If you own or use a PC, you're faced with the constant threat of hackers who can steal your browsing history and your credit card numbers with a few simple lines of code.

Your only defense against these nefarious cyber intrusions is a comprehensive and powerful piece of anti-malware software, and a three-year premium subscription to Zemana AntiMalware — one of the world's most advanced and trusted security platforms — can currently be had through Windows Central Digital Offers for 60 percent off the regular $50 price. That brings the total down to just $20!

This all-in-one security tool protects your PC from everything from malware and adware to ransomware and trackers—all in real-time. You'll be able to detect and remove threats the moment they pose a threat to your system, eliminate the adware that clogs your hard drive, and much more.

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This software also utilizes a streamlined and intuitive interface that won't distract you from your workflow, and you'll never have to put up with annoying toolbars and unwanted app installations in order to get the protection you need.

Protect your PC with a three-year premium subscription to Zemana AntiMalware, now just $20

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Say goodbye to cyber threats on your PC with a three-year subscription to Zemana AntiMalware for just $20 — 60 percent off its usual price for a limited time.