People lining up in the US for the Microsoft Surface

We have had a few of you send in photos from around the US today showing some MS Stores opening and sure enough, there are some crowds.

While none of it touches New York City and Times Square, it’s a good sign that quite a few people are interested in the Surface. And those kiosks seem like a great way to intercept people traversing stores in the mall.

The images in the post come from three locations:

  • Frisco, Texas (from Rutvik P.)
  • Bellevue Square Mall, Bellevue, WA (from Yuri D.)
  • Galleria Mall, St. Louis (from Kyle L.)

Have you seen lines or crowds at your local Microsoft Store or kiosk? Sound off in comments and share your experiences!


Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • No apple in sight! People are learning.
  • it's Windows 95 all over AGAIN. Welcome to the 90s!
  • My first message from my Surface RT.
  • What do you think of it this? please tell me, I'm from Brazil and I'll order a Surface, already have a good laptop and I think RT will meet me, but I need to hear from Common User. Thanks
  • The truth is that I am very impressed. Very good quality software and hardware. Packaging was impressive as well. RT is very smooth. Just like wp7.5 The only thing other than some specs that could be better, I think the speakers could have been better. They are not too loud. Just okay. The screen ratio is very good for movies. Apps are expensive. I didn't find an option to reinstall an app for free if I already own the paid WP version. Hope this helps. I am loving the device though.
  • Disappointed to hear that already paid for WP apps can't be carried over to the surface.
  • Its like if you bought an arcade game on your xbox 360, you still have to buy it again for WP.
  • Lol at Apple store picture!
  • An empty apple store? My dreams really are becoming true.
  • Lol!  You will awake to seeing the lines again once the new iMac's and iPads are released in a few days :)
    Hope those folks in line at the Microsoft stores get to walk out with the product they waited for!
  • The Apple pic is f#@king awesome
  • +100
  • Unfortunately, I don't have a picture, but in Oakridge Center in Vancouver was a crowd, no line up. The Apple store had almost the same amount of people in there :( But my hands on the Surface was great :)
    There was no Surface without touchcover available, therefore I will buy one as soon as I can have one with typecover.
  • there was line up in the Metrotown one, i've got some pics, may be i'll post them in the forum when i get home (if i remember... will probably be too busy playing with the Surface)
  • You could post them from the Surface.
  • im at work, boss already angry with me i think lol
  • Mobilesyrup has some good pics of the lineup at Eaton Centre in Toronto.
  • I commented on another artilce, the Times Square location was packed at 7:30 this morning.  For NYC - thats early!
  • I could of taken pictures of the san jose, ca location, but it wasn't that crowded  Was probalby 30-40 in line at the most at any given time and less than that most of the time. 
  • Where in SJ?
  • Never mind.... Found it... @Westfield Valley Fair
  • I think you mean Santa Clara (although it's technically San Jose). I arrived around 9:30 and there were around 40 ppl. Then it jumped to 50 or so and it looked like more when I got out. There was a line of 20-30 ppl outside the Apple store right in front waiting for the store to open... not sure why (can you buy an iPad mini today, or just pre-order?), then the Apple line dissapeared once they opened the store. 
  • I am traveling on business in Scottsdale, AZ and was able to be the first 100 to reserve the Surface.  The window to purchase was between 10-12p this morning...I got there at 11:30.  There was definitely a good size line of people waiting (non-pass customers), but my line was short since I was one of the last people to arrive. 
    There's definitely quite a few people who aren't aware of Surface because plenty of passerbys were trying to figure out what was going on. 
    I have to say the Surface was fantastic to hold in the hand and the keyboard (touch) surpassed by expectations.  However, the screen resolution definitely does not surpass the Ipad 3 (which I have),  It's probably more like an Ipad 2 resolution.  Still, the color definitely pops and the gestures are so much more slicker and pragmatic than the iPad.  Going to fly back home today and see how it does on the plane.
  • The pictures with the Jamba Juice in the background are from Bellevue Square. 
  • Im glad the surfaces is a success so far for microsoft. I will be get one whenever I have the chance, but my priority is a wp8 bc I so sick and tired of iOS, and I really want something new.
  • I have read several articles about how nobody is lining up for the surface but then I saw this clip and people aren't even trying to verify what they are writing.
  • You gotta stop reading apple fan boi rags. Btw video was not found in your link.
  • I live in the Bay Area -- iTerritory -- and at the mall there was a constant line of peope outside the MS store, which is right acress form the Apple store. I have to say I was SHOCKED when I saw the line; I was like W.T.F.... never thought Surface would garner so much interest on day 1. I think Surface is going to be a huge hit.   
  • Where? I need to be there this weekend!
  • Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara. 
  • look this

