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What you need to know

  • Microsoft's PowerToys recently received an update to version 0.31.
  • The update improves the FancyZones user interface and includes several other improvements.

Microsoft's PowerToys is a handy utility that adds several features to your Windows PC. The features it adds are generally for power users, such as renaming several images at once within a set of rules or using File Explorer add-ons. PowerToys recently received an update to version 0.31.1 that includes several new features and improvements.

With the latest build comes a streamlined user interface for FancyZones, a tool that lets you arrange and snap windows into different layouts.

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Here's a list of highlighted changes, as found on the PowerToys release page on GitHub:


  • Bug report tool and improved logging now added to our system tray.
  • Added in CodeQL and other CI improvements.
  • OOBE Spec should be finalized

ARM64 Progress

  • .NET Core upgrade for code bases the PowerToys team controls is complete. We still have two external dependencies that are .NET Framework that need to be updated.

Color Picker

  • Bug fixes in editor


  • Streamlined, simplified user interface (Massive thanks to @niels9001)
  • Dark mode for the editor
  • Certain settings (e.g. number of zones, spacing settings) can now be set on individual layouts.
  • Bug fixes

File explorer

  • Fixed OneDrive SVG Bug
  • SVG are scaled appropriately when viewbox is provided
  • SVG thumbnail quality improved

PowerToys Run

  • Service management plugin (restart, stop, ...)
  • Registry key plugin
  • System action plugin (Reboot, lock, ...)
  • Hyperbolic functions added to calculator
  • Icon fixes when running in certain themes
  • Unneeded dependencies removed
  • Bug fixes


  • Default to .NET Core 3.1.11

This version of PowerToys does not include the Video Conference Utility. Microsoft plans to roll out a DirectShow based version this month. The company hopes to merge it with the main PowerToys repository this month or next month.

Handy little toys

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Tools that make life just a bit easier

PowerToys has a growing set of useful tools. It's most recent update improved the FancyZones user interface, making it easier to manage and snap your windows.

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