Pay what you want for a 10 e-book Arduino bundle!

Arduino is one of the most popular open-source electronics platforms in the world, allowing you to easily build a wide range of projects for various uses. If you're new, the idea of building and programming can be daunting.

Pay what you want for this Arduino e-book bundle!

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Instead of jumping into the Arduino world completely blind, why not get a head start with some literature on the subject? Right now, Windows Central Digital Offers has a pay-what-you-want deal for a 10-pack e-book bundle that regularly costs $315. If you beat the average price, you take home all 10 e-books, but you can still take home a starter guide by paying any amount you choose.

If you do decide to beat the average price, you'll receive the entire e-book bundle that includes:

  • Learning C for Arduino
  • Arduino for Secret Agents
  • Internet of Things with Arduino Cookbook
  • Arduino by Example
  • Arduino Electronics Blueprints
  • Arduino Development Cookbook
  • Arduino Robotics Projects
  • Internet of Things with Arduino Blueprints
  • Arduino Wearable Projects
  • Arduino Computer Vision Programming

Beat the average price and take home all 10 Arduino e-books!

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Ready to get started with Arduino? Beat the average price and take home the entire bundle valued at $315. Don't wait too long; the average price continues to climb!

WC Staff