Out This Week on Xbox One: King's Quest, Magic Duels: Origins, and RIDE

Every week, new games are released for the Xbox One. Whether they are indie titles or AAA titles, we want to make sure they're on your radar. So get your wallet ready and clear some space on your hard drive. Let's take a look at what's coming out this week for Xbox One.

King's Quest: A Knight to Remember

An unlikely hero

King's Quest: A Knight to Remember is the first chapter in this five episode re-imagining of the series of the same name that ran through the 80s and 90s. Graham is on his last leg in life and decides to share his stories with his granddaughter of when his life was full of adventure.

You play as young Graham, who has entered himself in the knight's competition. Unlike most entrants, Graham is an unlikely candidate for a knight as he is small and scrawny. Your journey of becoming a knight will take you through some wacky adventures and introduce you to some charming characters. Fun Fact: The original games had 50-100 pages of script as the new games have 604. So if you're a fan of the originals, this should be a must buy for you.

The game is slated to hit the Xbox One on Wednesday, July 29.

King's Quest: The Complete Collection - Xbox Store - $39.99

Magic Duels: Origins

The power lies in your hands

Magic Duels: Origins is the successor to Duels of the Planeswalker and will be a 100% free-to-play title. The game is slated to be constantly updated with downloadable content to make sure your decks are always up to date.

Some of the game's newest features include a new deck builder experience, first-ever playable Planeswalker cards, and a new Quest system that features individual and community challenges. Magic Duels: Origins comes out this Friday, July 31.


Disclaimer: I've checked multiple sources on when this game launches and it's literally all over the place. But I'm sticking to my most trusted source which says the game releases this Friday.

RIDE is finally hitting consoles this week after months of delays here in the U.S. despite being available for a while now in places like the UK. If you haven't heard of RIDE yet, just think of it as an "arcadey" motorcycle racing game. It features tons of customization options and makes this the focal point of the game. This is definitely felt once you finally hop on your bike and hit the streets, as driving feels "floaty" and unresponsive.

RIDE screeches onto the Xbox Store Friday, July 31.

Jonathan Dollison