Resident Evil and other Capcom games are part of this week's Xbox Deals with Gold

Microsoft has revealed the list of games that are part of this week's Xbox Deals with Gold. They include a number of games from Capcom, such as titles in the Resident Evil series, getting discounts from now through Aug. 15.

Here's a look at the discounts this week. Some of the price cuts are available just to Xbox Live Gold subscribers but the Capcom titles get discounts for all Xbox Live users.

Xbox One

Xbox 360

Which game or games on the latest Xbox Deals with Gold list will you be buying or downloading this week? Let us know your favorites in the comments!

  • May pick up DmC definitive edition, completed the original on Xbox 360 and had a blast! Also tempted by Blood Bowl, anyone played it?
  • Which of these 360 games are playable on XB1, there're a few I really want. Street fighter & racoon city
  • Picked up DmC Definitive Edition.  It should definitely be worth ten bucks.  
  • Well... lots of 360 games I would like to pickup here. Unfortunately, Capcom has been pretty Scrooge -like about letting then on to backwards compatibility. Never got to play RE Revelations. Would like Bionic Commando and RE Raccoon City too (I know there not highly regarded). I can't imagine they would bother "remastering" these...
  • No marvel vs capcom 3 or 2 or 1 or ultra street fighter 4 on Xbox one yet?
  • That's a lot of titles
  • Region specific?
  • Strider is 3.75 $$$ tempting