  • That link posted by MrsCrash led to a 2009 post that was back when they released Win 7.
  • Ah, they had Microsoft stores in 2009? I had forgotten about those.
  • How long has it been since there was a line for anything MS? This is a promising start for Surface and W8. Lets hope for a line for WP8, after I get mine. :-)
  • I once saw a line for Windows Me.
  • Was it a line to Returns or Customer Complaints? :P
  • I am so aggravated by the lack of coverage on CNBC. I did something unusual, I wrote them a long diatribe pointing out how subjective and outright inaccurate their commentary is. I swear to God they get a bonus everytime they say the "a" word.
  • That last picture was too much. Thanks Daniel! I feel like my candidate just won an election. On my way home to unbox my very own Surface with cyan cover - and it's Friday ^_^
  • Would love to know which pictures were which. Would love to hit up the Frisco location, but can definitely wait if the lines are huge. :)
  • "Frisco"? Are you serious? You're from this area, please don't embarass yourself, no one here calls San Francisco "Frisco" any more.
  • Frisco, TX!!!!  It's located north of Dallas, and is a VERY nice area :)
  • Sorry, I failed reading comprehension.
  • Frisco location was the top picture. I arrived shortly before 7 this morning and I was around the 10th person in line. They let us in the mall about 7:15. The line slowly built from there. By the time I left at about 10:40a the line was at about 100 people give or take. I didn't really count. The pic shows the front of the line and there were about 30 there. So... pretty good turn out and a lot of passerby interest.
  • Ok, I just came back from one of those Kiosks in SF shopping mall. MS need to hire better sales person. There's a guy behind me that had to wait in line to purchase Surface even though he has money ready and doesn't require a walkthrough. Seems like those sales person lacks common sense. People give you money? Take it!
  • Did anyone go to Boston's store? I was there a few hours ago and line was already gone but place was packed. Couldn't get close to surface. Also noticed them showing surface to walkers by. But there is a Fiat 500 covered in candy next to the store.
  • Hi. I was there a couple minutes after they opened, and there was a line around the corner for purchasing. The place was pretty busy and after about a half hour of checking out the new wares the line was gone. The Acer S7 looks AMAZING! Full HD, beautiful screen, opens up flat and thin like a pencil. The Dell 27" AIO was pretty sick too. I got the Surface RTA with the cyan touch cover. It was neat showing it off at work. I think it will change a lot of minds. You just want to do cool stuff on it because of the interface and keyboard!
  • Hey lineups at a Microsoft Store are a positive thing and I love to see it. NYC was nuts btw. Pretty good lineup in Toronto too. The future is changing.
  • Aww I actually always loved standing in line with other peopl on black friday's.  It was kind of exciting and tiring at the same time.  Since I live in Hawaii there is no MS store out here so I have to go online to get anything cool.  But Indeed it looks to me that we may have a 2nd coming of Microsoft.
  • i dont support apple nor microsoft.. but sometimes i jus find it stupid that ppl line up like that on launch of a product.. i mean this is stupid, the product is not goin to run away anwhere.. nore the company is goin to give free products to first 100 persons. i always believe let some1 try out the new technology n review it  n then if u find it interestin then go n check it out. i super hate those apple(iphone) freaks who sit out for days to buy it.. common on ppl dont u have nothin else to do then to wait for somethin thats goin to b out-dated in a yr or so. i personally would never ever stand in any such lines.
  • Without even having the patience to spell out whole words I can see where lines might be an issue with you.
  • LMAO!!!
  • That and the first 100 were getting free product...
  • hahah, so true.  Hit the nail right one the freaking head.
  • I'm not familiar with the type of language you are using.
  • I will stand in the line any day anytime for any MS' best. It's a shame I live in Columbus Ohio and there's no MS store close by and my pre-order is still not shipped. I got my cyan touch cover very early in the morning and I've been staring at that thing all day but I cannot do anything but wait till I real thing. I wouldn't mind taking a day off to stand in a line all day for the best and the greatest.
  • Agreed. I can't name one piece of tech (or anything) I love that much to wait in a line for a product launch. Like you said, it isn't going anywhere and I'll get it when I get it.
    Now I might wait in line for the perfect buffalo wing, lol
  • Got mine today at the Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara. Long line of people (constant 60-70). Very friendly staff and pleasant buying experience. 
    Once I logged in with my Live account all my settings and app lists were there so I just had to download them (you can go to MArket > swype down > My apps > right click or tap down all of them and tap install. Boom. 
    The Touch cover is IMPRESSIVE. I'm amazed at how good this works - game changer! 
    Also got $99 free Xbox pass!! They were giving these away, definitely more than 100 people got this while I waited. 
  • There's still a lot of media bias out there. I live in a city near Redmond, WA  - Microsft's headquarters, and the local news only has 1 article (and it's not even an article) about the MS Surface release today.
    And guess what they use for the front picture (and first picture)?  An empty line at the store with this description, "Hundreds of people came to Seattle's only Microsoft Store in University Villiage for the release of the Surface.. "

