Rainbow Six Siege gets new Valkyrie Elite skin next week

Ubisoft has teased a new skin pack on its way to Rainbow Six Siege, continuing its line of premium "Elite" sets for the tactical first-person shooter. The game's all-seeing defending Operator, Valkyrie, is set to receive the next exclusive bundle, containing new cosmetic items based on her photography background.

Teased via a tweet on the game's official Twitter account, the new Valkyrie set maintains the throwback styling of many previous Elite releases. Buyers will receive a retro military uniform, switching out her shemagh in favor of a fabric headband, alongside other cosmetic items. The attached twelve-second video also teases a new victory animation, where Valkyrie photographs the team before posing on-screen.

The new Valkyrie Elite set is currently expected to release on May 7 release, across Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Like previous Elite sets, the bundle will likely cost 1,800 R6 Credits – Rainbow Six Siege's premium packs obtainable with real-world money. Year 3 Pass holders will retain their store-wide discount, reducing the price to 1,620 R6 Credits.

With the rumored release of Operation Para Bellum only one month away, we can expect Ubisoft to soon shift its focus to the forthcoming season. Recent leaks have indicated two Italian Operators are around the corner, alongside a new map, weapons, and other multiplayer content.

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Matt Brown

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