These Rainbow Six Siege Koyo coins feed your Operation nostalgia

Rainbow Six Siege Koyo Operation Coins
Rainbow Six Siege Koyo Operation Coins (Image credit: Windows Central)

The continued success of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege can be attributed to countless factors, from its rewarding tactical gameplay, diverse roster of playable "Operators," and its continually evolving web of gadget synergies and counters. Ubisoft's delivery of regular updates to a tight scheduled fortifies those efforts, segmented into themed seasons — the latest Operation Void Edge.

The Koyo Store marks these milestones in Rainbow Six history with its lineup of collectible coins, positioned under its officially licensed "Six Collection," adjacent to its flagship Operator pins. These represent various Operations of years past, translating update signatures into premium coins, and an essential pickup for any Rainbow Six fan.

Relive your favorite Operations

Rainbow Six Siege Koyo Operation Coins

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Rainbow Six Siege veterans experience the game as a multi-year journey, with fond memories for particular past seasons. Operation Velvet Shell holds a place in my heart, which saw the game become my go-to shooter, while also host to two hugely influential Operators, even three years on. Koyo's coins serve as a memento for those past events, channeling each Operation's identity through its taglines, dates, and color themes.

The "challenge coin" has a history among the forces, but now embraced by pop culture in the collectible space. Koyo mimics its military styling around the Rainbow Six Siege Operations, also taking design cues from patches awarded to Rainbow Six Siege developers upon shipping new updates. The team sent over a sample of its latest releases, providing us a closer look in-hand.

Each coin weighs around 30g, measuring 50mm by 50mm, providing considerable weight for its footprint. Koyo has consistently evoked a sense of premium design with past products, once again meeting expectations of high quality.

That primarily comes down to the metal construction, built using the same zinc allow base with black nickel plating as its pins, topped with enamel for coloring. The use of raised metal detailing and recessed enamel help with more granular detailing, proposing a design playing with physical depth and colors that pop. On the rear sits an embossed Rainbow Six Siege logo, surrounded by a brushed finish.

Rainbow Six Siege Koyo Operation Coins

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Koyo states its Operator pins lineup remains its most popular Rainbow Six Siege range, especially given its function over alternative products. Still, their coins have emerged as a personal favorite, simply down to their craftsmanship. Consistent designs make them ideal for display standalone, or as an impressive showpiece when framed into a full set. But that will get expensive, with each coin costing around $13, especially with Rainbow Six Siege support pledged for another decade.

The Six Collection Operation coins currently span 13 seasons from Operation Black Ice through Operation Burnt Horizon, putting the range one year behind Ubisoft's release schedule. Coins start at $12.34 per piece exclusively via The Koyo Store, which, while not cheap, provide a premium display piece for any Rainbow Six Siege fan.

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