Reminder – Nokia World 2013 Live Blog 3 AM ET/12AM PT

It’s go time, people! In just under 12 hours, Nokia will be unveiling all of their new devices, including a couple of new rumored Windows Phones, a possible Windows RT 8.1 tablet and some accessories. You want some new apps? Reports are circulating tonight that there will be some big ones dropped (feel free to speculate in comments).

Nokia will be streaming the event, which will be embedded right here at Windows Phone Central. What’s more, myself, Sam Sabri and Richard Devine will be live blogging it with added photos and commentary. Later, we’ll hit the floor for hands on with the devices and interviews.

Do you want to be a part of the action? Perfect, as we have a sweet chat room for you folks to banter on during the event (and to virtual high-five each other at some of the big news, trust us, you won’t want to miss it).

Just bookmark this page:

The event starts at an early 3 AM ET, 12 AM PT. Do you want to know your local time? Simply head to this link to learn your local time: link.

Bonus Abu Dhabi video:

Daniel Rubino

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  • Cant wait to see the 1320
  • ^
  • Yessss, I wanna see my Xmas,gift
  • Something tells me you didn't really need a reminder. Lol. I'm exited as well but being on the east coast here in the US gets me a few hrs of sleep. Enjoy!
  • I wish I was there. However I have to be at work :)
  • We'll being on the West I'll be watching from the surface launch party here in Scottsdale. Ahh, what a good night tonight, I get to keep tabs on the Nokia event while at a launch party getting my hands on a Surface Pro 2 and a Surface 2...
  • Good Thing here its only an hour difference. So i'll be watching you Nokia. Bring it on. Wohoooo!! (KSA) New apps? Probably what we're wating for. Instagram i guess?hehe
  • I got school tomorrow, so sadly I have to get my sleep. Im PST. :'(
  • I feel u bro I feel u
  • I'm PST as well and I'm staying up. Just do it, do it bro! Stay up and enjoy the show
  • Me too, but such is the life of a college student!
  • Trust me man, I'm right there with you and I'm Central Standart Time! I really can't stay up until 2 and still make it to my 8 AM classes! Oh being a college student haha
  • Yup!
  • dang looks like i am going to miss is .. i dont think i could stay up till 12 ...oh well looks like i will have a alot of reading to do tommorrow
  • Guys, drop into the Nokia Music area and meet the gang that created it :-)
  • I'll never remember these ET AT PACIFIC and so :'( Can you please use Greenwich 24h time, too?
  • PT is -8:00 from Greenwich.
  • 12 am = noon or midnight? 0 pm or am? Sure I can ask or Wikipedit every time (I've already done this again as soon as read the caption), but Daniel, could you please just add GMT next time?
  • 12:01a.m. Los Angeles time. You'll be watching jay leno during this time. Does this help you determine what time it will be? :)
  • ^_^ I live in Moscow and have watched jay leno only once when Jeremy Clarkson hosted him at Top Gear :) but thanks a lot, I'll remember, 12am = jay lino tonight in LA :D
  • No, that's 4pm for me, so they always delay the telecast until after 10/11pm :P
  • Yeah, I think it's much easier to just quote the GMT time i.e. 11:00 event with +4 UTC = 07:00 GMT. Most people would already know if they're + or - from that. I'm +8 i.e. 15:00 so I'll still be at work :/
  • Man I just hope they announce the successor of 920, I'm not really a fan of phablet
  • Midnight for me.. Ill be up!! :D
  • Watch the stock soar!!!!!
  • It's on!!
  • So happy that this would be 3PM Manila time :D As for the apps, I hope it would be any or all of the ff: Instagram (I know that 6tag is tons better but it would be a coup if we get this for WP8), a YouTube app, Path, Pinterest.
  • What does Nokia have to do with apps like that ??? If we see an app it will probably be the smart and pro cam combined into one app that's it I guess
  • True, the apps I listed have nothing to do with Nokia. But they have everything to do with Windows Phone. Heck, I don't even need any of those apps, but fact of the matter is, A LOT of people are clamoring for them. Whether we want to admit it or not, these apps are needed if we want to increase the number of WP8 users even more.
  • It's 3pm for me too, in Perth. I'll still be at work :/
  • I'm in Perth too but I have the day off! Working weekends has its perks sometimes. :)
  • Official Facebook app announced? Since it hit win 8
  • Lol, this already exists. Months ago.
  • Na I think you're a bit confused, the Facebook app you think is official is written by Microsoft not Facebook, check the store
  • ITS COMING!!!!!!! *star wars music as new models scroll up screen*
  • @Daniel R.. I want your Nokia World badge when you finish with it.. You should have a contest so that we can have a chance to win it, and other collectables, from the event..
  • Flipboard, Path and TEMPLE RUN "2"
