Outriders: The best Legendary weapons and how to find them

Outriders Technomancer Rocket Launcher
Outriders Technomancer Rocket Launcher (Image credit: Square Enix)

Any good looter shooter should be filled with epic, end-game gear that stands dominantly above everything else in the game. In this regard, Outriders is no different. In addition to a large pool of Common, Unusual, Rare, and Epic drops, Outriders also boasts an impressive collection of Legendary items. I've spent dozens of hours slaying Brood Mothers and Ironclads with many of these powerful pieces of equipment. From close-range to long-range, here are the best Legendary weapons in Outriders.

Best close-range Legendary weapons

Funeral Pyre (Automatic Shotgun)

Outriders Legendaries Funeral Pyre

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Right now, the Legendary automatic shotgun Funeral Pyre is probably my favorite weapon in Outriders. I've always appreciated the weight and impact of automatic shotguns in this game. Still, it wasn't until I unlocked this death-raining monstrosity that I fully understood just powerful I could be. The two high-level mods, Shadow Comet and Resistance Breaker equipped with this weapon are sure to make quick work of any enemies foolish enough to get within range.

Shadow Comet is a Tier 3 mod that calls down an enormous comet on enemies you hit with this shotgun. The splash damage is rather impressive and can take out a small group of enemies with ease. Watching these crushing rocks decimate the foes below is endlessly satisfying. To prime your targets for even more damage, the Resistance Breaker mod decreases the resistance of affected enemies and opens them up to some serious close-range punishment.

The Migraine (Submachine Gun)

Outriders Legendaries The Migraine

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

While I'm quite partial to a good shotgun when it comes to close-range combat, the right submachine gun can feel just as satisfying. One of my end-game Expedition go-to weapons of late has become The Migraine because of its penchant for shredding rushing enemies. With the equipped mods Bomb's Head and Brain-Eater, this submachine gun offers loads of splash damage and remarkably high sustain.

Bomb's Head turns enemies into Anomaly bombs with killing shots, which deal huge area damage. This mod was consistently effective for clearing the enemies that surround you. Combined with Brain-Eater, which is hands-down one of the best mods in Outriders, Bomb's Head allows you to continuously fire into enemy weak points without consuming ammo. The Migraine is especially effective against large beasts like Behemoths who have large critical damage locations.

Best mid-range Legendary weapons

Amber Vault (Double Gun)

Outriders Legendaries Amber Vault

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

For players who prefer to have a bit more distance between themselves and the opposition, Outriders boasts plenty of incredible mid-range Legendary weapons. Amber Vault is a double gun that delivers a sensation similar to watching Rambo mow down hordes of enemies. The devastating mod combination of Killing Spree and Brain-Eater makes this weapon a fantastic choice for those who want to see bodies fall from a few feet away.

Killing Spree increases weapon damage by 25% for 20 seconds with killing shots, and this can stack up to three times. With a 75% increase to overall weapon damage, you'll undoubtedly make quick work of plenty of enemies in that 20-second window. Brain-Eater is another fantastic companion mod for Amber Vault and ensures that you'll be firing unlimited rounds as long as you maintain those critical shots.

Grim Marrow (Light Machinegun)

Outriders Legendaries Grim Marrow

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Another grin-inducing mid-range Legendary weapon in Outriders is the light machinegun Grim Marrow, which is easily the most death metal weapon in the game. Not only does this thing look mean, but it packs some horrifyingly destructive firepower into its jagged frame. The mods Singularity and Bone Shrapnel create an ever-rewarding spectacle of gore and viscera. When simply killing your enemies isn't enough, pull out Grim Marrow for some true carnage.

Singularity creates an Anomaly singularity with killing shots — when destroyed, it explodes, dealing massive damage to a wide radius. Not only is this effect just amazing to witness, but the blast range is pretty staggering. Combine this with the brutal Bone Shrapnel mod, which essentially turns your enemy's bones into a shrapnel grenade, causing bleed to anyone impacted, and you've got yourself a recipe for absolute devastation. It's hard to ignore how effective Grim Marrow can be as a mid-range weapon.

Best long-range Legendary weapons

The Iceberg (Bolt Action Rifle)

Outriders Legendaries The Iceburg

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

For ice-cold assassins who prefer to keep their distance, the Legendary bolt action rifle The Iceberg is easily my favorite sniper rifle in Outriders. This frosty firearm delivers incredibly high damage output and inflicts the deadly Freeze status effect on a wide range of enemies. With the two sub-zero mods Winter Blast and Icebreaker, you'll be feeling like Mr. Freeze from Batman and Robin. What killed the Brood Mothers!? The ice age!

Winter Blast creates an icy blast that inflicts Freeze on enemies within 4 meters upon critical shots. This is wildly beneficial as a long-range player because Freeze is certainly one of the better status ailments in the game right now. Frozen enemies will be completely locked in place for several seconds. And what's a good ice sniper rifle without a good ice finisher? Killing shots with Icebreaker makes frozen enemies explode, dealing high damage to surrounding enemies. Lock down your foes and watch them shatter with this awesome bolt action rifle.

Voodoo Matchmaker (Assault Rifle)

Outriders Legendaries Voodoo Matchmaker

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

While generally speaking, I don't often use assault rifles for long-range damage in Outriders, I found the Voodoo Matchmaker did a fantastic job of weakening foes from a distance and even setting up your co-op partners for crushing combinations. The mods Ultimate Damage Link and Improved Vulnerability Bullets make this a stellar choice for solo Pyromancers or anyone interested in playing a support role.

Ultimate Damage Link opens up some expanded possibilities for multi-target damage with shots linking up to 4 enemies who share 40% weapon damage and Anomaly damage. Getting a Devastator or Trickster in to clean up linked enemies is a fantastic setup. Improved Vulnerability Bullets inflicts Vulnerable on enemies, which increases their damage received to add even more potential destruction. Voodoo Matchmaker spread the pain to even more foes where sniper rifles focus on high single target damage.

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