Gears 5 Ultimate Edition costs $80 — but you can get it for $2 right now

Microsoft has dropped Gears 5, the latest anticipated installment of its flagship Xbox and PC shooter. Gears 5 Ultimate Edition buyers can now play via exclusive four-day early access, ahead of a formal September 10 debut. From an acclaimed story campaign to a variety of accompanying multiplayer modes, Gears 5 looks to be a return to form for first-party exclusives. And if you know where to look, you can start playing for just $2 today.

Gears 5 Ultimate Edition costs $80 on Xbox One and PC, framed as a pricey premium alternative with early access and exclusive unlocks. However, budding Gears 5 players can save by leveraging an ongoing Microsoft promotion for its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Save and play Gears 5 Ultimate Edition today

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is Microsoft's all-inclusive subscription, and via an ongoing introductory promotion, two months costs just $2. The newly-launched service bundles a Netflix-style subscription of over 100 games with Microsoft's latest releases on Xbox One and PC, including Gears 5 Ultimate Edition. The membership also stows Xbox Live Gold, required by Xbox One users to play online, while PC multiplayer remains free.

The deal reduces the upfront cost of Gears 5 Ultimate Edition by 97 percent, with added benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. While, like Netflix, access to Xbox Game Pass titles requires an active subscription, the deal grants a full two months of play before choice of renewal. The time is more than enough to explore single-player and multiplayer, without committing to further payments. If you do decide to retain Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the service shifts to $15 monthly.

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Gears 5 release date and times

Gears 5 Ultimate Edition is currently rolling out worldwide, with staggered availability dependent on time zones. While already live in Australia, those further west may wait until 9 PM in their respective region. The full Gears 5 Ultimate Edition release schedule is located below, also applicable for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

  • North America: September 5 – 9 PM EDT / 6 PM PDT
  • United Kingdom: September 5 – 9 PM BST
  • Europe: September 5 – 9 PM CEST
  • Australia: September 5 – 9 PM AEST

While Gears 5 Ultimate Edition is available from September 5, buyers of regular Gears 5 copies wait until September 10. Standard Gears 5 preorders are currently cheapest at Amazon at $50, with exclusive preorder bonuses still up for grabs.

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