Pinball FX2 launching today for Windows 10, cross-buy with Xbox One version coming later

Developer Zen Studios has announced that the Windows 10 version of their popular Pinball FX2 game will launch later today in the Windows Store. The new version was previously announced in March at the 2015 Game Developer Conference.

Zen Studios says:

"Pinball FX2 is the premier pinball platform for Windows 10, offering an exciting library of original pinball tables featuring the hottest brands in entertainment like Star Wars, Marvel, and more. Pinball FX2 on Windows 10 brings the pinball action for which the franchise is known into the next-generation with 1080p/60FPS graphics, new achievements, and a slick menu interface."

In March, Zen Studios said that Pinball FX2 on Windows 10 would support cross-buy with the Xbox One version of the game, allowing people to unlock the game's DLC tables on the console so they can be played on the Windows 10 version. However, it looks like this support is still in the works:

"We're also hard at work to deliver the ability for tables you purchase on Xbox One and Windows 10 to automatically unlock at no additional cost on the other platform. We are working closely with Microsoft as they implement the technology necessary to enable this. While this feature is not yet available, we look forward to offering this at a later time and we'll be sure to share additional information as it becomes available."

Download Pinball FX2 for Windows 10 from the Windows Store (Free) (opens in new tab)

Source: Zen Studios

John Callaham
  • Whoo-HOO! Pinball, baby!!! =D
  • Want it in windows phone 8.1
  • But what about the windows 8 version and the tables that I bought?
  • I'm wondering that too. So I'm downloading it now. We'll know soon!
  • Well, apparently I'm expected to pay for my tables again? What's up with that?
  • Over on the Zen Studios blog they write in the comments "Anyone with issues with Win8/Win10 tables should email :) " I'll definitely do that later today and hope to upgrade smoothly to the new app. Would be especially excited to see this as a universal app that I can play on my phone when win10 is out.
  • Anyone notice suddenly its missing in xb1 version
  • You're linking to the Windows 8 version and not the Windows 10 version. Here's the correct link.
  • So not for Windows Phone?
  • Not available here in Brazil, and not in Windows Mobile neither...
  • Hopefully a universal app version follows..
  • I gotta do this on my XB1, I bought a few tables on my old Xbox360
  • Crashes and crashes and crashes...
  • Msn apps updated
  • News ,weather,health and even lumia help+tips
  • where are my tables i had on windows 8... GRRR
  • Great so even though I own every table on the rt version I would need to rebuy it for w10 that's the problem But at least they see the issue and would like to fix it from here forward
  • Man, the game looks messed up..
  • If u wanna your tables restored email support at zen studios.
  • Cool. I have tables on the xbox one. Glad I don't have to pay again!
  • Still bummed the 360 tables never synced over to Win 8/RT - not going to buy additional tables and now we have a situation where I can play my own tables on the 360, play tables with ads on my RT and then buy tables again on Win 10. Just sync the lot!