Windows 10 Mobile does support LED notifications, but OEMs need to make it happen

I have been using smartphones now nearly a decade, and one of the fascinating observations is the rise and fall – and rise again – of LED notifications. Going back to Treos and BlackBerrys, some devices had a blinking LED just to let you know you had a cellular signal. Later, they morphed into notification signals to let you know of a text message or email. Some phones later had various colors combos to add even more differentiation.

Then they stopped.

Now, in 2015, LEDs are back. Samsung is fond of them in their Galaxy series, and other companies have been using them on Android for some time. The good news is Windows 10 Mobile supports this too. This finding is not new, either, as reports of LEDs support go back months to various documents and official Microsoft forums.

Microsoft's Gabriel Aul reiterates this information in a recent tweet, but there are stipulations:

"We've done the changes for Windows 10 mobile to support. OEM's need to build devices with LED's & drivers for you to use this"

So the tools are there. We just need hardware to support it. This conclusion, of course, raises two immediate questions:

  1. Do any current Lumias support an LED and will it be enabled with Windows 10 Mobile?
  2. Do the upcoming Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL phones support LEDs?

Reports that the Lumia 730 and Lumia 735 have an un-activated LED go back to Microsoft's forums in a post from April (opens in new tab) from a support engineer at Microsoft:

"Microsoft plans to enable LED notifications in Windows 10 for Phones Technical Preview, and those who own devices featuring hardware LEDs inside will be able to benefit from this new feature. Your phone Lumia 735 already has hardware LEDs inside."

However, since then, there have been no advances on this feature. The most likely reason is the Lumia 735 – if it can do this – likely needs new firmware for it to happen. If that is the case, we have to wait and see just what Microsoft intends to do.

In regards to the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL despite some of the details of those phones there is no confirmation that they support this feature. This lack of information does not mean it is not there, however, but there certainly is nothing indicating that they do either.

I have a feeling that most of you would want this as an option, but just to solidify my suspicion, lets' do a poll! If on your phone just navigate to

