Well, you get what you ask for, as a parent likes to tell kids. Such is the case today with Windows 10 build 10525 released today for Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring. In our hands-on demo, we showed you how enabling the color options in Windows 10 under Settings now adds color to the app Title Bar.

Users have been quite vocal about the blandness with the default white Title bars for apps. Having said that, developers can customize their own Title Bar, similar to how Tweetium and Fitbit look. Now, however, users can have their accent color match the Title bar in the system and third-party apps.

Customizing the Title bar is nothing new, as even Windows 7 had some robust options. Moreover, this may be the problem. Users get one color choice and cannot pick a color for the Title Bar while leaving the system accent one separate.

So far, reactions from users on social networks and comments seem mixed to the change.

This means it is time for a poll!

If you are using build 10525, do you like the new accent color in the Title Bar? Let us know and sound off in comments how you would make it better.

If using our app, just swipe to the right and choose Show in Browser to take the poll on the website.