Razer's new keycaps and wrist rests bring some custom flair to your keyboard

Razer PBT Keycap Upgrade Sets
Razer PBT Keycap Upgrade Sets (Image credit: Razer)

What you need to know

  • Razer today launched replacement keycaps and ergonomic wrist rests that will fit most full-sized keyboards.
  • The wrist rests come with either memory foam or cooling gel inside, while keycaps are available in green, pink, black, and white.
  • You can pick up keycap sets for $20 and wrist rests starting at $20 now.

Razer is out today with some new keyboard accessories that let you add some pizzaz to your keys, or just replace them all outright. You can now get your hands on keycap upgrade sets, along with two different ergonomic wrists rests, each of which should fit most full-sized keyboards. The new keycap sets are available today for $20, and the wrist rests also start at $20 (the "pro" version is $35).

The keycap sets offer up the same dualshot PBT keys that Razer recently launched on the Huntsman Tournament Edition. They're build to be thicker and more durable while offering greater resistance to fingerprints. What's more, you can get full sets in multiple colors, including Razer Green, Quartz Pink, Classic Black, or Mercury White.

Inside each box of keys, you'll also get a set of key stabilizers, along with a key removal tool to make switching keys out easier.

The wrist rests, meanwhile, come in two flavors. The Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest is packed with memory foam under a stitch-free material, while the Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest Pro steps things up with a cooling gel on the inside. Both come in black and are angled to ease your hands up towards your keys.

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