    This kind of media bias happens all the time here and I'm guessing elsewhere too.  
  • I really don't get why the obvious bias out there except maybe it's true that it's becoming a religion now..
  • There's a lot of MS hate out there.
    For example, in response to a Windows 8 article yesterday, someone commented they didn't like Windows 8 because the interface looked like it was made by PlaySkool.  With no mention of any actual complaint (like usability/fuctionality/etc).  
    I'm hoping when people start using these new Windows 8 products and software they realize how good and useful they really are.
  • At the houston texas Galleria location the MS store was a freaking madhouse!  There were people lined up down from the store and the store itself was extremely packed!  I got my surface as well as the Touchcover and so far i couldn't be more happy.  MS really created a winning device here!
  • Bought my surface today from the only MS store in AZ.  Store was busy and all the Surface stations were being used.  Myself and a few others were being bagged up an set up when I left.  Typing on it right now.  Very impressed with this touch cover.  I'm getting pretty good at it. 
  • Just got a text message from my friend who went to the Mall of America.  At 5:00 PM he was in a short line to get into the store.
  • FRISCO??? What? I looked it up online and it said "coming soon". That sucks. If I would of known I would of been there this morning :|
  • Frisco? Nobody calls San Francisco "Frisco" any more. Makes you sound like an outsider.
  • He's referring to the city of Frisco, TX about 20 miles Northwest of Dallas.
  • Thanks for the clarification. Who's the outsider now, haha ME!
  • I'm at the Scottsdale Microsoft store right now, typing this post on a Surface RT with the type cover. The store is full of people milling around and playing with the Surfaces that are all over the place. The local news was just here, shooting some video. There is a lady right next to me buying a Surface right now. She was an iPad user. Sounds like she's spent the day playing around with the Surface, and finally decided the Surface is a better device. Holy Molly!!! Her only gripe sounds like she wants the 64GB version with the Type keyboard, they can keep the Touch keyboard. Hahahahahaha. She's still trying to work out some sort of deal of the price. My impressions of the Type keyboard is, it's nice. It feels like an a keyboard on a Netbook. It actually has movable keys on it. My complaints are that I sometimes brush the touchpad when I'm hitting the space bar. When you close or fip the Type keyboard it makes the whole system a bit thick. Hang on while I go back to the Touch keyboard. OK the Touch keyboard (did some revisions above with it). Dang, the Touch is really easy to use. I just noticed that they put cursor keys in the lower right, SWEET!! (Both the Type and Touch have them). I have noticed that I am making a bit more typing mistakes with the Touch, but I thing given more time with it I would improve. OK, time to remove the keyboard, and go on-screen: You have the choice of either the normal 'qwerty' or the split keyboard (I'm not going to try that one), OR handwriting! OK, don't rest your fingers one the screen. WOW WHAT A MESS THAT MADE! The handwriting is actually really cool!! (the last sentence was written with my finger, and this one) It manages to recognize my crappy writing quite well. OK, time to sign off. I am REALLY tempted to just do an impulse buy right now, but I want to hold out to play with the Surface PRO in 3 months.
  • +100
  • -100  I think that post is fake. It wasn't typed from Windows 8. Because in the stupid WPCentral comments you can't use the "enter" key from Internet Explorer 10, and his post has paragraphs.
  • This was kind of funny to me: "She was an iPad user." and "She's still trying to work out some sort of deal of the price (for the surface)."
  • cool, I was just there this morning to qualify for the free Xbox music service for the year (got a pass).  Taking it with me to the airport in an hour
  • This may be my favorite blog comment ever.  Hilarious that you went through all input interfaces in a comment.
