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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds launching on console exclusive to Xbox

One of the current sensations in the gaming world is Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, an enormous battle royale game where lots go in, only one survives. And it's coming to console later this year, exclusive to Xbox One!

We didn't get much else from the very brief presentation at the #XboxE3 event in LA, just that it's coming in late 2017 and the console launch will be an Xbox only affair. That doesn't necessarily mean it'll always be an Xbox exclusive, but at least for launch, it most certainly will be.

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Better still, an update after launch will bring optimizations for the brand new Xbox One X console, presumably with better visuals and supporting 4K resolution. It's taking the world by storm and it's going to be a great addition to the Xbox One lineup for sure!

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  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but many these are time exclusives?
  • "launch exclusive." It's launching on console and will be exclusive at launch to Xbox.
  • So a timed exclusive.
  • We don't know any more details than a console launch exclusive for Xbox. One would assume that means PS4 will get it, but we don't know anything.
  • Yeah, they already confirmed ps4. But we get it first.
  • Yeah, wasn't hating... Just clarifying my understanding. Can't wait!
  • Title is a bit misleading - more like it will be timely exclusive. Would be nice to see full lost of 22 exclusives with proper marks XB1 or XB1&W10 and which of them are timely.
  • This is timed exclusive as it's coming to PS4. Xbox One Launch Exclusive probably is the new way of saying timed exclusive or "first on". I think this is just more ways of misleading gamers....
  • How is it misleading? It's a console launch exclusive. When it launches on console you can only get it on Xbox. The timed exclusive could be a week and that would be still technically true. Sony throws its fair share of marketing guff out as well. Marketing is marketing.
  • If Sony does this, it doesn't make it less misleading and anti-gaming. The problem is when we have articles who are not talking about "launch exclusive" but calling it "console exclusives". They have invested money to delay games on other platform. They aren't investing on XB1 gamers but to 1) delay games for other gamers and 2) mislead people into thinking that these are exclusives. When Spencer says there are 22 exclusives, ofc he isn't talking about true XB1 exclusives nor just "MS" exclusives  and not even just console exclusives, This is like if Sony called COD ghost, Battlefield 4... exclusives just because the PS4 launched before the XB1 in 2013. This is timed. And I want to tell EVERYONE reading this don't be fool by the so-called marketing and misleading new type of "exclusive". This is going to PC and other consoles. Gamers please be informed!! 
  • I hope they fix their optimization problems first in PC before attemting to go 4K on console because it works like cr*p even on 1080p right now.