Soup up your Xbox cloud gaming with these OtterBox accessories

Otterbox Xbox Accessories Range
Otterbox Xbox Accessories Range (Image credit: OtterBox)

What you need to know

  • OtterBox's new mobile gaming accessories are available for preorder.
  • The accessories are designed to improve the mobile gaming experience for Xbox and smartphones.
  • OtterBox first previewed its gaming accessories at CES 2021.

OtterBox is known best for its rugged phone cases and accessories, but the company recently announced a partnership with Xbox. First announced at CES 2021, OtterBox has several mobile gaming accessories to improve Xbox and smartphone gaming on the go. Now, the new accessories are available for preorder (opens in new tab). The new accessories should start shipping in mid-February.

For people who use an Xbox controller as part of their mobile gaming setup, OtterBox has an Easy Grip Controller Shell (opens in new tab) ($40), Gaming Carry Case (opens in new tab) ($45), and Mobile Gaming Clip (opens in new tab) $30. For those that prefer to game with just a phone, OtterBox has an Easy Grip Gaming Case (opens in new tab) ($55). Any mobile gamer can utilize the company's Gaming Privacy Glass (opens in new tab), which blocks the view of a phone from the sides.

OtterBox Easy Grip Controller Shell

The Easy Grip Controller Shell adds protection to your Xbox controller while also adding extra grip. It works with Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S controllers and is available in three colors; Dark Web, Dreamscape, and Galactic Dream.

OtterBox Gaming Carry Case

The Gaming Carry Case fits an Xbox controller inside, but it isn't just for carrying your controller around. It has a built-in screen stand, which allows you to prop up your phone. With the built-in stand, it'll be easy to pop the case on a desk or table with a mobile gaming setup.

OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip

The Mobile Gaming Clip looks like some of the best Xbox One controller phone mount clips that we've already seen, but it has some features that make it stand out. OtterBox's Mobile Gaming Clip can be adjusted to different angles with just one hand and you can pop it off for tabletop gaming.

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