In Windows 10 Mobile, one change irked me a bit: tapping the Wi-Fi Quick Action toggled it on or off. Although I understood the rationale, the old way jumped you into Settings > Wi-Fi where you could see the list of networks. If you jump around a lot, this is a very quick tool.

However, it turns out I just didn't get the model Microsoft was going with. Reader of the site Dương T. found out how it all works:

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Toggles

  1. Tapping quick action toggles the state on or off e.g. Wi-Fi on or off
  2. Press and hold sends you to the Settings menu for that task e.g. search for Bluetooth devices to pair to

This combo is the best of both worlds approach, and I am glad to see Microsoft offering this solution. It's smart.

I should also note it seems to work for some other quick actions like VPN and Connect.

My only concern is, like myself, the discovery of this feature. It is not clear how new users will know to hold and press to take advantage of the option.

Anyway, for now, if you are using Windows 10 Mobile you can enjoy this feature.