Razer's 24 hour sale will save you up to 50% off nearly everything they sell

Razer is celebrating the numerous awards it received during CES 2015 last week with a special 24 hour sale. The event will cut the price of all of its peripherals and accessories by 50%, such as its Atrox Arcade Fighting Stick for the Xbox One. Its PC systems, including its 14-inch Razer Blade laptop, will be discounted by 30% during the sale.

The event starts at 9 p.m. EST on January 12 (that's today) and runs until 8:59pm EST on Tuesday, Jan. 13. It's limited to just one item only on the Razer Store site per customer. In order to take advantage of this sale you have to be a member of the Razer Insider message board with a linked Razer ID. The company adds, "During this time, the store will get an intense amount of traffic, slow down, etc and things will fly off the virtual shelves so get ready." That's a warning that some items will likely sell out very quickly.

Source: Razer

John Callaham
  • Waiting for this intently.
  • In the middle of the night.
  • Reminds me of 30 sec to mars "Do or die" :P
  • I go walking in my sleep...
  • This company is highly over rated. I would never buy their products for the price they ask. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Because they make famous high quality products for gaming ^^
  • I know I game exclusively on PC and could never bring myself to spend $100+ on a keyboard. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Clearly you haven't had a mechanical keyboard.
  • Can't say I have. I heard their superior to normal keyboards. I just won't spend that much on something I can get for $20. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Cool story bro
  • I've owned a few products from them in the past, including gaming mice and other stuff, awesome quailty and support 2nd to none. No question I would re-buy from them . Wish it was not right after the holidays, as have other stuff to do, and budgets are tight...
  • Does this include headphones? 
  • Yes, everything. 30% off on Systems though.
  • Time to get the Kraken
  • Wonder if the Nabu is discounted?
  • No its not, just out of stock currently. Its been selling insanely fast.
  • But no nabu?
  • They dont have enough for stock
  • Does anyone know if the siren is included in this deal?
  • Will this be a global sale?
  • sale is open to any where the razer store ships to. UK time the sale starts at 3am tuesday morning so I expect everyone to be gone by the time I get online tomorrow, but lot of items on the EU store are Out of stock and thus not part of the sale. the sale also brings most items under the free shipping threshold so most saving are off set due the high shipping costs
  • None of the "Systems" seems to be available in their store in Europe. They don't even show up. I would get the new Blade if they actually offered it. Now I think I will pass.
  • systems are US store  only
  • Razer can keep their crap. If they cant make a keyboard that functions properly how could they make more advanced tech work?! Not to mention their horrible customer service. Swore Razer products off years ago! Never looked back
  • self ddos'ed - lol   this is what I currently get: Site under maintenance
    We'll be back online in no time!
    we are currently performing scheduled maintenance
    Normal service will be restored soon.   and for a brief second I saw this: Razer DeathAdder Chroma Out Of Stock
  • I can't do anything on there site. :'(.
  • just as expected, they went down fairly quickly after being hammered for a few minutes...
  • Complete bummer. And I suppose when I do get there anything I would want will be sold out.
  • yep, see my post above. for a brief second I saw my item out of stock already. Was there before the promotion started - that was fast.... talk about flying off the shelves...
  • Ooops lol made a new post.
  • Pfft. They suck. They should offer rain checks ;)
  • out of stock before sale started???? Vote to take their ces trophy back! :) btw after 1 and a half hour of trying i cant reach their website ...   How to ruin a reputation ill never buy their products...
  • Does anyone use a razer keyboard for coding (working in Visual Studio etc)?  Obviously I would use it for gaming too.
  • Doesnt apply to razer hk
  • I have tried loads of their hardware and can't say I like any of it. Their mice are especially awful and seem to be made for people with the tiniest of hands or with magical thumbs that can bend at inhuman angles to hit buttons.