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Quantum Break for PC coming to Steam and retail stores on Sept. 14

Microsoft has announced that its hit Xbox One and Windows 10 action game Quantum Break will be made available to more PC users, via a release on Steam as well as in retail stores. The Quantum Break: Timeless Collector's Edition will be priced at $39.99.

Quantum Break

Publishing duties for the retail version of Quantum Break for the PC, developed by Remedy, are being handled by Nordic Games. It will contain five game discs, along with a Steam key, a behind-the-scenes book and Blu-Ray, a quick guide to the game, two posters and the game's soundtrack on CD. Both the retail and Steam editions of the game will have all of the post-release updates for Quantum Break.

While the Windows 10 version of Quantum Break used DirectX 12, a post on the new Steam and retail versions on Remedy's website shows those editions of the game will run on DirectX 11, which should allow for the game to be supported on Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs.

  • I guess they do want to sell some copies.
  • Awesome! No more UWP horseshit.
  • True, but other then Steam would be even better if it was also available on GOG.  
  • Well, Nordic Games was able to convince Microsoft to let them bring Ori and the blind forest to GOG. Who knows, weirder things have happened.
  • What's gog ? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Good old games
  • They're just 'GOG' now, they dropped the expanded name when they introduced modern games into the store.
  • They're basically like Steam. They sell games. However, they're DRM-FREE games.  This should give you the rundown:
  • I've finally got into it, must admit the first 'lengthy' FVM bit made me feel like I was back on my Amiga CD32 playing microcosom - but got into it now..
  • I enjoyed it, although the story had plot holes big enough to drive a truck through so I don't think I'd drop $40 on it. The gameplay was also a bit repetitive and the final boss fight was just annoying. The fact that a billion (maybe trillion) dollar corporation could not reverse engineer or make a working replica of a device made by some guy in his garage is a bit out there. 
  • Totally plausble when the device comes from ingenuity. HBO's Silicon Valley plays on that same premise. One guy was able to make an algorithm that no other company could make with billions of dollars.
  • Yup, and that happens all the time. In general (so yes, there are exceptions), big companies are good at managing things, small companies or individuals are good at innovating.
  • Having billion dollar doesnt mean you have talent automatically.
  • Why most new games arrived with dx11? I have radeon card but never feel the dx12 experience.
  • Because there are people out there who don't have DX12 capable cards.
  • Is there any way developer publishing games with dx11/12 option? Dota 2 support both OpenGL and Vulcan for example. And also Rise of Tomb Raider have two version of dx11/12 (even though I dont know how it works).
  • Just looked at it on the Steam page. Apparently it is DX11/DX12. Under specs: Minimum = DX11, Recommended = DX12.
  • Most of have DX12 capable cards by now. Not all of them have Windows 10, though. If MS let DX12 be on Windows 7/8, there would have been more games. 
  • thanks GOD W8.1 will be supported so I have one more reason to stay with 8.1 Thanks Microsoft :)
  • Most have sold very bad because of the bad  UWP name has among gamers and developers. Also because of the lackluster WinStore. if they start selling their own published AAA blockbusters on steam if must have sold really baaaaaaad. ​So many people told me hell would freeze if this happend. Get your gloves old boyz!
  • Xbox one and windows 10 exclusive...yeah sure, Microsoft sure likes to crap on Xbox owners.
  • Obviously just a timed exclusive. This should not come as a surprice as Microsoft is more about putting their software on more platforms even if they are competing ones, just like they put all their best Phone apps on iOS and Android before Windows Phone.  
  • The issue, though, is that they flat-out lied about it. Recall this quote from them: "Quantum Break will not go to Steam it's an Xbox & Windows 10 exclusive". And that was after they already lied about it being an Xbox One exclusive. People don't really care about where games ultimately go. They care about being lied to.
  • True, I give you that; but after experiencing Microsoft lies in the past on several fronts, the biggest one I remember being So to be honest, my trust with Microsoft 'promises' is not high, but as you said this is another example of that, or at the very least not being crystal clear that it was a timed exclusive; publishers usually try to omit the "timed" part from their public statements. It was the same lie with the 'all future MS games will be Xbox+Win10" only for MS to then backtrack and say "most".  
  • As someone still stuck on WP8.1 because of that lie, I agree. They also lied about Kinect, and a smorgasbord of other things. I was a pretty big Microsoft apologist a few years back, but their false promises and equivocating have since disillusioned me.
  • I was a pretty big Microsoft fan as well, with the peak probably at the release of Windows Phone 7 and my Samsung Focus, but since then it has been a downhill slide with countless broken promises that turned me more cynical and critical of Microsoft; a rather sad few years I must say.
