Rainbow Six Siege bans your favorite Operators in limited-time Attrition mode

Rainbow Six Siege IQ
Rainbow Six Siege IQ (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has debuted a new limited-time mode, marking the latest of its weekend-long Arcade playlists for the multiplayer shooter. Ubisoft first unveiled the format for these bite-sized modes back in February, injecting minor modifications to the gameplay formula, later followed by the short-lived Golden Gun mode.

Operation Steel Wave brings its next experiment, encouraging teams to explore new Operators throughout each match. The "Attrition" game mode features the same core mechanics from Bomb, with the same five-versus-five attacker and defender setup, two sites, and defuser to plant.

The unique twist comes with each round win, permanently sidelining Operators in play for the remainder of the match. The lock encourages squads to branch into new playstyles, removing its popular names from the game. Ubisoft has also unlocked all Operators for the duration of the mode, making it an ideal opportunity to sample any you've been eyeing to purchase.

Rainbow Six Siege Attrition Mode

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Rainbow Six Siege, like any modern shooter, revolves around the most effective "meta." Attrition provides a welcome shakeup to a trait that leaves some matches feeling stale, temporarily preventing players from gravitating to the usual rotation of Operators.

Where your average round sees players opting for Ash, Twitch, Zofia, and other popular attackers, their one-time presence should push less appreciated faces onto the field. You'll discover new playstyles along the way, including inter-gadget relationships and tactics often overlooked among its now over 50-strong roster.

The Attrition mode is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, located within the playlists menu. However, unlike its full-fledged midseason events, it's only scheduled for four days before closing up shop. That allows until July 13 to try out this latest spin on Rainbow Six Siege, before it's gone for good.

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