Qimini available to order in black, listed for $79.95

The Qimini is now available to order. Available in black for the time being (more colours on the way), the wireless charger supports smartphones that utilise the Qi standard of charging. This includes a handful of Lumia Windows Phones (and a lone Verizon HTC 8x). We last looked at the product back in February and noted that while consumers were able to place orders, pricing was not listed at the time.

Tektos, the company behind the Qimini, has created something special for those who enjoy travelling and / or use laptops. Instead of carrying around a bulky charger, the Qimini is a slim, sleek and portable wireless charger that plugs into a USB port and provides juice for any device requiring some energy.

If you're interested in the product, be sure to head on over to the Qimini website to place an order. Note that only black is available at this time, with other colours coming soon. Price is $79.95.

Source: MyQimini; Thanks, pr0phecy, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • The diameter of that charger looks a bit too large
  • Needs an elastic band so you can toss in a bag and a lower price so Qi can become a standard!!
  • Looks good... Question is, how much can it charge overall? It's all about the quality, ya' know.
  • You sure it works with all Qi products? Because my Lumia wireless charging stuff doesn't work with my nexus 4.
  • It should. Make sure you have it positioned correctly.
  • It was. It turns on and shows the charging logo, then goes to saying not charging, then charging logo again, and so forth.
  • Dunno man. Pocketnow did a comparison of the different wireless chargers and the Lumia one and the nexus one worked with the nexus 4. The nexus one really is a lot nicer though.
  • You're not wrong in the slightest, my flatmate's Nexus 4 won't work with any of the wireless chargers I have (stand, fatboy and JBL powerup) it does exactly what you describe, no idea who's not following the standard, but I'd bet it's LG
  • :'(
  • Nexus problem = Google problem. Deal with it
  • Agreed jonshai. I have a Nexus 7 and it is flat garbage.
  • Troll alert.
  • If you are trying with a case, then try without it
  • I did try without it.
  • The worlds thinnest charging plate? Does that really matter?
  • The thinner it is, the easier it breaks.
  • $80 for a loop of wire in a plastic shell? Pass.
  • Well u cheap thts why
  • No, this IS ridiculous.
  • Not everyone can shit money you know? Even if I'm making money this summer, as a student I feel this is a luxury I should not buy because I know how money can be spent on more useful and necessary things. Is it so hard to carry a charger in ur bag and to go to the nearest socket in the room?
  • ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!
    Its pricy no doubt.  I could afford it but if there are less expensive alternatives in the market, I get to those first.
  • I wish I could shit money.
  • Ever had a paper cut? Careful what you wish for
  • Rofl
  • It's too expensive. Besides the standard is not guaranteed yet. Too early for too much investment for now
  • No its not u low class
  • For that price I'd rather buy 3 Nokia wireless chargers from my at&t store
  • Ok seeing u also comment on someone else's thing saying they are low class is getting out of hand. Get out of here you little shit.
  • I feel like the folks running the site have put down the ban hammer lately. Before most trolls were taken care of quick, lately I've seen repeat offenders going at it in each article.
  • Does it drive anyone else crazy that the "Q" isn't actually a "Q"? It looks like an "O" with a smudge underneath it.
  • At least I'm not the only one.
  • Yeah, that's a terrible font choice
  • Android is the best
  • Notttttttt :P bwahahaha
  • Did your Girlfriend leave you or something for a guy with WP?
  • She probably left him for the guy taking better pictures of her with his Windows Phone... ZING!!!!
  • Because that's all his Windows Phone could do…
  • I have to admit it's nice looking, but at that price I'll just stick to the Nokia plates at $50 with an occasional deal.  Great to see new devices, though!  Hopefully we can gt QI as more than a niche...
  • Niche ? Yu mean ur cousin :D
  • Edmonds u suck
    nottttttt :P
  • Now I am sure that your Girlfriend left you for a guy with WP.
  • Haha!
  • I bought the Nokia stand awhile ago and paid the $70. I love it, but I still think it was overpriced. I'd like to see these things in the $20-30 range. I'd definitely have a few more if they were cheaper.
  • Not sure why I wouldn't just buy a $3 6" USB cord to do the same and take up less space. Pass. Wireless chargers are great for those spots you consistently charge in (car, home, office)
  • I only use my Nokia wireless charger on my nightstand got tired of playing fish for the cable in the middle of the night when I fell asleep forgot to plug in the cable. Now I just set it down no hastles!
  • I have both Nokia Qi chargers and whilst they are great, the aren't very portable. The good thing about this portable charger is that it just plugs into the USB with no bulky power plug / adapter thingy! Definitely worth looking at but would have preferred if it was around the £30 mark.
  • But why would you want to carry a wireless charger with you when you travel? Just bring a normal charger. This is stupid.
  • No it's not stupid, just a preference... I prefer to pick up and put down rather than plugging and unplugging the USB cable.
  • But you will end up plugging and unplugging the USB cord into the computer anyway if your using it for portability. It seems a little redundant.
  • Nope, one plug in at start of day when taking laptop out of the bag and one unplug at end of day. As I said, its all about choice and preference. It'll work for some (i.e. me) and not for others (i.e. you).
  • I understand your reasoning but I guess I don't consider what you do as being portable. I use my surface pro both for school, work and home in multiple locations daily. I wasn't thinking of just setting up at the start of the day until the end. I guess I consider that semi portable lol.
  • Suppose you are in a hotel room. You set your laptop up on the desk and leave the charger plugged into it. You can pick up and drop the phone frequently on the wireless charger and not have to keep messing with the cable.
  • +1 Exactely! That's my kinda use case!
  • I guess. Its still too expensive tho. Its just a charger. These things needs to go down in price.
  • Yeah agreed it is expensive, but guess cause its relatively new technology
  • Yeah, but I can do that with my LG wireless charger I just got from Verizon for $40, not $80 plus and additional $36 shipping.
  • Wait, they had an Iphone on that. It has wireless charging? 
    Edit: I didn't notice the jockstrap the iphone was in to make wireless charging work. Carry on.
  • Looks very nice, obviously it's kinda luxury and nit for everyone, not for for someone who comes to a WP site to post a comment "Android is the best", that's for sure. Unlikely to be aimed at students as well.
  • They're really overpricing these things.
  • Sure. But does it blend?
  • I just picked up a second Nokia plate for $30, can't see this price moving much volume. And the laptop port is not with an additional $50!
  • The new LG one uses micro USB, is about half the volume of the Nokia one and is $40 at Verizon.
  • Way too expensive. And shipping is $36. Insane. I just got the LG WCP-300 from my local Verizon store for $39.99, its basically the same size, and works great. I was totally interested in this when I first read about it, but since I probably wudda got the black one anyway, and the LG is black, it was a no brainer.
  • Nice device, but too expensive IMO.
  • Is that an s3? o.O
  • And for that reason wireless charging doesn't bother me, £50 for charger is far too much !!!!
  • Is this charger ANY better than the other ones on the market ? I would pay more if it was a stronger signal to go through stuff. I was trying to avoid cutting up my nightstand to put a QI charger inside it, if this one was stronger, it might be worth the cost.
    It seems a lot if it's just a standard charger with a USB port instead of a power cord.
  • looks cool, but just easier to carry a USB charger. i still dont get the fuss over this wireless charging lol.
  • "portable wireless charger that plugs into a USB port"
    Er... so does the phone, directly. What's the point of plugging a wireless charger into a USB port rather than just plugging the phone in instead, using a far more portable single cable?