This powerful Dell desktop can be had for just $579

Dell Inspiron 3650
Dell Inspiron 3650 (Image credit: Dell)

If you're in the market for a new desktop PC, you'll want to check out this deal on a Dell Inspiron Desktop. Right now, Dell is offering up a powerful Inspiron desktop PC for just $579 (opens in new tab) — $320 off its usual $899 price — with coupon code DELLDT629.

As for specs, this Inspiron machine packs a 6th generation Intel Core i7-6700 processor, 16GB of RAM, a Radeon HD R9 360 graphics card and a 2TB hard drive. This is definitely a solid deal if you happen to be in the market for a desktop PC. Just be sure to use the coupon code DELLDT629 to secure your discount.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • But can it run... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (V10 or N5x)
  • No, it cannot. Currenly Dell does not make legs for these computers. Therefore they cannot run.
  • Lol okay thanks for telling me. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (V10 or N5x)
  • I am here to help.
  • This is like the 2nd or 3rd "Buy this Dell PC" post. Seems a little sponsored lol
  • And yet you clicked on it anyway instead of skipping past it and reading articles that were relevant to you. Just because you do not want to see this, doesn't mean that others do not.
  • What's wrong with making money to pay the bills?
  • Good deal
  • With the same specs (and some other accessories) I got it for $1,768. It's cheap in US or what.
  • Looks like a solid buy if you are in the market for a desktop. Fast CPU, plenty of RAM, and a discrete video card. Doesn't say if a monitor is included, but a solid buy even without one at that price.
  • yeah but is it VR-ready? is this future proof?
  • Nope, sorry.  There is no such thing as "future proof" in technology.  It's also hard to claim anything is "VR-ready" considering how immature VR technology is right now.
  • It is not VR-ready. Good deal but not for VR.
  • weird setup.. if it was gaming pc why have cpu that cost >3x more than graphics card if it was just desktop pc then i7 would be overkill, i5 or even i3 would be enough with integrated graphic card
  • Even I agree with that... Why have a mid range graphics card and an i7 for gaming? :/
  • I dont disagree but this does have some wiggle room to grow espetially if the new AMD gfx card (480?) is only 150W.  You may be able to swap the 480 in with only an adaptor for the 6pin power connector.  This depends entirely on the power supply though which isn't mentioned.  I'd only go this route though if I was buying the PC for someone else in my family who gamed occasionally. The benchmarks for the R9 360 appear to give it low to mid range settings for most games.  When they complained about it in a year or 2 I could offer to help them upgrade it to the latest low power card.  The CPU is good enough that it should handle the flood of popups in whatever flavor of the day browser is being used so the tech support calls to me shouldn't start until they've installed 4-5 toolbars in IE/FF/Chrome. (assuming I didn't lock them as a guest on their own computer.)
  • I don't think anyone is claiming it's a gaming pc. Doesn't say that here or on dell's site.
  • Heck, I still get 30-40fps when playing hitman ultra 1080p and my CPU is somewhat old PhenomII 4x 965. I'm betting with a good GPU, i3 would probably do the trick..
  • Not bad, but only two RAM slots.
  • Can this run quantum break ? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes
  • That graphic card is on par with NVidia's...?
  • It is comparable to gtx 750ti or gtx 950.
  • R7 370 is the 750ti equivalent, 950ti is better than both. This R9 360 (the "R9" name is totally misleading here) is below 370 in raw performance, and taking into account that is an integrated (discrete) one, it will be behind, so no, isn't comparable to any current mainstream nVidia.
  • Typical prebuilt: overkill processor, crappy video card, and only they know what sort of mobo and psu they have put on it. You can get something a lot better for only $50 more than this dell's discounted price, let alone something in the $800 range:
  • Can we customise this pc like we build rigs ?
  • Typical Dell. 2 ram slots, 8gb max per slot...16gb total max. Proprietary Ps rated at 300w max. Good system for price but you won't be upgrading it much.
  • Those power supplies are known to burn out easily. 
  • Not in my experience. It's not in Dells best interest to have unreliable parts either. Unreliable parts cost them lots of money in support and labor costs. I've been building custom pc's for 20 years and I've had more retail power supplies fail than Dell OEM ones. I can't say the same for the likes of eMachines and Gateway... at least in the old days (I havent seen of of those in person for years now).
  • Sorry, but I'm done buying computers with spinning hard drives. ​
  • 600 bucks for a desktop ? You gotta be kidding me. Should be more like 100 !!
  • Nice, anyone know if I can just pop in a 1080 when they come out?