PlayStation 5 exclusive 'Deathloop' will hit Xbox some time after September 14, 2022

Deathloop Preview May 2021
Deathloop Preview May 2021 (Image credit: Arkane)

Deathloop is an upcoming "murder-puzzler" from Microsoft's Arkane Studios, and is somewhat ironically a PlayStation 5 console exclusive. Despite being under the Xbox umbrella since the acquisition of Bethesda and Zenimax, Deathloop was signed up as a PS5 exclusive before the fact. Microsoft said it would honor existing contracts regardless, despite games like Starfield going fully Xbox-exclusive on console.

There has been some commentary about whether or not Deathloop is a permanent PlayStation exclusive, however. The latest trailer for Deathloop, reiterates otherwise (via @HazzadorGamin).

At the end of the trailer, the card that showcases the fact it's coming to PlayStation 5 firmly states that it will be console exclusive "until at least September 14, 2022." After that date, you can expect that Deathloop will hit Xbox consoles, most likely as part of Xbox Game Pass, honoring Microsoft's pledge to bring all first-party games into the service. Since Deathloop is also heading to Steam for PC, there's a question about whether or not Deathloop will hit Xbox Game Pass for PC day and date, but the nature of Sony's contract for the game may prevent that. Either way, it's firmly part of our most anticipated upcoming Xbox games, that's for sure.

Deathloop seems to be quite a unique game that blends the assassination gameplay of Dishonored with careful planning elements, using time manipulation. In Deathloop, players aim to take out several targets on an island where time seems to have no meaning. Across repeated loops, players will learn exactly where the assassination targets will be, using the environment and a variety of weapons and powers to take them out one by one with increasing efficiency. An enemy assassin adds an extra layer of dynamism to proceedings too, either controller by an A.I. or an enemy player, who will seek to sabotage your assassination attempts.

Deathloop hits PS5 and PC on September 14, 2021, giving it one year of console exclusivity on Sony's platform.

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