Pre-order the HTC Touch Diamond from Best Buy

Speaking of pre-orders, you can now drop $699.99 on Best Buy for your very own unlocked HTC Touch Diamond. [via]

And it looks like you shouldn't have to wait too long for delivery. A quick click on the "Estimate arrival time" link gives an estimated date of Sept. 29 - Oct. 4.

More good news: U.S. 3G bands are confirmed, with 850/900/1800/1900 MHz supported. Sorry, T-Mobile customers. That 1700 MHz band is turning out to be a real pain, isn't it?

This should be an interesting exercise. The GSM Touch ($499) and Touch Dual ($549) also are available unlocked at Best Buy, but there's definitely a psychological difference between $550 and $700. Does "unlocked" status mean that much (or anything?) to most U.S. smartphone consumers?

And with that other keyboardless GSM phone on AT&T, and Sprint reportedly launching the Diamond next week at $300 or less, just what kind of demand will Best Buy ultimately see? And will AT&T bother picking it up? (Our guess is no. Probably not enough room in that stable for two keyboardless phones of that caliber.)

Anyhoo, if the GSM Diamond's your thing, head on over to Best Buy's Web site and throw down your cash.

WC Staff