  • I'm home now. The reason for the above, was to point out that you can do content creation easily, compared to an iPad which is more of a content consumption device.
    Plus, the keyboards are REALLY cool.
    I would definately get one or the other keyboards, for at least for a screen protector (the touch is is more geared as a protective cover but doubles as keyboard).
    After posting the above, one the 'walkers' came over and we chatted quite a bit. The topic of number of units sold so far came up, and I pointed to his Point Of Sale device and said "look it up.", but we found it wouldn't show the number that store had sold. But he did say they were selling like hot cakes. They had several double digit units sold in one sale. i.e. Someone comes in, and said "I'll take 65 of them." They paid, and the softies told the guy to go around back to the loading dock to pick them up. Apparently they had several of those types of sales go through today, along with the constant single unit sales. I swear one was going out the door literally every minute.
    I can't belive I just spent over 4 hours just playing around one device.
  • Sounds like people will be trying to flog them on ebay
  • *checks ebay*
    I even see a Surface RT 65gb going for $1,200 USD on ebay right now.  :)
  • Wow as an avid microsoft user from back in the 90's this is really exciting to see people lining up and excited to buy microsoft products.  This is super cool, nice article!
  • I'm excited, but as I'm in Australia we only have a couple of measly laptops on offer and not much else... So no queues for us!
  • The only ms product I've personally seen a line for was Xbox. So this is nice to see. :)
  • WOOT!! Take that! B!tch...
  • Hey Daniel when are you guys gonna metrofy wpcentral? And i as well am very proud of microsoft for their product launch not just surface but w8 in general its awesome to see.
  • What do you think of it this? please tell me, I'm from Brazil and I'll order a Surface, already have a good laptop and I think the RT meet me angry, but I need to hear from Common User. Thanks
  • That apple store picture just warms your heart, doesn't it?
  • I hope it will sell like no product before......hope is the last to die right?
  • Got my Surface in the mail this afternoon.  Loaded everthing up on it this evening. I got the 32GB with a Cyan touchcover. I'm typing on the touchcover right now in my lap while watching American Reunion using SmartGlass.  My kids are more stoked than I am about the Surface.  They were having fun earlier playing Cut the Rope.  I don't understand how Josh Topolsky from the Verge had problems using the Touchcover in his lap.  It is solid and works perfectly well in my lap?  Haven't had any lag at all and overall it's been a great experience so far.  Next is the Nokia 920 for me.  GO Microsoft!!
  • Because he is a moron?
  • Because he is an iFan who claims to be an android fan (the worst kind of iFan. I can hardly believe how amazing this touch cover is!
  • Fashion Show mall on vegas strip was pretty busy. I went after work and was able to pick one up quickly but all the demo units were being used.
  • Wish there was australian retail store. That we could walking and buy/try one these.
  • I don't know.... I stooped by the one at Bridgewater, NJ.  It was busy, but wasn't at capacity, and I got an Xox music 12 month pass around 4:30pm.
  • Surface, and the line for it at the Mall of America, was on the front page of the St. Paul Pioneer Press this morning. Nice to see some press coverage!
  • I went to the ms store here in Lone tree Colorado at 8:30 pm last nite and the place was still packed the people were buying I did snap a pick I will post it later got to go to work now.
  • If you have an E-Mail Account that has POP3 Format, you will NOT be able to use your E-Mail on the New Microsoft Surface RT Tablet.
    Many people have been using their E-Mail Addresses for some, many Years. Some use them for their Business as well.
    Some of the people who will be buying the New Microsoft Surface RT Tablet will find out the hard way that their Hard Earned Money will NOT be able to get them their E-Mail on the Microsoft Surface RT Tablet.
    Why does Microsoft have to do things like this to their customers?
  • lol, first post from my surface