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Well I hope that happens, the notification light is so useful I can't believe it hasn't been used up till now.
  • LED notifications would be a welcomed.
  • Yes and I've missed it dearly.
  • And bring back the stylus and real freaking keyboards!!! And Bing maps nav from 2009. Then I will have no more complaints!
  • My all android phones have it ... why it took this long for msft to realize it? 
  • I read somewhere that Lumia 930 also has LED notifications but WP8 never used it
  • Last LED supported Nokia/Microsoft device I had was N73.
  • The N73 is not a Microsoft phone. So you never had a LED-supported device from Microsoft. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I own L730, now I am loving more than ever!
  • Who cares dude? This person is just glad they're getting it now. Stop being such a wus, everyone knows Microsoft just got the d&s division of Nokia a year ago! You're already getting your wish of Nokia getting back into the cellular business and your Android phone. Can Anyone say something without you critiquing their every word? Daniel just wrote an article about how WC is getting out of control in the forum
  • The N73 never had an LED let alone a notification on it. The N900 did as did the N80 iirc.
  • It might not have been a LED but it had a blue light on top witch was used for this reason. Also becasuse I have the N900 that led was awesome and very helpfull
  • yes, my old workhouse - the N900...that is still my favourite in my little collection of orphan nokia phones.
  • Thank you. I have had a N73 Music Edition and it had no LED
  • My last non-lumia by Nokia, the N8, had an LED light. It wasn't multi coloured but it was still there and was built into the home button.
  • Ahh it was a solid phone and cool notifications light 
  • Yes I used to love that feature, wasn't quite an LED, but even better in my opinion and you could choose what it did, like I if it came on slowly and turned off slowly that meant a text, but it pulsated quickly then it was a missed call!!!! Brilliant
  • I had a Nokia N79 and the centre button had pulsating light around it.
  • Absolutely! I've wanted this feature from the very beginning in Nokia/Lumia phones. This definitely needs to happen in their flagship phones.
  • Is 735 has it then 730 will too right?
  • Yes. I own a 730 so i can confirm that for you
  • As long as it can be disabled I'm all for it. I'll a bit old school on my phone usage and have most notifications turned off. I prefer to avoid phone fatigue.
  • Ever since glance screen, I've completely forgotten about led notifications. I guess it wouldn't hurt to have both.
  • So OEMs.. Not MS then? Will an LED notification be built in for email, sms, voicemail etc which are core and not OEM dependant?
  • I prefer glance, but additions like this are always welcome.
  • Ativ se comes to mind
  • Loved them, but they are a significant battery drain. They made more sense in the days of poor signal quality and phones we wrote on our belts. To make sense in today's world, they should be controlled by the ambient light sensor so they don't waste power blinking away in your pocket. That would be neat!
  • The power usage of a single notification LED's use a tiny amount of power and I don't think it would make any measureable difference in battery power. You can run a small LED like the ones used in a phone notification light off of a watch battery for a few days continuously.
  • Notification lights were alive and well on the HD7 running WP7...
  • HTC 8X had one, just for charging (red) and charged (green) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • HD7 was the best Windows Phone at that time. LED notification, vibration when call started are lovely little functions.
  • The weird thing is that the other day when my Lumia 930 was dead and I plugged in the cable, for about 30 minutes till it had enough power to turn on the windows logo/start button was flashing. How isn't that now the LED notification? It looks freaking awesome.
  • Ah just send it to the camera flash. :)
  • NO. You know how annoying it is? Also it's very embarrassing when the phone you're using happens to point at some girl and then a notification *flash* which she thinks is you being creepy and taking pics of her.. It's just happened way too many times and is just.. NO. The LED notif is way better.. Not as good as Glance, but good enough..
  • Better is that blinking Windows button just like the old Symbian phone when there was a notification
  • But there are phones with onscreen button
  • And some phones don't have backlit back/windows/search buttons.. E.g. my 520.
  • Too bad for them. Having (low end, mind you) phones that don't support this feature shouldn't stop Microsoft from making it happen on those that DO support it.
    I own a 930, which well never have glance, I'd love to have this feature.
  • I'm agree with you but phones having navigation kye on screen doesn't support it.
  • That blinking windows button is possible. I don't know why they haven't done it. The Lumia 930 does it when its on charge but powers still too low to turn on.
