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Razer Turret mouse and keyboard offer true PC gaming on the couch

While there's been a trend to get PC gamers to play titles on the couch with a gamepad controller like their console counterparts, many hardcore players still prefer the mouse-and-keyboard setup. Razer's newest PC gaming accessory, the Razer Turret mouse and integrated keyboard is hoping to give those gamers the best of both worlds.

Razer says:

Designed with a focus on enabling a PC gaming experience from the couch, the Razer Turret consists of a gaming grade chiclet keyboard with full anti-ghosting and a highly precise gaming mouse with a 3500 DPI sensor. The integrated magnetic mouse mat ensures the mouse will not slip even during intense gaming sessions.The Razer Turret comes with dual wireless connectivity, enabling users to play lag-free when connected to a console via Bluetooth LE or to a PC via the bundled wireless 2.4 GHz adaptor. The performance of the Razer Turret rivals desktop-grade gaming hardware, providing a tactical weapon that can be unleashed on opponents from a casual environment.

The keyboard comes with built-in battery that is supposed to last up to four months, while gaming on the mouse will last up to 40 hours on one charge. The Razer Turret is currently on sale at the company's website for $159.99.

See at RazerZone

  • O.o
  • Corsair's lapdog though bigger is more comfortable but this is cool just seems flimsy Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol, Nope. This is definate no buy for me. I'd much rather use my coffee table, or a TV try, or hell, something custom built. All these can use much better equipment than this.
  • Is the mouse supposed to stay on that limited part of the keyboard?
  • I believe that part of the keyboard is magnetic, keeping the mouse secured on the pad.
  • Sharp! Wish the kids were a little older to appreciate the finer things. Until then, my poor Logitech will have to do.
  • Such a pathetically small mousing area.  Means you have to set the DPI way too high and lose any fine precision.
  • Razor's way was always "throw stuff against the wall and see if it sticks". I predict it won't.
  • How's this stay on your lap?
  • Is the KB backlit?
  • If charging the mouse requires a separate charging dock, the battery life on the mouse seems like it'll be a real hassle to deal with for daily use...
  • How many hours do you think there are in a day?
  • If this was backlit I would purchase in a heartbeat
  • I didn't realize windows 10 keyboards had a Cortana button
  • Perfect! I'm just now in the middle of building a modest gaming PC (well, a PC made from once epic, but now dated components) and part of my dilemma between hooking it up in the living room or the office was tactile interface. I was wanting to put it upstairs, but hated the thought of using a $70 pedestrian Bluetooth pair.... ......this is just thing I need to solve the dilemma! And discovered at just the right time too!!! Yay! :-)
  • Nonsense, at least with such small mouse area. For the couch there's a plethora of controllers that can be used with a PC, keyboard+mouse is only strictly necesary for FPS games and for that there's nothing like a high refresh rate monitor...
  • What happens after 4 months of the built in battery..?
  • You need to recharge it after that.
  • I am tempted. I see much potential for easy going games that do not require a huge surface area for hectic mouse movements, like Master of Orion and other round based games. For RPG, FPS and RTS this solution is probably ineffective; but then who would play those kind of games layed back on a couch. ;)
  • Cheap cheap plastic everywhere.
  • Sijaelewa!
    Hii ni PC ndani ya keyboard, ama ni wireless keyboard na mouse??
  • Ja, en nu welke tal is dit? ;-)
  • Het is kiswahili!
  • ああ!!! ケサワヘレです!!! ¿Son Kiswahili y Swahili el mismo o idiomas differentes?
  • I'm a student of languages, so I was curious. :-) The only language I can speak fluently is English. But I have been able to achieve a basic conversational level usage of German, Spanish, and Dutch. In addition, I can make basic "Spielzeug" level tinkering usage with things like Japanese, Russian, and the Nordic "big three" (Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish). I hope to learn as many languages as I can. Obviously, I won't achieve fluency in all (or any) of them, not being able to travel and immerse. But if I can achieve B1, that'll make me happy. I do hope to learn Swahili at some point.
  • Es la misma cosa
  • I love speaking different languages too but I feel like I don't have time now to learn them coz of medical school. But I wish to learn.
    Swahili is my mother tongue BTW
  • So, how many languages do you speak, and to what depth? As far as having the time, I know DuoLingo won't make you completely fluent in a language, but it gets you off to a great start, and can take as little as 5 minutes a day. It's what I use, and other than my Spanish (which I took in high school 20 years ago), and what super little Japanese I have (which came through an app called "Human Japanese" (which is also wonderful)), everything I know and can do in any non-English language is the direct result of DuoLingo. What are you studying in Medical school, and what if your ultimate career goal?
  • I can speak only 2 languages. Swahili and English.