  • Flipboard!
  • Nice picture. Show-off ..  j/k hehe
  • In advance question.  Will there be a way to watch the event tomorrow?  No way will I be up at 3am.  Thank you!
  • Nokia says that they record the event and they're gonna upload it as soon as possible, after the keynote ends.
  • Thank you.  Much appreciated.
  • :) :) :)
  • Snapchat....
  • ++++++1
  • I hope all apps Nokia talked about in the Lumia 1020 announcement will be released tomorrow... And a few more... :)
  • Apps I'm hoping for: pocket, fitbit, feedly, and snapchat....wont be holding my breath though.
  • If you want a feedly app, try Phonly - the developer obtained permission from Feedly to create the app and has done an absolutely amazing job with it!
  • I use a 3rd partty fitbit. Its pretty good, no food support or sync but the info is pretty great. WOuld love to see bt4 and a proper fitbit app though with sync. That said the 3rd party app is good so if he/they can add more features that would work too!
  • May be Flipboard is coming to WP & W8.!
  • "sweet chat room" haha. Picturing Kip Dynamite.
  • Setting the alarm so that it wakes me up when the event will be live.. Expecting the Lumia 1320!
  • Alarm set up at 9 am, Belgium time lol !!! can't wait so excited, the 1520 is gonna get built in wireless charging right? Please Nokia release it also in Cyan, when i asked Stephen Elop if the 1520 will be released in Cyan he told me that Cyan was one of the favorite colors of the team.
  • My bets on App announcements: Path, Snapchat, Vine (official), and Flipboard (all though I think this one is a long shot)
  • Hopefully Flipboard!
  • So 3AM for me. That means I will need to go to sleep at 11, wake up at 3. That should give me 4 hours. Assuming the unveil will take an hour, I will go to bed at 4 and wake up at 7. So 7 hours of sleep, not bad.
  • Is funny because is the first time that NO ONE said Instagram! hahahahahahha
  • We have 6tag. We don't need an inferior product.
  • Haha goes to show how awesome a job 6tag has done
  • So true. no need for official
  • I'm really hoping to get Fitbit, Starbucks, Instagram.
  • Since yall are in the future, give us the info now!!!
  • Lol
  • Looks like I'll be able to watch it tonight. :)
  • No point in watching. WP Central already covered everything :)
  • 3 in the morning........
  • Guess Ill be up at 2am CT to witness the awesomness.... Might have to miss my 9am class tomorrow.
  • Lol, I'll be up at 2AM and then later that day, I'll take my mid-term. ;)
  • Hi There Nokians, Windows Phoners and the WPC team
    I am absolutely throbbing with envy Daniel!! I would give a kidney to be there in Abu Dabi tomorrow :(
    Anyhow. I want to ask if someone can PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEZZZ Record the entire live stream of the event in decent quality and upload it to youtube! I wont be able to watch it myself and I am so pist off because of that :(
    So can one of you awesome people capture the live stream and upload it to youtube so I can watch the magic later on???
    I would really apreciate it guys
  • Damn, I'm commuting at that time :'(
  • Hoping for the only 2 apps that everyone complains we don't have. Snapchat, Instagram (they were already in talks).
  • I don't mind the alternatives to Instagram but I would like to have SnapChat. I lost SwapChat whenever I had to reset my phone.
  • Will be starting work at 8 when it kicks off, will hide down behind the guillotine and watch it!!
  • Awesome, you guys should have a nice summary by the time I get up tomorrow :D
  • Tomorrow @8:00 am here in Madeira island, Portugal. Already set my alarm. Good thing i only have to leave home at 11:00 am tomorrow.
  • 3PM Malaysia / Singapore Time in case anyone would want to know. Looking forward for some extra innovations from Nokia ;)
  • Bright red badges so Nokia can see you coming from a mile away and hide their shiny new 2016 tech!
  • What time can i watch here in England?
  • Awesome, being in Australia for once I don't have to stay up to a stupid hour for this, should be 6pm when this starts :D
  • I'll be sleeping at that time. I guess I'll wake up to some good news in the morning
  • Interested in the rumored Lumia 525.  If it comes out at a reasonable price $150 (USD), I may consider upgrading my 520.
  • Just picked up my 1020, awesome !! Can't wait for this event
  • I'll be tunng in at midnight from California! So psyched for this event!
  • Waiting here, east Canada!
    *Daniel should try the traditional costume of UAE ;)
    Sent from HP Envy x2
  • Haha.. I work night shift. So I will definitely be here \m/
  • Yay, it will be 2PM here in Cambodia!
  • Hi Daniel,
    I am at work now and I can see the YAS Island hotel (The Viceroy) from my desk, only 2 minutes drive from my work.but unfortunately I can't attend as I have a boring meeting that will start at 11 AUH time.
    Can we get in and meet you guys after the show is over?