  • Actually, this is an awesome idea. You can take creepy pics and then tell the girl "Oops, sorry. It's just my LED notification. Please forgive me". "Oh, it's OK, you handsome Windows flagship phone-holding gentleman". Everybody's happy.
  • @dashrendar
    Having a few drinks while browsing Windows Central, I see (heh heh)
  • "Oh, it's OK, you handsome Windows flagship phone-holding gentleman"
      I wouldn't really call the 950XL a handsome Windows flagship phone.. 
  • You haven't seen them. How would you know?
  • If she's had enough drinks, she might call anything or anyone handsome. 
  • lmao
  • @aniket bhat: Oh yeah, that would not be suspicious at all. Lol
  • I agree. I've seen people use the flash as a notification light, and it's quite annoying, as well as looks really stupid.
  • Updating firmware of the phone doesn't seem like a big issue.
  • Yes, and all Lumias that have hardware buttons (is that all of them?) have at least 3 LED lights they could use for this. I image the Windows symbol light would be best. Not sure why there's confusion about which Lumias have LEDs as it's pretty obvious.
  • not all lumia phones with capacitive buttons have leds behind them.
  • I think the logo slowly lighting and unlighting would be a cool way of doing that, never considered it before.  My GS3 and GS5 both have LED, and I couldn't imagine going without it.
  • Hahaha yeah ! Its a great idea .! If it comes +720 ;)
  • The 930 already does it when its low power you plug it in but it doesn't have enough juice to turn on yet.
  • @zr2s10
  • Love the LED Notification on my S6, OEM for Windows should definitely add as i know many who love the feature.
  • Nice led motif. is a must.
  • Lumias have one, the Windows logo. They just have to activate it in firmware by adding a driver.
  • Not really important though. First ms should really add stability and more features to the os!
  • That is more features . . . .
  • Unbelievably useful feature and seems simple to implement. No brainer
  • Especially if it's the windows logo on the phone.
  • I thought I had read that the Lumia 930/Icon also had an LED. Hope so I'd love it on my icon
  • It has 3, all along the bottom. The Windows symbol would be best IMO.
  • that led is not powerful enough for a notification led. it would work only at night as during the day you can barely notice that button is led up. or at least thats the case for some lumias, i dont know for 930 specifically.
  • You my friend are wrong. It works perfectly adequately, as it could be set to 'breathe' like Cortana does. The 930 already does this when your phone is too discharged to turn on and you plug it in.
  • Its a great thing to include for some people. I don't particularly care about it, but a few less phones without the obnoxious camera flash going off is good in my book.
  • At last I joined the Insider Programme and downloaded Preview build 10536 and so far im a very happy man
  • LED notifcations seem like they are from ages ago as I haven't had a phone with them in so long. I think they are a neat feature and welcomed, as long as it has a setting to disable and some other settings.
  • If they can somehow make the Windows start key blink for phones which had hardware keys, it will be of great use.
  • 1. not all capacivite keys have leds.(certain low end devices lack them) 2. i doubt that the led behind the buttons are powerful enough to see them blinking during the day, if you are not looking specifically at the phone to see if it blinks or not.
  • i have seen the windows logo lit up on my lumia 925.. Its bright enough to be used as a notification light. whereas my lumia 520 doesn't have any kind of lights..
  • I had LED notifications... on my HTC 8X. :)
  • But wasn't it only charging and battery low notif?
  • If it was like the HD7 it has a light for missed calls too
  • Do it in the 950xl and sell it to me direct MS. Thank ya!
  • Seems old school to me. No need of this.
  • I used to love this on my HTC HD7...
  • I still do! I've been waiting for a flagship with microSD all this time :/
  • Sd??they have
  • Glance, FTW!
  • except that the technology needed for glance is more expensive than the led(which is a problem for low end) AND incompatible with some types of displays(oled i think). so sometimes a led is better, because it can be done even when glance cant.
  • Glance is not incompatible with AMOLED, or OLED screens. It just needs screens that have display memory built in. My 928 (AMOLED) had it.
  • The 1020 has an AMOLED and Glance. You just to remember to include the right memory hardware.
  • Hehe my one m8 has one. Suck it haters
  • Not enabled yet !!
  • I feel that notification lights are a little old fashioned and maybe a bit unsightly. For aesthetics, I'd rather see the capacitive windows key flash if needed / wanted. With features such as glance and toasts, as well as double tap to wake. I have no need for a notification light.
  • ^^this. Make the win key blink..
  • And the new Lumias with on-screen buttons???
