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The Razer Raptor, the company's first gaming monitor, is now available

Razer Raptor 27
Razer Raptor 27 (Image credit: Razer)

What you need to know

Razer is expanding its hardware lineup with the release of the Razer Raptor, a 27-inch ultra-wide gaming monitor. The monitor is Razer's first gaming monitor. The Razer Raptor has thin bezels, support for AMD Radeon FreeSync, and has a wide color gamut. The monitor is available for $700 starting today.

The Razer Raptor has a 2560x1440 IPS display with small, 2.3mm bezels around the entire screen. The monitor supports AMD Radeon Freesync, has a response time of 4ms with Overdrive and 1ms with Motion Blur reduction. The typical response time is 7ms. It has a refresh rate of 144Hz and a wide color gamut of 95 percent DCI-P3. It supports HDR and can reach a brightness of up to 420 Nits.

The monitor matches the design language of Razer's other hardware. It features a matte-black aluminum design, and Razer Chroma-powered LED strips around the base. The monitor can tilt back up to 90 degrees to make it easy to access the device's ports, which include an HDMI port, DisplayPort, USBC-C port with support for power delivery, and two USB-A 3.1 ports. Additionally, the backplate has fabric and metal. On the back of the monitor stand, there are milled channels that can be used to hide cables.

The Razer Raptor has multiple gaming modes, including FPS, racing, MMO mode, and streaming.

We got to see an "early-design-phase" model of the monitor earlier this year at CES. The final version is now available for $700.

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  • You rich guys, you🙄
  • I feel like this is overpriced
  • Probably. Not 4K, not G-SYNC, "HDR" with a max brightness of 420 nits (surprised it qualifies as "HDR" with that max brightness). Doesn't really seem to be outdoing competing monitors in any way, at least in terms of the spec sheet.
  • Exactly.
    But there's different specs for hdr. It's probably hdr400 which many people don't consider that true hdr.
    I literally just bought a monitor that's 4k, hdr400, g sync compatible, 120 hz for only $50 more than this But I'm not a monitor expert
  • It's kind of absurd that Razer puts Nvidia GPUs in their laptops, then turns around and makes a FreeSync, not a G-Sync, monitor. People that buy Razer laptops are better off buying someone else's monitor.
  • Probably will be certified as g sync compatible opening up their market to all gamers instead of those who only have a Nvidia gpu
  • Xiaomi curved surface display 34" ultra wide 3440 x 1440, 144 hz, 1500R curvature, has better spec,with half the price lol 2499 Yuan ($353)