Persona 4 Arena and 3 more games hit Xbox backward compatibility

The Xbox One backward compatible list is picking up four new titles today, Xbox's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has announced. The latest batch of additions includes Persona 4 Arena, Cars: Mater-National, Jewel Quest, and Tecmo Bowl Throwback.

Arguably, the highlight of the latest additions is Persona 4 Arena. Taking place just after the events of Persona 4's storyline, Persona 4 Arena starts with the characters learning of a mysterious new fighting tournament that can only be seen by looking into a turned-off TV on a rainy night. The twist comes when Yu Narukami and others learn that they are announced as the fighters in the tournament, kicking off the premise behind the 2D fighter that is Persona 4 Arena. It's an interesting twist on the cult series, to be sure. Persona 4 Arena is available for $29.99 on the Xbox 360 Marketplace.

In terms of the other three titles, Cars: Mater-National is a racing game set in Disney's Cars universe. Meanwhile, Jewel Quest is a standard puzzler featuring archeological themes. Lastly, Tecmo Bowl Throwback is a remake of the classic Tecmo Super Bowl, now featuring HD 3D graphics. Interestingly, the graphics and music can be switched back to their classic look and sound at any point for a dose of nostalgia.

If you already own any of these games on Xbox 360, you should be able to install and start playing them on your Xbox One now. Otherwise, you can grab them from Microsoft now. And for more backward compatible titles, be sure to check out our comprehensive list of backward compatible games.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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