  • They shouldn't exist in the first place. Kill those damn cheap onscreen buttons.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not all of them are cheap, Lumia 730/735 is excellent phone.
  • If it was possible for all phones to support glance, that would have been great! "LEDs?? No thank you! That s**t is old". But since Glance isn't even on half the phones.... LEDs ?? Yes please.
  • However, since then, there have been no advances on this feature.
    Pretty much the story of Windows Phone..... 
  • My HTC One M8 runs win 10. But I never found the option for LED in settings.
  • which part of "OEMs need to develop drivers for this to work" didnt you understand? w10m preview dont have any oem specific firmware. its plain pure OS without any OEM modifications.
  • Yes support it, PLEASE!!!
  • No doubt they will take glance, micros SD, or Qi away and then say focusing on led notifications made them forget about them... All features in one phone Microsoft! This is not that complex
  • This great! W10M has to be flexible and support more hardware features, and this LED is a welcome addition. Though for me in Lumia, as long as they have Glance. LED isn't that all too important, but on other OEM, this is awesome! Especially the multi-colored LED.
  • but you know, i've always used glance on "peek" settings. so except for the case when my phone was charging, when it was on the desk untouched, i should unlock or put my finger on proximity sensor to check for notifications. led is welcomed as an addition. nobody said that led and glance couldnt coexist.
  • put it on interval mode, doesnt drain battery that much
  • Use the Windows logo as Led is the best, just like the low battery notification is used Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What about phones with on-screen keyboards?
  • Agreed. No need extra hardware
  • I think simply making the Windows key subtly blink is good enough.   While this feature is useful, I think it just brings more distraction to our already-distracted lives.... *sigh*
  • I would love to see this feature and if my Icon Windows button could blink that would be sweet!
  • Glance is a led on steroids, no need for it anymore
  • Yeah. Except it's all about preferences.. Some people like LED Notif. And others like the good 'ol Glance.   Would've argued that glance requires specific hardware.. But then again so does LED notif.
  • Can't see it across the room
  • Does not work all time, and W10M does not work
  • What about using the led flash light as a notification led?
  • What's that red light that blink in my 520? Isn't that led light
  • That's the proximity sensor, which is used in double tap to wake and while making calls. It keeps the screen ready for being unlocked while the screen is off and it closes the screen when your ear is close while in a call. So not really a notification light, just a sensor light.
  • Hmm
  • Just look above the proximity sensor,there is another small led-like
  • The 950 and 950 XL have to support glance and LED notifications to even have a chance of avoiding being epic fails.
  • Not sur if glance will be there for the 950/950xl the are supposed to have an amoled screen, those screen are like the 930 no memory !!
  • what about 925/928, aren't those phones amoled?
  • The 930 was an idiot move on Nokia's part as Glance was being introduced. There is nothing about the tech that precludes Glance.
  • Glance FTW. Until Nadella kills it.
    i mean, it shouldn't be so hard to code that, right?
  • Dan, what case is that on your S6?
  • My last Windows phone who got a LED notification was my HTC HD7, but its been a age ago, first version of wp7 !!
  • Let the Windows logo breath green or whatever theme color for notifications.
  • Could be a good idea !!
  • theme color.. yay!!
  • And by OEMs it means Microsoft.
  • Not gonna happen then.
  • Why would you even want this when you have glance?
  • because galance is not working properly
  • You can see a notification light from much further away e.g. the other side of the room.
  • My old Blackjack had LED, and it was the feature I missed the most when I switched to the iPhone 1 eight years ago. I switched back to WP when WP7 was released, but it was something that I always wished they would add back. Hopefully we will see this again.
  • HTC had them on their WP7 models, and apparently WP8 too
  • Can't really see the usefulness of this when there is glance screen... I'm positive that an LED won't show more info than glance...
  • Led notifications are awesome and hard to go to a phone without. I have a green light for new text message, blue for new outlook email, red for Gmail. Using android now
  • Well, Windows 10 Mobile is not a 64-bit OS either. Microsoft never learns. They are always a day late and a dollar short. There's absolutely no reason to make Windows 10 Mobile a 32-bit OS, but they did.
  • why is it needed? The new phones will only have 3 gigs of ram.
  • W10m has support for 64-bit soc's...
