A Microsoft employee who wishes to remain anonymous to the public has informed Windows Central that as of 8 AM this morning, the Windows 10 OS has reportedly been installed on a massive 67 million machines.

Even more interesting is the claim that Microsoft hit a max bandwidth of 15 Tb/s, topping the previous record of Apple's 8 Tb/s during their last OS push. Microsoft has reportedly reserved up to 40Tb/s "from all of the third-party CDNs combined".

Windows Central has not been able to verify the numbers independently. [Update: We now have a second confirmation] However, they are within reason. Just 24 hours after Windows 10 began to roll out Microsoft themselves confirmed more than 14 million machines had Windows 10. Presumably as Microsoft gains confidence in the update process and ability to deliver they would increase the rollout with larger waves.

Does it matter? Not really although it is fun to ponder the logistics. Recall the video above posted by Microsoft's Jonathan Sampson showing the live number of users installing Windows 10. The sheer amount of data being pushed is mindboggling.

Regardless, we are confident Microsoft will do a big article sometime in the next few days extolling the number of people now on Windows 10. Their goal is to hit a billion over the next two to three years, so they have plenty of time.

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