Outlook for Windows 10 Mobile gets new button layout, updated design

Today, Microsoft is rolling out an update for their Outlook email app for Windows 10 Mobile (Technical Preview).

Email and Calendar version 17.4119.42012 is now being pushed to phones running Windows 10 build 10080 and with it arrives a few design changes that Microsoft had recently promised.

First and foremost is the shift from buttons at the top of the screen to a quick-action ribbon at the bottom. The ribbon features access to calendar, new mail, search, sync, and select. The ribbon is iconic based but tapping the ellipsis to the right brings up their labels for easier identification.

Heading into an email the quick-action ribbon stays at the bottom, but the functions change. Instead, users now have the ease of access to move, unread/read toggle and flag by tapping the ellipsis button. There are also buttons for calendar, forward/backward, forwarding and deletion.

Diving into settings and options, users can find a refined layout with new toggles for Swipe actions, Reading (auto open), when to mark an item as read, signature and Notification selections.

We would also be remiss to mention that it does, ahem, seem faster (and more stable).

Although the first release of Outlook for Mobile was a bit rough, clearly the app is coming along with these updates. Outlook is finally starting to feel like a true replacement for the current Windows Phone 8.1 app.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Need to reinstall the tech preview now
  • Same here but that darn start screen bug is VERY annoying. After 5 hard resets and 3 soft resets i reverted back to 8.1. Sad as this build was actually very usable for me.
  • Agreed. Imo, I wouldn't do it on any device except a spare. Far too buggy. I have it on a spare and don't even bother with it. Wish they'd make it 50% more stable before anything else at this point.
  • Start screen bug seems to be related to apps that are installed. Reset phone and installing one app at a time and no problems with start screen loading for the past couple days. In my case I think it was 1password. Every time I install that app I run into problems with loading
  • I did think this too as it only happened after I started to install my apps unfortunately I have far too many to debug one at a time but I have a hunch it maybe apps that require 1GB ram. There is also another theory that it is the size of the image used as start bkgrd that causes the bug. As I said above aside from the screen bug this build is good enough to be used daily.
  • it hapenms on my 930 but its not unusable its like the odd 4-10 second wait mostly 4 so im still there.
  • Hmmm, had it on my 1020 and worked fine until I changed to show more tiles, it froze up reloading the start screen then went back to settings screen. I did soft reset and it returned to normal but it seems that the damage was done as the bug became more constant. I've reverted to 8.1 gdr2 and will wait for new build.
  • I just unpinned uc browser and my start screen is working flawlessly, I noticed the tile was blank except for some random words, and then I thought of what I read you guys talking about unpinning apps
  • Same here. Even yesterday I tried again. Still not usable in Lumia 928. Too many bugs. Miss the notifications and lots of w10 feature. Will try next build again.
  • I've got it running on a 928 and it seems stable. The only thing I'm having problems is adding new accounts for email.
  • Had the same issue removed some tiles and uninstalled a few apps as general clean up and I guess got lucky. I now use it as my main phone. Having said that the transitions are slow, Outlook is well just not very nice, the calendar is a major step back with no month view. As others have said office is buggy and I do use onedrive a lot which works but not onedrive for business. Basically lots of little things... Notice a couple more today just as an example of how they constantly creep up on you. Flipping the phone to silence no longer works or possible is deactivated and I have never found the switch and only found the quiet hours today again by accident which when you select y our breakthrough list now recognises multiple telephone choices in  the contact and I have yet to establish if this means only the one you select is active if so you can only add one breaktrhough number and not a breakthrough contact as before. Like I said daily discovery but enough for me to use for my daily grind.
  • All you have to do is disable the start screen background image... DO NOT USE THE START SCREEN BACKGROUND IMAGE, AND BEFORE YOU LOAD THE TP COMPLETELY WIPE YOUR DEVICE, USING NO BACKUPS FROM 8.1❗❗❗❗
    Do those two things, and the TP will work seriously better around the whole OS,, GUARANTEED❗❗❗
  • Can I quote you on this rodneyej?? ;). I'll give it a shot and update you accordingly. Also, have any of you encountered an issue with the store were you cant install 1GB apps as it thinks your device doesn't have sufficient RAM? I'm using a 1020 btw...
  • Yes, quote me, and try it... It works.
  • Hey rodneyej, your guide above, can i use the show more tiles option? As i did and then had to use soft reset to get start screen back. Now if i reboot the phone, i have use soft reset to get it back. Also rodneyej, since you restored your device as new, how did you re-install 1GB req apps?
  • Well, I've since reverted back to 8.1... I need my device for business....
    But, I never tried to reinstall 1gb games... I wouldn't even attempt to open an extensive game on the TP at its current polish... It's just too unstable... I'm not sure about how the show more tiles option acts.... That option has been removed for the 1520, and my Fiance is using my 920 right now...
  • Same here now, start screen issue became too much and also cortana was only returning bing results when I tried to launch apps through it. Re more tiles on 1520, I think that it will become a device that will have that feature as default display.
  • Yes, I did a factory reset and everything is really stable, except WhatApp is causing to crash the whole OS while typing a message. I deleted the Outlook app, but I cannot reinstall it again. So I think I have to reset it again ;(
  • You have provably figured it already, but if you turn off small tiles (by disabling show more tiles in settings/personalisation/start) then that gets rid of the start screen bug.