  • If you have a Band this is a much better way of being informed, you get a vibration right on your wrist... Think this might be my favorite Band feature actually.
  • That would be a nice surprise for the Lumia 950/950XL. I currently use the Xperia Z3 and the LED notifications are pretty handy and allow me to see what type of notification based on the color.
  • Hope they do this.Since I don't need it and votes are rationed, I won't vote for it but will keep my fingers crossed everyone else gets it.
  • Just make the windows logo glow. Would be perfect.
  • The best LED notification implementation is still on the HTC Diamond. I'm still baffled that Apple hasn't copied it for their iPhones.
  • I'm in favor of a subtle, pulsing LED to notify of any new messages. My main reason being that it will reduce my screen/usage time, which is why it may never come to fruition from a business standpoint. Having kids and believing in the importance of not always living life through a tiny 5" screen, it would be a nice feature. If there is no blinking light, leave it alone. I know it may seem a trivial difference to some, but the temptation to continue using a phone once you've used glance or checked for any new messages is too strong for many to overcome.
  • I agree with you 100%. Family time is important!
  • While I don't personally like the edge phone, that blue looks good on it. In reference to OEM's making it happen, there's not many OEM phones prior wavy due to the low specs, so I say Microsoft just needs to make sure it happens on phones they manufacture!
  • LED notofication if my girrfriend was calling would be ideal, far more discrete than a ringtone that would alert the wife
  • Then tell me what this "led" is meant for in the Lumia920. Upper Left corner above the network icon ????
  • "This lack of information doesn't mean that it's not there, however, there certainly is nothing indicating that they do either."
    Wow thanks captain obvious. So basically what you're (verbosely) saying is that you're clueless.
  • Neeeeeeeed this feature!! I have the HTC m8 and it has this built in but cant use it!!! Please!!!!!!!!
  • Windows is so late for led notification support that mist of devices don't include... And they have developed glance like software wich is getting better day by day... While glance is being killed and enhanced further...
  • What about 1520 LoL!!!!!!!
  • And by OEMs you mean Microsoft
  • I was hoping they would add this feature on nl 925 but.... not they don't even have capacitive navigation on wp anymore. Colorful windows logo was my dream. Like red yellow green blue blocks for notification .
    Hope they pack devices with this feature.
  • it will look awesome
  • Can someone say Ativ SE!?
  • A blinking windows on screen it possible to have only this part to show/light up on screen.then it support all current lumias...
  • Wherever there are hardware buttons (L830) there is a LED underneath. Make a proper driver and let it shine Microsoft!
  • I think a good alternative for non-LED devices, could be turning the screen on for a few seconds (with the option of having an audible alert), then turn it back off for a few seconds, then repeat the cycle over and over for the amount of time the user decides (30 secs, 1 min, 5 mins, etc). Not sure how difficult it could be to implement, but certainly is a necessary option.
  • I wont enable mine in features,its a plus but im comfortable with Glance feature
  • Everything old is new again.   webOS I miss you!
  • LEDs are nice but you can't beat the Glance screen which is WAY more powerful.
  • Make windows soft key to blink like notification light windows 7 had it bring back that feature.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wait... My Lumia 735 supports LED notifications? Do they mean the camera flash or it actually has a hidden LED on the front somewhere? o_O
  • I just held it up to the light. I see it! Gg Microsoft.
  • Can they make the Sensor as a notification light?
  • I find the LED notification not only useless but annoying as well. There is a glance screen and the MS Band.
  • Well, there are some phones with NO glance capability.  Like the 730/735.  Which I why, I am assuming, it was chosen to have an LED. 
  • Ah yes.  Nothing like paying out the exhaust port to be able to check if I got an email.  I'll take the cheaper option here.  Not everyone wants or can afford a Band.
  • Use the home button as a notification light. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • LED notifications are a poor man's version of glance. That being said it should be an option on cheaper devices. Really cheap devices.
  • I'd like a plain 'No' option.
  • These are always one of those "see another feature WP doesn't have" things, but frankly I couldn't care less. I won't see them in my pocket and on my desk the important things show on Glance. I don't need to interpret LED Morse code when I have notification icons on Glance.
  • Except both WP7 & WP8 devices had them
  • irrelevant. seems that eveyone wants/enjoy to check their phone every 30 second.  
