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Outlook on Android now has a 'Create task' shortcut for Microsoft To Do

Outlook To Do Shortcut
Outlook To Do Shortcut (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Outlook on Android now has a shortcut to create tasks in Microsoft To Do.
  • The new option appears in the "Other options" menu in Outlook.
  • Microsoft To Do has a shortcut to pen tasks in Outlook.

Managing tasks just got a bit easier, thanks to a new shortcut on Microsoft Outlook on Android. The email app now has a "Create task" shortcut that instantly creates a task within Microsoft To Do. The feature was first spotted by HTNovo. We've also seen the new shortcut and tried it out.

Outlook doesn't seem to have a mention of this feature in its Google Play Store listing. I have the feature on my phone on the non-beta version of Outlook, so it's at least rolling out to some users on Android.

Outlook To Do Shortcut

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The feature is simple to use. You just click on the "Other options" menu with three dots while viewing an email and select "Create task." The task within Microsoft To Do is then made from the subject line and body of the email.

When you view a created task within Microsoft To Do, you can use a shortcut to open it within Outlook. The two shortcuts work well in conjunction and make it easier to manage tasks from emails.

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  • I would love to use To-Do, but it has never worked on my Android 10 device (I switched from Windows Phone). I do not receive any task notifications / reminders on my phone. They will show up on my laptop and desktop, but nothing on my phone, which is way more useful. I have untinstalled / reinstalled etc. but it's never worked. I am, however, getting notifications from To-Do about how many tasks I completed the previous day.
  • Hmm weird I've been using it on my pixel 3xl since they released it and haven't had issues. I'm guessing you've tried the regular stuff like uninstalling/reinstalling/resetting/battery saver/etc.?
  • Guess I'm just the lucky one! I will try it all again. Cheers!
  • The only thing I would recommend in the notification area when a notification comes in it would be slowly to swipe it right or left to reveal the settings icon and make sure in there that the notification slider is on for the task you want to come through. Even through Uninstall and reinstall they can be off by default. Other than that... Weird
  • Aaaand I just tested it again...and it worked. Typical! Damn thing hasn't worked for months because I have been setting tasks and reminders every now and then to test it.
  • OK - slight update. If I set a task and notification on my phone, I get notifications on my phone and laptop. If I set a task and notification on my laptop, I get the notification on my laptop, but not my phone. This is how I would normally work. I have personal and work accounts linked on To-Do. Surface Book 2 on latest insider build. Android 10
  • Yes, I got used to Live Tiles nugging me that I have things to do in my list. Now live tile functionality has been gone for a while now and I fail to check my tasks eversince. I simply stopped using it and for the best, because there is no need to collect tasks in an app that will fail to notify you the way you need it because some folks collected some telemetry the same way they collect feedback in the feedback hub.
  • In my opinion, Microsoft continues to decrement functionality. Hands-free operation is a thing of the past, Tiles are less "live", ToDo provides no true interaction with the Calendar, all but the Android version of Outlook have lost the ability to swipe directly to Junk. For a few examples. They seem to focus more of superfluous fluff or half-measures. Very disappointing.