Psychonauts 2 makes an appearance at the Xbox Games Showcase, supports Smart Delivery

Psychonauts 2 Reveal
Psychonauts 2 Reveal (Image credit: Double Fine)

What you need to know

  • Psychonauts 2, the much-hyped sequel from Double Fine, is coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox One.
  • The game will also support Smart Delivery, so you'll only have to buy the game once to play it on both platforms.
  • The game will also feature music from Jack Black, which is frankly awesome.

At the Xbox Games Showcase, Psychonauts 2 made another appearance with some new insights into the game's absolutely insane gameplay, with colorful graphics, quirky characters, and even an original song sung by none other than Jack Black himself. Psychonauts 2 is a very much hyped sequel to the psychological adventure that has a strong cult following with players.

The second is being developed under the Xbox Game Studios banner, and will feature puzzles, over-the-top levels with mind-breaking features and visuals. It'll also launch on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Series X and Xbox One, and will support Xbox Smart Delivery, so everyone can buy the game once and play the best possible version for their platform.

For those who have fond memories of the original Psychonauts, or love creative takes on the brain in video games, Psychonauts 2 is one to look out for.

Psychonauts 2 Reveal

Source: Double Fine (Image credit: Source: Double Fine)

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  • I dont know if I have done enough drugs in life to appreciate this game...
  • There's still time... Looked crazy.
  • Tenacious D! Jack Black has done so many awesome things in his career, but if you've never seen his speech on Led Zeppelin at the Kennedy Center, you're missing out on his amazing ability to mix his love for rock with his humor. Check it out on YouTube.