GDC 2015: A look at Pinball FX2 on Windows 10

Pinball FX2 is one of our favorite games on Xbox One and Windows 8. Last week at GDC 2015, Microsoft announced that it would be coming to Windows 10 devices. So we went to a show floor to play it for ourselves on Microsoft's new operating system.

Pinball FX2 is developed by Zen Studios and has seen a wide release on multiple consoles. The game features tables from some of your favorite franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel, Plants vs. Zombies, and more. The game is free-to-play but allows you to pay to unlock more tables.

The guys from Zen Studios just recently released a new pack of tables (Iron and Steel Pack) for the game that aren't based on of big franchises. Instead, they looked to some of their other IPs for inspiration on the new tables. The Iron table is based on Wild West Rampage while the Steel table is based on of CastleStorm.

Pinball FX2 for Windows 10 will be preloaded onto Windows 10 devices just like it is on Windows 8 machines. As for when it will launch? Well that solely depends on when Windows 10 is RTM.

Jonathan Dollison