    I can understand some Arabic. I used bing translator for those above comments lol..
    I will try duolingo, but I don't know what language should I start with..
    - Medical Doctor. I love children so I want to be a pediatrician.
  • That's awesome! I admire people in the profession and especially pediatricians. By comparison, I just service office copiers, which is quite a bit less heroic! :-) Anyway, yeah, when you join DuoLingo, look me up. My user ID there is the same as it is here. We can keep tabs on each other. As far as what language you should learn, that's a big question, and the good news/bad news is that you've got a whole bunch to pick from with even more coming. I guess either develop a long term strategy, and start with the one that makes the most sense.....or just pick one that sounds fun. :-) My goal, as I said before is to learn as many as I can to at least A2 level, preferably B1, or even B2. I don't think I'll ever make it higher than B2 without traveling, and will probably not even make it that far. That's okay. So long as I can have conversations, read stuff, and write stuff - maybe write a song or two, or translate one of my English language video game blog posts into another language, even if the translation is rough - that's good enough for me. As far as my "plan of attack", while its much, much more complicated than this, you can think of English as a fusion of Germanic and Romance languages. So that's where I wanted to start, working my way through first the Germanic branch, then the Romance branch. I started learning Japanese, but put it back down when I discovered that trying to learn Japanese and German at the same time was just too much. :-) After I finish the Romance languages I want to return to Japanese. After that, I want to study Greek, Hebrew, and Latin (the biblical/ecclesial languages). After that, I want to learn the other "major world player" languages I wouldn't have already encountered, such as Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Korean, and something off the African continent as I won't have learned anything from that region by that point. If I accomplish all of this, and am STILL not either dead, or tired of the whole languages thing, then I'll just start pickin languages that sound interesting, like Vietnamese, or Finnish, or Polish, or some of the Celtic / Gaelic languages. Maybe even Esperanto, or something really goofy like Klingon. :-) Who knows how far I'll make it down this road before I give up, or keel over. But that is the plan, anyway until one of those two things happen! Anyway, if you end up pursuing this thing with Duo, I'll be very interested in knowing what course you take, and what plans you develop for yourself! :-)
  • Wow thats hell of a plan. I picked German since I have a German friend I can get to use it somehow.
    How do I find people on duolingo?
  • Cool! I think you're going to have a great time with German! :-) One thing I recommend to help supplement the learning is to use a streaming radio service, such as TuneIn to listen to news or talk radio in the language you're learning. For German, I listen to hr-iNFO. They also have an app that you can download where you can read news articles. I know you don't have much time to devote to languages right now, so skip that extra stuff if you have to....but it does help. As far as adding people, I'm not sure if the Android or Windows Phone versions of the app do it differently than the iOS version I am currently using, but in iOS at least, you look for "profile" in the upper left corner, then at the bottom of the profile page should be an area called "weekly leaderboard" and in the upper right of that section should be the word "add". Click that, then you can search for people. What did you choose as a user name? If I don't see an add from you by end of day, I'll assume you ran into problems and just add you myself. Meanwhile, I'll hang back, to give you a chance to get the hang of adding people so you can do it again later with other people.
  • Thanks for the tips and advices.
    It seems the app created the username for me. Its MaisarRash. Also it doesn't have the option to add people
  • Hmm. Maybe that feature is missing on the WP version? In any case, I went ahead and added you after all. There is also a website version, simply, and you definitely have access to following people there. In any case, since I'm following you, I should be able to see your progress. If you ever get on the website version, or if they ever get that feature baked into the app, follow me back.  In the meanwhile, I hope that Duo is as awesome for you as it has been for me, I hope to see you around on it. And of course, I look forward to future interactions with you here on Windows Central as well! Best wishes with your medical school studies!!! :-) Cheers!....or should I say "Prost!" :-)
  • get a steam controller and after you gtet use to it can play all pc games on tv from couch.
  • That would provide a much different (and in some cases worse) experience compared to using an actual mouse. But it's definitely good to have a controller for games that benefit from it.
  • why do companies think it is OK to make you buy their stuff??? I use a serfpad tv tray because I like to switch out my peripherals. you can make your own if a serfpad is too expensive. my uncle did... non-propietary. secure portable keyboard tray is the way to go. everyone knows pc to tv is the future. it is a no brainer.