Outlook for Windows 10 Mobile tile

Today, Microsoft is rolling out an update for their Outlook email app for Windows 10 Mobile (Technical Preview).

Email and Calendar version 17.4119.42012 is now being pushed to phones running Windows 10 build 10080 and with it arrives a few design changes that Microsoft had recently promised.

New Outlook Mobile for Windows 10

First and foremost is the shift from buttons at the top of the screen to a quick-action ribbon at the bottom. The ribbon features access to calendar, new mail, search, sync, and select. The ribbon is iconic based but tapping the ellipsis to the right brings up their labels for easier identification.

Heading into an email the quick-action ribbon stays at the bottom, but the functions change. Instead, users now have the ease of access to move, unread/read toggle and flag by tapping the ellipsis button. There are also buttons for calendar, forward/backward, forwarding and deletion.

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New Outlook Mobile for Windows 10

Diving into settings and options, users can find a refined layout with new toggles for Swipe actions, Reading (auto open), when to mark an item as read, signature and Notification selections.

We would also be remiss to mention that it does, ahem, seem faster (and more stable).

Although the first release of Outlook for Mobile was a bit rough, clearly the app is coming along with these updates. Outlook is finally starting to feel like a true replacement for the current Windows Phone 8.1 app.

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