Pick up an unlocked Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 Mobile for just $400

If you're out to get your hands on the Windows 10 Mobile-powered Alcatel Idol 4S, then Amazon is definitely worth a look. Right now, the online retailer is offering up Alcatel's latest Windows Phone for just $400 (opens in new tab). That's a full $50 off what Amazon was asking for the unlocked phone until just recently.

For your money, you'll pick up a pretty capable Windows 10 Mobile device that we came away pretty impressed with in our review. The unlocked version includes all of what you get with the T-Mobile variant, including the VR headset. Do keep in mind that the Idol 4S is a GSM-only phone. If you use AT&T or T-Mobile, it'll work fine.

While you can still get the phone for a much cheaper $288 through T-Mobile, that will require you to sign up for a plan to do so. All said, Amazon's current price is your best bet if you want to pick up a fully unlocked version of the phone at a discount.

Thanks to @thegoatishairy for the tip!

See at Amazon (opens in new tab)

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See at Microsoft (SIM unlocked) (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Nice deal!
  • We've all got a spare $400 sitting around.
  • Ha ha ha good one !
  • I so wish I could buy 2 of these right now and replace my parents' older Lumia 830 but I gotta save up for a car :(
  • Well try Amazon & ebay to buy refurbished WP!
  • At the german microsoft store it's 249€ and right now the only windows phone they sell. [Edit] it was the acer liquid jade primo
  • It will come to germany in summer but the one in the german store at the moment is the acer jade primo...
  • love the phone but still not able to use whatsapp web (latest build). Anyone else has this problem?
  • Whatsapp web is horribly unstable on all phones. I would say avoid it till they get their act togther
  • On my Elite x3 it works fine and actually use it a lot while working on my PC without picking up my phone all the time
  • no its not. lumia 640 W10. stable as a good table.
  • I use the Harvester Messenger app on my Surface and it's so much better than this WhatsApp web on Edge.
  • great suggestion but the problem with scanning the qr code still exists
  • Works on my 950 XL. 
  • Great price for a great phone
  • Nice phone I have faith in you Microsoft never give up😉.
  • MS can't give up on mobile.. Mobile is the future, and MS can't be an integral part of the mobile computing future if they do... Though, mobile consists of more than just smartphones, but smartphones, in their current form, aren't necessarily the end. There's other ways. Way's we hope MS is innovating, and creating. The pain is in the wait, and the total lack of clue, or any transparency,, which is expected. We can't blame MS for being secretive, but, it's driving me nuts😵😵😵
  • Still no compelling reason to move from my 950XL
  • Especially because it is missing NFC.
  • For pairing to that three year old JBL speaker?
  • It just uses NFC to pair but the actual connection is made via Bluetooth
  • That's why I said "pairing."
  • Why are you using two accounts?
  • Oooppsie!
  • One device authenticated with twitter, the other via mobile nations account. No idea why it prepends "Twitter " in front of my user name based on authentication.
  • I'm sure you could email them and have them combine the accounts.
  • I'm too...apathetic.
  • Same here. Love my black slab.
  • NFC is your deal breaker ?? That's surely a first !
  • The only things NFC is useful for is:
    - pairing with other Bluetooth devices
    - mobile payment system
    - sharing photos/videos/music to friends who also have a phone with NFC (think of the Samsung GS3 ads)
  • ...whivh in the end is close to bluetooth anyway... Contactless paying is the only possible reason... But i do not do that (not very common in germany anyway... Not even paying with creditcards is common. EC cards are the most common here).
  • Yeah, not like MS has a viable payment solution ready, anyways.
  • Another $100 off and I will likely bite. Not a power user but just want a responsive phone to replace my 4 year old 920 which is getting rather slow. Still a solid phone, though. As the rest of my family has gone through iPhones (and $$!!) like water, I've plugged along with my 920 just fine, thanks.
  • They go through iPhones like water because Apple keeps coming out with a model that's 1mm thinner every 9 months or so. And who doesn't like buying new charge cables/peripherals with each release? Apple makes billions because of this with zero innovation involved thanks to their flocksumers.
  • "flocksumers"-I like that word lol
  • I picked up the t-mobile one for $288 since I'm a customer.  I handed down my iphone 7 Plus to my daughter.  I just didn't like it...frankly it was fine...but iOS had some deal breakers for me.  Used it solidly for 3 months, not for me.  I'd be more likely to use Android...and I don't want to go there either.  So...back to the Idol 4S.
  • Wish they'd launch the 4S in the UK...
  • They have announced it will come to the EU in summer. I am not sure if uk is part of that so... (brexit and all that may hit there... But likely it will still take some time till uk is officially out so it might come to the uk too...)
  • Got one last week (TMo version) -best phone I've ever had.