Resident Evil: Revelations is headed to Xbox One later this year

It looks like Resident Evil fans will have another throwback to check out on Xbox One later this year. Resident Evil: Revelations, which originally launched on the Nintendo 3DS, will make its way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both physically and digitally sometime this fall (via Polygon).

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Those familiar with the series will recall that Revelations takes place between Resident Evil 4 and 5. You play a Jill Valentine as you explore an abandoned cruise ship across a story that, in usual Resident Evil fashion, tasks you with saving the world from a deadly zombie virus and those who would seek to use it for ill.

Though Revelations initially made its debut in the handheld world, it previously saw ports released on last-gen consoles and PC as well. Those ports included HD visuals, a new difficulty mode and more. There's no indication whether the Xbox One and PS4 re-releases will receive any further upgrades, but it's likely we'll hear more as the game's launch draws near. For now, if you want to get your Resident Evil fix, you can grab the latest entry in the series, Resident Evil 7, at the Xbox Store.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Revelations sucked, imo. The dirty chick that flirts every time she opens her mouth was just so unbearable. I mean, it's cool when she's flirting with Chris because he's a beefcake. But then she starts flirting with the fat guy and that's when you know the writing is just terrible. But I did enjoy Revelations 2, the story was a whole lot better, especially with the special episodes. Does anyone else think they used Jill's model to make Claire? They look exactly alike in the face. Lazy work there.
  • IS it just me or am I only one that thinks... "Stuff Capcom"? Notice how in this article that it doesn't say the 360 title is coming to Backwards compatible via the Xbox One. No... no doubt that the grubby Capcom hand will again come out waning $29 AUD and for anyone to re-buy the game with minor tweaks. Also.. barring "Dark Void", every Back Compatible title Capcom have ported has been an arcade title and probably something they can't make money off reselling. To date and I'm happy to be corrected, no A+ 360 titles yet have been ported. Add this to the mess that is "Street Fighter 5" never to be released on Xbox, which I simply see as pigheaded and Capcom can stick it. I'm not giving them a cent for Resident Evil 7. It better hit Games with Gold sometime around 2019... otherwise I'm not playing it.
    Even last week's MvC3 edition... I can't see how that differs from the last Ultimate version that the 360 saw... Very disappointed in this company. Look at Rockstar... sure not every game is ported but we got RDR, we got GTA4 and as long as we get one or two per year... I don't think anyone is going to mind... Capcom... Good riddance. #makeresidentevilgreatagain