  • Actually I find the opppsite... I only pick up my phone when I see I have a missed call. I'm not sure if SMS messages trigger the same notification, but all other notifications can be ignored.
  • Depends on how MS would do it, but with Android you can get quite a few apps to blink the LED when something comes in.  You can set it to only turn on on certain items such as calls or emails. 
  • 930 is also have led
  • I personally found the notification light maddeningly useless except as a lower power indicator. I even had configuration options for colors and flash rates on a Oneplus One and forgot what they meant because I always had a new notification. The Glance Screen is much more helpful in this matter. It is obvious what app had notifications based on the icon and I don't have to memorize a color or flash right to know to ignore Facebook Messenger at work. I would love to see greater use of Glance versus brining back LEDs in force.
  • I remember having this when I had a blackberry curve.. it was a great feature. That LED was basically just used for email, but it was really useful. I'm not sure how it would work now with all the different notifications you can get...
    My perfect solution would be blinking blue for email, blinking green for text, blinking red for voicemail.. or something like that. And alternate when you have more than one.
  • As long enough i can disable it, I'm cool.... Its one of the things I don't miss about my last android phone
  • So at least 730 has a led on it !!! It was surprising for me
  • Why dont make windows capicitive button on phone to be act like notification light for the phone.
  • I wanted a LED notification since I left my old N900 to buy lumias. I really miss the feature
  • The 730/735 does not have any LED. It's just the IR sensor required for glance screen. My 830 too has a red LED on its front near the ffc. It is cleary visible to the naked eye in sufficient lighting.
  • They have ofcourse
  • huh?  730/735 has no support for Glance.  I sorely miss it every day.  Which is why, I'm wondering, that is was chosen to have an LED.  People have actually torn apart the 735 and found the LED, which is separate from the proximity sensor you are talking about. 
  • They are not activated
  • Ah, after what ? 5 years, still trying to fill the features that Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 had (it went back to 5 if I am correct). This was a staple feature of WM, this is before Android and before the iPhone. Anyway about it, the only Windows phone I know of that had a LED light on it was HTC 8X.... One of the features I did like about this (when I had it) when charging your phone, the only way to see if it's fully charged now is to turn it on and look. with the LED light, it was red till it was fully charged and then it turned green. and a blinking light for a notifcation... It helped when you had to be in a very quiet place with your phone on a table in front of you.
  • Glance is better.
  • Lumia 730,735 and 930 have an un-activated LED Notification system.
    The other Lumia's I don't know
    But 520 may have it
  • Doesn't my One have an LED?
  • on HTS 8X had a LED notifications as far as I know. Maybe others as well.  
  • I don't know about other phones but the Lumia 1520 has a separate output pin connected to the windows button acting as a notification LED. Not fully optimized but somehow it works when u turn ur phone off and connect the charger. Voila. Not consistent though
  • That is proximity sensor..which all phones have
  • really, i always found that led notification light annoying. always tried to disable that on my blackberry.
  • On my Lumia 520,it has two led lights,but only one works..Check if yours has
  • Actually when charging my phone I have an led light blinking
  • Love it on my G3.  Would be great on the new WPs!!
  • BREATHING LIGHT with many color options! The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic had a totally badass white breathing light.
  • As mentioned before, just let the Windows logo "breath" when there is a notification
  • I want it like hell!!! Bring it Microsoft!!!
  • My HTC Radar had led notifications. I didn't know they removed that feature.
  • We need the windows buttons Bright:p
  • Forget led's just don't forget to include glance!
  • Yes, yes and yes! I would like to see LEDs on the new flagships.
  • I heavily use the multi-colored LED on my BBZ30. That way I can tell what messages came in from 1/2 way across the room just by looking at my phone w/o having to pick it up.
    Green = personal email.
    Blue = work email.
    Purple = text message.
    Red = BBM message.
    Cyan = Twitter message.
    Yellow = voice mail.
    White = missed call. It's so nice to not have to pick up my phone just to know what kind of message came in. I hope the new 950 has this feature or I will be a sad panda when I switch platforms. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's similar to how used to have my blackberry set up years ago. Used to us my TP2 most of the time - carried two phones at one point.
