Pictures of the new Xbox Store for consoles codenamed 'Mercury' have leaked (update)

Xbox Mercury Leak
Xbox Mercury Leak (Image credit: @WinCommunity)

Update June 3, 2020: We have confirmed with our sources that the designs shown here are indeed real. We also have a first-look hands-on video with the update above.

Recently, we heard Microsoft was working on a big new Xbox Store remake, dubbed codename "Mercury." The app leaked initially by mistake on an early Xbox Insider Program build, and now, it seems Russian Windows community @WinCommunity has obtained images of the full redesign, in all its Fluent-y goodness.

The redesign, if real, appears to follow the design conventions set by the Xbox (Beta) app and Xbox Game Bar app on PC, with rounded edges, acrylic textures, and a new font style.

Take a look at the pictures from WinCommunity below of the app running on a PC. Note that this is designed to run on Xbox consoles primarily. It's unclear if it will come to PC in this format, given that we already have the Xbox (Beta) app which serves effectively the same purpose. The screenshots are taken from a Windows PC, as the app is still in development.

Given the change in design language, it stands to reason that we could see other Xbox designs change on the dashboard in the future. We've also heard that Microsoft is working on a ground-up remake of the mobile apps on iOS and Android, which also follow this Fluent-style design system.

Until we get official confirmation, take it with a grain of salt, but we have reason to believe that these are genuine. We've heard this redesign will come to both Xbox One consoles and next-gen Xbox Series X devices as well.

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