Rainbow Six Siege Operation Para Bellum: Tips to master Alibi and Maestro

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is about to receive its latest post-launch expansion, with the release of Operation Para Bellum. Introducing some of the game's biggest changes yet, the update adds two new playable Operators, a new Italian multiplayer map, and various other content.

In the wake of Operation Para Bellum, new defenders Alibi and Maestro take the spotlight. With new abilities to harness and tactics to counter, you'll need to be prepared to stay on top of the game. Here you'll find breakdowns of what these Operators can do, tips for using them, and our recommended loadouts.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Para Bellum: Everything we know

Alibi tips and tricks

One half of this season's duo is Alibi, an Operator touting three speed and one armor, and leveraging holograms to deceive foes. As an expert in illusions, Alibi utilizes throwable "prismas" to display holographic decoys of herself. Up to three projectors can be placed per round, which each summon a stationary bait for attackers. However, if enemies shoot or walk through these holograms, they'll be marked for the whole defending team. This establishes a new factor to gameplay, where attackers should think before pulling the trigger.

Tips for playing as Alibi

The visual similarity between Alibi and her decoys is one of her greatest strengths. It's hard to distinguish the two at first glance, making her ability most effective when enemies are under pressure. The positioning of these holographic figures plays a significant role in guiding hostiles into elaborate traps.

In general, these projections are most effective for locking down key angles from peeking attackers. Luring foes into close encounters with decoys can cause them to shoot by reflex, especially when used in tandem with other defensive tools. Once teams begin to adapt to Alibi's presence, this tactic should remain effective even against skilled players.

Holograms can also be used in creative ways, by placing them in key chokepoints and closing them with a makeshift proximity sensor. If an enemy or their drone chooses to pass through a hologram, their position will be flagged for a brief period. Placing holograms as cover will punish enemies who miss their shots, shifting engagements in your favor.

Alibi's presence triggers a global gameplay change that prevents defender identities from being revealed if they step outside. Although roamers will still be marked and tracked, a question mark will replace their Operator icon.

Prima decoys are also flagged up when thrown outside, in a similar style to real players. Although they'll only be marked for 10 seconds, this short period can still draw attackers searching for eager roams. Use this smartly to draw enemies into certain angles, without leaving the safety of defender territory.

Tips for countering Alibi

Disrupting Alibi's stationary decoys never ends well, making this gadget hard to deal with in some situations. Shooting, touching, or droning through the decoy will reveal your position to the entire enemy team. Skilled players will attempt to protect these holograms through their positioning but there are techniques to consider.

Damage to the base of Alibi's holograms will destroy them permanently, without alerting enemies of your presence. And if the base of the hologram isn't visible from your position, a well-placed explosive also does the trick. Conversely, if the hologram is well placed, consider whether it actually needs to be destroyed. It's often wiser to make note, relay its position to teammates, and move along.

Those with a sharp eye may be able to easily identify holograms, with the same skin used regardless of the real Alibi's customization. All three holograms bear Alibi's default uniform, headgear and MX4 Storm with no attachments or skins and the projector on the floor. If you can't identify these discrepancies, it's an easy way to ensure you've found the real deal.

A wide variety of attacking Operators offer counters to Alibi. The simplest way to destroy a hologram is via its base or breaking the ground below it. Thatcher's EMP grenades can also disable them temporarily, while Twitch's Shock Drone delivers a destructive blow with just a single charge.

Many Operators are better equipped to simply identify holograms using their respective gadgets. Projectors are flagged with IQ's electronics detector, while Glaz's thermal scope will only highlight the real Alibi. And when Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb calls all defensive phones, the holograms will remain silent even when Mute isn't in play.

Alibi has access to an impressive arsenal, which allows for a variety of playstyles when paired with her gadget. Although it's best to experiment and find the best loadout for you, this is our recommended kit for both newcomers and seasoned defenders:

  • Primary weapon - Mx4 Storm (Reflex sight, compensator, vertical grip).
  • Secondary weapon - Keratos .357.
  • Gadget - Impact grenades.

When composing Alibi's loadout, we recommend the new Mx4 Storm submachine gun, which boasts a high fire rate to compensate for its low damage per round. This is often best paired with a compensator and vertical grip, to reduce both horizontal and vertical recoil when rapid firing. While sight choice is largely determined by personal preference, the reflex sight obscures less of your peripheral vision.

