Resident Evil 7 demo comes to Xbox One

The Resident Evil 7 demo is now available (opens in new tab) for Xbox One, giving another batch of gamers a chance to check out what's coming with the game in January. While PlayStation 4 gamers have had access to the demo for a while, Xbox One and PC players have thus far been left out in the cold.

The teaser definitely shows off a Resident Evil that look decidedly different from prior entries in the series. From the demo's description:

You wake up alone on the floor of an abandoned farmhouse. Daylight is quickly fading. You must find a way out.A thrillingly immersive horror experience for the five senses. This full model change to the frightening "Isolated View" player perspective, and photorealistic graphics of the cutting-edge RE Engine mark a new beginning for survival horror. Enter a terrifyingly new world of horror and survive.Warning: Contains scenes of horror and violence. Content may not be suitable for children.

While today's release is only for Xbox One, the demo is also set to come to PC players on December 19. The full game itself will hit the streets on January 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and is now up for pre-order.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Capcom is always giving ps4 support. SF5. Ultimate MVC3 having a digital rerelease on the ps4 this month and it won't be available on Xbox one till march 2017. I know capcom is having financial issues, but if you want more money, make your games available for all consoles, just not ps4.
  • Sony is throwing money at Capcom for timed or full exclusives. That's why these things happen.
  • Xbox One has a year's worth of exclusivity on Dead Rising 4...
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  • I will be trying this out.
  • Let's hope for Windows 10 version of the demo soon :D
  • Don't know if it'll be in the Windows Store, but the PC demo is set to drop on the 19th.
  • Just finished it for the first time woth the bad ending. Great so far! Scary survival horror with pristine graphics @60fps 😮
  • I will be playing this today.
  • I'm just glad I can play 4, 5, and 6 on One... 7 does not look like my kind of game at all. I know survival horror fans are happy, buy I wonder if there are enough to offset the fans of the more action based games like myself. I feel like they should just split it in two series, since they appeal to different audiences.
  • The game seems like a silent hill type of game. The hype is on the resident evil 2 hd remake
  • Already played it and didn't like it. It's not a cool action like all the previous part but I can't call it a survival horror either because it's not scarry at all. But the game may seem greate for those who like "walking simulators" like Dear Ester.
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