Gold
  • Second Upgrade: 30 Gold
  • Third Upgrade: 100 Gold
  • Fourth Upgrade: 180 Gold

Rune Stones

Unlike gold, rune stones can’t be earned through gameplay. They are a premium currency and must be purchased via IAP. You can use rune stones to do the following:

  • Respawn at your current location for one rune stone
  • Unlock extra character slots for 10 Rune stones each
  • Play the second (one rune stone) and third tiers (30 rune stones) of the Daily Lottery
  • Buy special pets and items from Ubiquitous Nick’s shop
  • Purchase epic armor sets in Greenmont

Only highly dedicated players will want to purchase rune stones, so don’t worry about them early in the game.

Learning a craft

To learn one of the game’s three crafts, you’ll need to complete a quest given by Mastoo the Materials Supplier in the town of Silence. The quest reward will allow you to select a letter to one of the three crafting trainers. Deliver the letter to the appropriate trainer in the town of silence to receive a handbook that will teach you the trainer’s craft.

You can only use one craft at a time and it costs a whopping 60 gold to switch (again, in Silence), so choose your trade carefully. Each trade produces items that benefit only one or two classes, but any class can learn any trade.

  • Cloth: Mage and Monk gear
  • Leather: Ranger and Warrior gear
  • Blacksmithing: Primarily Warrior gear (plate armor), melee weapons (swords, daggers, hammers, axes, etc.)


To rise in your profession and learn to create new items, you’ll need to increase your crafting currency. Initially you can only make one kind of item. Head to the bottom option on the Spells menu in order to produce things. Crafting an item in your skill range gives you one or two craft points. You can then sell the item for a profit.

After gaining a certain number of craft points from making a type of item, you’ll no longer earn points by making that item. At that point, buy a new craft recipe from the appropriate trainer in Silence or Greenmont and start producing the next kind of item. Certain recipes only appear as rare drops from enemies and chests.

Crafting materials are often in high demand at the Auction House. It takes more time to gather them but you save a lot of money. Here’s how to gather materials:

  • Cloth: Grenadine, cotton, etc. Cloth drops from humanoid enemies such as thieves and goblins.
  • Leather: Poor fur, quality fur, etc. Fur drops from animals and monsters – even reptiles.
  • Ore: Bronze material, marcasite, etc. Ore spawns in the wild and must be gathered.

Recipes also require mixing materials like flux and thread; these must be purchased from vendors. You’ll usually find them in the tavern or near a craft trainer.


The best way to make money is by selling crafting materials, crafted goods, and other items at Auction Houses. In towns that have Auction Houses, they are marked by a green gavel icon on the map.

You’ll find the first Auction House in the northwestern corner of Greenmont. The town of Bellshoal on the Tear Coast also has a lone Auctioneer who stands on the second floor of a tavern.

From an Auction House you can bid items or sell your own. Before selling an item, it’s wise to look at auctions for the same item and price yours accordingly. You’ll need to set the bidding price, instant purchase price, and duration of the auction. I like to create 48 hour auctions in order to increase the likelihood of the item selling.

Notifications of completed and expired auctions are sent to your mailbox (a red envelope icon on the map). When reading an auction mail, be sure to extract the item or money before deleting the mail.


To create a guild, you must be level 10 or higher. Then head to the guild master in Silence or Greemont (southeast corner of the city) – she has a green stone symbol above her head. Buy a guild stone from her for five gold and then use it to name your guild. You can’t create a guild if you are already in one.

After successfully creating the guild, go to the Social menu and select the Guild tab. Pick Manage in order to invite new members or rename the guild ranks. Type in a character name (case sensitive) and then press Add to invite that character to the guild. The recipient must be online and not currently in a guild in order to join.

Joining a guild gets you access to the guild chat channel, where you can socialize, ask for help, or recruit team members. If you’re playing on Windows Phone, join the WPCentral guild! American players: add EastWind  to your friends list. When I'm online, whisper and ask for an invite. The guild also has an official forum thread; feel free to stop by and talk.


Pets are small animals that follow you around and do little tricks. They don’t participate in combat or grant stat bonuses, so they’re just for show.

You can use gold to buy pets from a woman named Lilivia Vineviva who stands near the Greenmont auction house. Ubiquitous Nick also sells unique pets for rune stones. To activate a pet, put it in your bag and choose to use it.

Later in the game, rare and epic pets can be found as loot drops or captured in the wild.


You can’t use mounts until level 20 and they’re really intended for much higher levels, so we won’t discuss them too much in this guide. In Greenmont you can buy licenses that allow you to ride specific kinds of mounts. Even then, you also need to buy or capture a mount. Purchasable mounts cost a startling 999 gold! The capture stones needed to snag wild mounts cost 5 gold, but they only have a five percent success rate.

See the Order & Chaos Online Wiki for more on mounts.

Battery life

Here’s a few quick tips for improving your Windows Phone’s battery life while playing Order & Chaos Online:

  • Use a 1.5A or 2.1A charger in order to provide more power to the phone
  • Turn screen brightness down to low
  • Turn off cellular data, Bluetooth, and Tap & Send (NFC)

As for phone warmth, that’s a design flaw in certain phones and you can’t do much to combat it other than use a case to reduce the heat transferred to your hands, or play for shorter periods of time.

The story lives on…

We hope you enjoyed Part 1 and Part 2 of our guide! We haven’t even touched on some advanced subjects like dungeons. Let us know what topics you’d like to see in a future guide!

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