Rail Rush gets a Christmas theme, 6snap gets fixes and more in latest updates

Technically speaking, it’s been a slow week, mostly due to the hangover from last week’s holiday festivities. In reality though, you probably have noticed that developers have been busy tweaking and improving their apps. We’ve covered a bunch of ‘em but there are still more. Today, we know of two pretty big updates that are well worth your time.

Both Miniclip’s Rail Rush, a freebie and Nokia exclusive game, got a Christmas bonus and Huyn’s Snapchat client, 6snap, received a few new features as well. Here are the details.

Rail Rush 1.5 (Lumia exclusive game)

Version 1.5 of Rail Rush is now available. The endless-runner game, akin to Temple Run but with a miner’s cart, has won our hearts due to the bold graphics and addicting gameplay. It’s a really great game that just got a little more endearing with its recent update.

This update has one purpose: Christmas. Launching the game, you’ll notice a new splash screen, winter layout, Christmas-esque music and a bonus level called Snow Land. Snow Land is beautifully designed winter wonderland where you cart has Christmas decorations and you grab ornaments from the air. Awesome. We're totally down with holiday-themed games, so this one wins.

Full details:

  • New world "Snow Land" - visit the wonderful Snow Land and deal with the rumble valley!
  • New hero "Santa Claus" - a Christmas exclusive hero who helps you in destroying rolling snowballs
  • New Christmas theme music and game menus

It’s cute. It’s timely. And it’s free. Rail Rush is one of a few endless-runner games out there, but we’re fans of Miniclip , so this one is on the top of our Christmas list. How about yours?

Pick up Rail Rush version 1.5 here in the Store. Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices only!


6snap 1.2.1

Earlier this week we say Rudy Huyn’s 6snap get a solid update with new features, including landscape support and new filters on board. Today’s update is not nearly as big, but it’s still significant, especially if you like using that front-facing camera. This update fixes some issues users were having with their front shooter, at least for “low resolution” ones and it brings a few other knickknacks.

  • Fix front camera on device with a low resolution front camera
  • Support "Team Snapchat" videos
  • Allow multi-line text on pictures
  • Add a menu "clear all drawings"
  • Drastically improves video quality on low memory devices

We’re not users of Snapchat but even we recognize those are noteworthy changes, features and fixes. If you’re a big fan of Snapchat, make sure you pick up version 1.2.1, which is now live in the Store.

Pick up 6snap here for Windows Phone 8 devices. It’s ad-supported, but you can remove them for $1.29 with an in-app purchase.

Thanks, Joris, Rahul and all the others for the Rail Rush tips!

Daniel Rubino

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