  • I mostly agree and resent when MS does that (as they have many times). On the other hand, a business trying to push a new approach needs to sound firm and committed to give it a chance, try to get the market behind it, etc. If they soft-pedal the promise or don't make it in the first place, it would further reduce the chances of that new approach succeeding. But then, if in spite of that commitment it doesn't do as well as required to meet some sales or revenue threshold, the company still needs to maximize the value of its investments. I'm not excusing going back on a promise -- that's flat out bad -- but I would suggest that it's not quite as bad when a company does it based on sales that fell below expectations as a lie might be under other circumstances. In other words, it's not so really a lie, as much as it's a forced retreat following a market beat-down.
  • So the good version is the Windows Store one, supporting Dx12. So Steam caters to the past. This is an interesting implication.
  • I would not jump to that conclusion, its more likely the Steam version supports both Dx11 and Dx12, rather then dropping Dx12 support for Dx11 only. But I guess we will have to wait until its released. But the backlash from Steam users would be severe if they intentionally crippeled the game on Steam, so that would be a huge PR disaster that would just further doom Microsoft in the eyes of PC gamers.    
  • So first they lied about this being an Xbox One exclusive, then they lied about it being an Xbox exclusive (i.e. Xbox One and Windows 10 Store). And now they're completely undermining the Windows 10 Store by bringing it to a competitor's platform instead. Microsoft has no patience, straying from their convictions way too prematurely for way too many things that have a rocky start. The only recent exception is the Surface brand., and even then, they threw RT users under the bus.
  • True. It would be good to see they at least stick things out longer to give some of their bold strategies a chance at succeeding. One could argue they are doing that with Windows Phone, UWP in general, etc. It doesn't actually hurt anyone who bought it on the Store, to have it also available elsewhere, and maybe they've just concluded they need to be a bit softer and less heavy-handed on pushing the store -- let it win because people want to post to it and customers want to buy from it, rather than because MS isn't giving people a choice (Nadella seems all about that kind of soft-sell, unlike Gates & Ballmer). At least it's not like with Kinect, where they actually removed functionality, hurting the original customers like you and me. Well, not really me, because I only used Kinect to remote control my TV and didn't particularly mind the loss of function, and now with Cortana, it's actually better than ever for me. But for users like you who invested based on a promise of games, and then not only did they fail to deliver them, the actually broke things that had been working by removing function... that's just awful.
  • The game will only be DX11 on Steam? Won't it perform worse?
  • Not really. It is probably going to take a generation or two of games to really show any true improvements for the new APIs. (DX12 and Vulkan) This is pretty much how it has always been. There has not been anything that has truly been mind-blowing for either of them as of yet. Just slight improvements to performance at best.
  • Nope. It did perform bad with dx12 'cause of the reconstruction technique that is suited for lackluster Xbox hardware and bad for PC hardware. People had to choose resolution above 1080p to get close to outputting native. Hopefully they actually removed this abomination and it would perform better that it did. Steam ftw! :)
  • I've been looking forward to Quantum Break since the very first trailer, whatever plot holes and all. But given that my highest power device is a Surface Pro (gen 1) I'm sure I'd have to buy either an XboxOne or a new workstation to play it. So, maybe next year...
  • Better to get a gaming PC, if you really want to get the PC version, otherwise better to stick with Xbox.
  • I hope it gets a sequel. I loved quantum leap. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's to late for pc than Xbox one.
  • Nice, hopefully there'll be a good Steam sale by the time I finally buy a new gaming PC
  • Can't believe I payed $60 for this game on release, then had to wait a month for it to be patched to run properly THEN I find out it is coming to Steam... Smh. Good play though Microsoft, I never would have bought on the Windows store had they inferred it would be available on Steam within the year...
  • Good to hear they are open to more markets. Hopefully Microsoft will be smart enough to allow the key to be used on both Windows store and Steam store. (Buy one key, use anywhere). Could be something similar to Ubisoft titles like Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed where you buy on steam but still have to use Uplay. Gets people into using the Windows Store, which means more exposure for the store to users that might not otherwise be interested.
  • I don't want to be sort of negative here, but by doing this, Microsoft would become a laughing stock by people, by putting this on steam, they essentially tell people that" look, we don't think uwp can sell that much, that's why we put them on steam".
  • If they don't people will started to say MS is start to kill Steam slowly. Umm...why I do feel that I already heard that somewhere.
  • I think sequel will be available only in Store in future, and this move by Microsoft to make Quantum Break available on Windows 7/8.1 was made because whole game advertises us Windows 10 and Surface :D
  • While the gameplay was not quite wahat I was expecting, I did enjoy this game for the story. I preorded on X1 and dont regret paying 60 for it. 
  • Finally I'll be able to play it. Didn't want to pay 70€ (still the same price today) on Windows Store with all its limitations. Will get the Retail version, since Nordic Games has already done a great job on Alan Wake for PC, the Collectors Edition was and is great.
  • Will the disc version includes all the videos on the discs?