Razer reveals limited edition 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' Xbox controller and stand

Razer Falcon And The Winter Soldier Limited Edition Xbox Controller Image
Razer Falcon And The Winter Soldier Limited Edition Xbox Controller Image (Image credit: Razer | Twitter)

What you need to know

  • Limited edition Xbox controllers and accessories are common, often collaborating with other franchises and brands.
  • On Tuesday, Razer announced a unique Xbox Wireless Controller and Quick Charging Stand set that's coming soon.
  • The duo is themed after the new Captain America from 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,' and looks quite bold.
  • Interested players and collectors can sign-up now to be notified when the limited edition controller goes live.

Many gamers are interested in unique accessories and peripherals, especially when they align with other major brands or franchises. Xbox controllers, in particular, exist in innumerable varieties, limited edition and otherwise, with Microsoft and other manufacturers often collaborating with other companies on exciting designs and releases. Today, Razer is adding another limited edition controller to the mix.

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The Razer Captain America Xbox controller and stand pairs what appears to be a standard Xbox Wireless Controller (counting among the best Xbox controllers you can use) with Razer's excellent Quick Charging Stand accessory. What makes this bundle unique is that the duo is decked out in a bold and colorful design inspired by the new Captain America revealed during Marvel's The Falcon and the Winter Soldier show on Disney+.

It looks like players will have to pay a premium in order to obtain this unique pairing. Interested parties can now sign-up to be notified when Razer begins selling the limited edition Captain America Xbox controller and charging stand, which will be available for $180, and will work with Xbox consoles, Windows PCs, and Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices.

In case you missed it, Xbox also revealed some cursed Sonic and Knuckles themed limited edition Xbox Wireless Controllers, which you have a chance of obtaining through a giveaway hosted by Xbox.

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