The Keratos .357 is an ideal high-damage, low-fire-rate revolver which balances well with a submachine gun primary. Although you'll need to keep your shots on target, the sidearm offers impressive stopping power even at range. The Baliff 410 is ideal for creating peek holes. However, the Keratos .357 is generally more versatile with Alibi's dynamic playstyle.

Maestro tips and tricks

Maestro is an Operator focused on heavy firepower, with level three armor and level one speed. Two "Evil Eye" bulletproof cameras are Maestro's primary gadgets, which can be deployed on any surface, like Jäger's ADS units. These devices conceal a remote-controlled laser, which fires after opening its bulletproof glass sliders. Each shot only deals five damage, but attackers will have to take them out to stay focused.

Tips for playing as Maestro

Positioning is key for Maestro's Evil Eye, to guarantee a good line of sight while hiding from attackers. Like an ADS unit, experiment with different heights and surfaces to see what's best for you. Ensuring the best view is ideal, with good placements locking down multiple angles and chokepoints.

When engaging enemies, Maestro players should avoid being too aggressive with the Evil Eye's laser turret. Its bulletproof shutters resist most weapons but its exposed internals are vulnerable to any type of damage. Anticipate future enemy actions to avoid exposing the turret to gunfire. And while its automatic fire is ideal for delivering repeat damage, keep track of the indicator to prevent overheating.

Evil Eye turrets may be unique due to their offensive capabilities, but don't forget their role as cameras. Like Valkyrie's Black Eyes with higher durability, these can be valuable intel sources outside of stationary cameras. When you or teammates use the gadget, you'll also be able to spot and identify foes, even after being killed during the round.

Evil Eyes also have unlimited range, with their lasers able to reach any distance in sight. The turrets are even effective when deployed outside and cause havoc for approaching attackers. Paired with the new ACS 12 shotgun, Maestro can quickly clear holes between rooms for further coverage.

Maestro can use his turrets to counter many opposing Operators, too, with gadget-destruction capabilities comparable to Twitch's Shock Drone. Its laser can quickly take out most enemy gadgets, including drones, breaching charges, Kairos pellets, and candelas. And while the turret won't terminate a defuser plant, landing all shots will send them into a down-but-not-out (DBNO) state before it completes.

Tips for countering Maestro

Keep an eye out when facing Maestro, due to the versatility of his turrets. Make sure to approach cautiously and keep them in sight, while avoiding engagement if not properly equipped. And if a turret blocks your path, find a different route to the objective or call upon an appropriate Operator. Don't hesitate to run past in tight situations, with a relatively low damage per shot.

While usually bulletproof, cameras can still be destroyed when the shutters are closed. Evil Eye turrets can be easily destroyed with explosives, including grenades and breaching charges. If deployed on a destructible surface, breaking it will also remove the gadget from play. A heavy blow from Sledge's hammer can break the cameras in a single swing too.

Some Operators also provide soft counters to Evil Eye cameras, interfering with how Maestro can use them. A well-placed EMP from Thatcher disrupts the feed, cutting off access for 10 seconds. Twitch's Shock Drone similarly disables the camera or destroys it completely when shutters are drawn.

Dokkaebi's camera-hacking abilities also grant access to these cameras, which proves especially useful when near objectives. Although she's unable to use the turrets, it can offer great angles in defender territory.

Maestro focuses on delivering heavy firepower and protecting the perimeter of the objective. This is our top pick for the Operator's loadout, however, we once again suggest experimenting for yourself:

  • Primary weapon - ALDA 5.56 (ACOG, compensator, vertical grip).
  • Secondary weapon - Keratos .357.
  • Gadget - Barbed wire.

We recommend taking advantage of Maestro's ALDA 5.56, which is the only non-mounted LMG available to defending Operators. Considering this weapon also offers the highest fire rate of any LMG, has predictable recoil and supports an ACOG sight, it's easily among the best firearms in the game. Although the ACS 12 is viable with Maestro's play style, we're big fans of this bullet-hungry beast.

Both the Keratos .357 and Baliff 410 are suitable picks for Maestro and pair well with his anchor role. Although the Keratos .357 is our top pick for its flexibility, the Baliff 410's short range can still deliver deadly shots at close range.

Your thoughts

Operation Para Bellum should be available as a free update to all Rainbow Six Siege players on Thursday, June 7, 2018. For those with Rainbow Six Siege's Year 3 Pass, both Operators should be available at no additional cost on June 7. Seven days later on June 14, these Operators will be available to the public using Renown or R6 Credits.

What do you think of Alibi and Maestro? Make sure to drop into the comments section below and share your tips for the new update.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Para Bellum: Everything we know

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