  • trying to save information by using a program called hpersnap again does not work? The biggest annoyance is if I download a machines equipment users manuel even with google it goes not work???? Explorer has always been a download and save information nightmare!!! ! A users manuel be it a juicer or meat grinder!!! DIDN'T MATTER.So whatever you have done the renaming of A government file and that i'm SURE makes it hard to find that file even with a file manager that is a split system !!! I shall go back to 8 at lest it works and so did 7 , back to 95 you could find a download ,and it did't move at all and was not a movie you had to pay for it was just a white paper.
  • Get raid of all pins on the start screen and you are good to go. Worked for me...
  • Lol.. Then there's no point..
  • I'm still using the preview on my 930 since day 1 it came out for my device. Yes, there are bugs, startscreen is actually very stable for me. I feel like I'm one of the few who uses this build on their daily driver :P
  • i am considering doing the same any thing that i should know before proceeding to the update?
  • It is buggy and slow and office apps are buggy too, so if you rely on office then I'd hold back from putting it on your daily driver
  • I have a problem where the Office apps are regularly updating and installing, and updating ... and installing (talking about the Beta Store). It sure isn't ready for prime time. I recommend staying away from MS Office altogether until they fix the Beta Store update and installation issues. However, different people have different issues depending on which device they are using, whether clean factory install is applied and such. I use it on a Lumia 920, secondary device. Snapdragon 800 devices are probably a lot snappier.
  • Off-topic, but in W10 Mobile, you know the feature where you off your phone and it shows you your upcoming events before it powers down? Mine says 'Goodbye' but doesn't show the events anymore.. It hasn't done this since like the third update (a while ago).. Is it my phone or everyone?
  • It worked for me in my recent install of 10020. Have you set up your calendars?
  • Are there still plans to include a live tile?
  • Pretty sure they are... especially with the amount of comments in Windows Feedback
  • I have a live tile..... sometimes. And it is not good looking
  • Will the live tile work?
  • Or even get new email notifications for that matter?
  • Email notifications work now.. they show in the action center. You also get an option to disable banner notifications and sounds. So you can have 'ghost' notifications. I wish they were separated by account though... I don't like how they're mixed.
  • Re: Thaman04,
    Are you reffering to WP 8.1 or W 10?
  • Windows 10 TP... the latest Outlook update that Daniel is talking about in this article.
  • Hey mate can we pin or get notifications from other folders than inbox?
  • But as you said, at least the app and it's notifications work now, Yay!
  • I hate the black bar at the top...
  • It is a required item, otherwise WP becomes useless because it does not always show the time. /s That was one of the major complaints of Win8, that it did not always show the time. Bringing up the charms bar to see the time was such an inconvienience that it made Win8 completely useless. People always need something to complain about when it is about MS.
  • Agreed with nohone.
  • It was always a swipe away. A phone is always typically in-hand and space is a premium. There was no excuse to leave it off the desktop.
  • That black bar can be themed to match the application theme. Its always baffled me that MS never does that in their own apps. Its been a feature available to devs since 8.0. The outlook team should just make it the blue outlook color. It makes the app look more complete.
  • +One
  • Have you even seen the msn health and fitness app? Microsoft does it and its aweosome. We have mpre than 4 colours in this app itself..
  • In fact, there's just one line of code to adjust the bar to the color. I hope they make it happen, spread it in the Feedback app!
  • Yeah, that black bar at the top makes it look like the the old Android Jellybean. Hope then colorized it. Same with the desktop version, make the title bar same color as the toolbar, not the gray/white ones.
  • I didn't know that outlook can be updated using the store too, I think I will go back to Windows 10 m soon
  • Yeah it is a universal app now, so updates will be coming from the store from now on.  Also auto updates don't work on build 10080 so you have to find it in the store and then install it to get it to update.
  • So u hit install in the store beta for the mail and calendar app even tho its already on the phone?
  • Yes you do!
  • Yep.
  • Been on 10080 after a hard reset on my L920. No way I'm going back to 8.1 despite the occasional crash and some apps that don't run. I think winmo 10 is showing a lot of promise and headed in the right direction - the new mail app as well as the richer color palette alone is enough to keep me on the tech preview - gotta love wincentral in the new colours :-) Sticking with the previews till RTM!
  • I hate that white background in outlook.
  • I agree. The dark theme and black background is one of my favorite features of WP. At least they put labels back. That's another favorite.
  • Yes, I really hope that dark background are available in a global sense. Like the dark them we currently have being picked up by the apps.
  • Guys don't go back, stay here with me
  • Wait for me, I'm coming :P
  • I just rolled back last Friday. Was running too slow on my 1020 and couldn't take the glacial pace anymore. I'll wait to get it on a handset built for it
  • Try a hard reset, my 920 improved dramatically after I did a hard reset
  • I will wait for the slow ring first
  • I want equal features to the new Android Outlook app...
  • XD
  • Like what?
  • How dare you :@
  • what features do you want? can you be specific?
  • Um... this app is way more feature-rich than the Android version.
  • It looks just like it. I hope they don't combine calendar and email like Android, that just sucks.
  • I think they did combine them, but they act as separate apps.  When they get updated, they get updated together, but they launch separately.  Kind of like how Mail/Calendar/People used to.
  • Are there any changes to the calendar with this update?
  • live tile is working also transparent
  • He is right.. Same here
  • It's working, but it's ugly. I hope they add the large number beside the icon like the other apps have.
  • How do i update the apps?
  • Yeah I'm not seeing them in the store nor are they listed for update though a bunch of others did update when I checked Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nice.. 1 down, 2 more to go from my feedback. Live tile support & dark theme is all I ask for