  • Hell yes.  A multi-colored LED would be super useful.  Never really noticed the convenience till I got my G3.  I won't say it's a deal breaker if it isn't implemented in W10 Mobile, but it would be pretty great.    EDIT: Doesn't have to be a standalone LED.  Having the windows logo light up or something would be a more elegant solution by far. 
  • That would be nice, however that would mean three separate LED's under the capacitive buttons. It's one strip at present. Plus most phones are heading towards on-screen buttons. Somewhere on the top left hand corner would be ideal in my opinion as most lumia's rarely have anything there. Other phones usually stick the camera there but that's on the backplate so still doable as the LED would just sit on the front plate.
  • What ever happened to turning the Start "button" into an LED notification...i could have sworn i read that was going to happen, or maybe i just really wanted it to happen.
  • My Nokia 5233 had this feature. The middle button(white) used to blink.
  • Huawei used it give some variation, the front capacitive buttons changed colour depending on your chosen accent colour. However phones are going to on-screen buttons now sooo yeah, they are going to need separate LED's.
  • "Then they stopped" Only in WP and IOS. It was always there in other devices ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I would love it..instead of led to blink only if the home button also blinks it would be great...
  • Yes, I own a L730. Finally, a hidden surprise which would give it an edge over the 640xl ! Here's to LED notifications!
  • What is LED notification? It is like what google introduced in lollipop?
  • No, read the article it's not unique to Android. LED notifications are self explanatory... The LED flashes when you have notifications. Thus you can elect to look at it or ignore it without having to pick up the phone. The latter is true with phones that supported customisable LED colours so each notification / app would get a unique colour.
  • is that all, surely if on the table a sound and vibration does the same thing and a notification pops up and you can see if you want to reply to it.  Why would a flashing light be beter than a sound and or a live live tile or even just a sound and a notification.  In your pockedt the led would be absolutly useless.   Thinking about it my favorite feature of my phone while on the table is live tile and that to me negates any need for a led noticication, but i supose haveing the choice of haveing it is a good thing for those that find it usefull.
  • I am not in favour of LED in any WP handset. Already Windows for Phones is losing its uniqueness due to W10M, why break its uniqueness more by bringing nonsense (like blinking LED's, which IMO is really irritating) from Lagdroid? Glance is far far better. MS should focus on bringing Glance to all WP devices, including the non-Lumia ones, instead of aping Lagdroid.
  • Oh come off it, LED's aren't unique to Android. Read the article!
  • Something I always missed it the notification LED from the blackberry days. A much welcomed return!
  • I loved the LED notification in Nokia 5800 Express Music, the middle white button blinks for notifications.
  • Same here that "breath" feature was damn good!
  • Just for 730/735?? I've seen windows key blinks when my battery is all empty.
  • I'd be VERY disappointed if Lumia handsets going forward didn't all support this feature. Mainly because Glance alone is not enough, in that they're tiny static icons and you can only have five. Secondly because this has been one of the top requested features on their Uservoice site for around four years now! If you could customize the LED colour to a particular contact or App then that would be fantastic. 
  • My n9 had it, it blinks when im charging.
  • I remember having 4 of them on my Xperia X1 (Windows Mobile), I loved it. There were two on the left side and two on the right side of the device, so they could make colorpatterns (looked awesome in the dark).
  • It would be cool if the LED on the 735 changed colour to the user's accent colour.
  • im a person that doesnt care about led notifications, i think the notification system as it stamds on a windows phone is absolutly fine.  Id much rather see time and resorses spent in a wireless pay system or even bringing back the gestures app of 8.1.   I how no idea what reason a led light would add to my phone experience, can anyone educate me on this matter?
  • Hmm only Windows phone stopped, I see iPhone flashing and droids blinking multicolors.
  • Notification led love it!
  •     While Glance is fine on the devices that have it, it would be nice to have the option to turn LEDs on and off.
  • Since my first smartphone was WP, I don't know what life is like with one, so I had voted in the middle.
  • Not yet in the official update
  • poda punda mone
  • owning a s7 edge I find the notifications are terrible. yeh you have a led light but id much rather the phone was opened temporarily to the lock screen which sadly the s7 edge doesnt.  Yeh nice to see led go green when 100 percent charge but dont care about the rest.