Review – Amzer Pudding Soft Gel case for the Nokia Lumia 1520

Last Friday we showed you the bulky but well done E LV Leather Wallet case for the Lumia 1520, and previously we reviewed the Nokia CP-623 flip cover. Today, it’s Amzer’s turn with their Pudding Soft Gel Case/Cover.

Costing around $8 online in either white or black, Amzer is a relatively familiar name and their Soft Gel case is a good deal. It’s not the most protective case, but in exchange you get a light, form fitting cover that will protect your giant Lumia 1520 against small falls.

The case comes with stiff corners, a raised ring around the camera housing (good for protecting the front element) and it covers the buttons. The button covers aren’t too bad though you will need to press slightly harder to activate them once you have the cover on. Speaking of, the Amzer slides on and off with easy and it wraps around the sides of the phone running flush with the display.

There are ample cutouts for the camera, dual LED flash, rear speaker, micro USB charging port and headphone jack. There is no cutout for the charging dots on the lower bottom. Feel of the case in the hand is good with a matte white (or black). There are no added grips to the cover, though it does make holding the Lumia 1520 easier than without a case.

Overall, the Amzer Pudding Soft Gel case for the Lumia 1520 is a good value for $8. It offers moderate protection from scrapes, small falls or scratches to the polycarbonate and it makes holding the device much easier. Since the case is so thin, any added size to the Lumia 1520 is minimal. If this is your style, then you can feel good about ordering the Amzer. Recommended. 

Do you have a case you want us to review for the Lumia 1520? Sound off in comments. Have this case and like it (or don’t)? Let us know why below.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • I seen that flip case for the 1520 yesterday at the MS Store and it was absolutely a horrible case. It was so flimsy. This looks like a good case. I just wish these company would add the Qi charging wires to make them more efficient.
  • Looks quite nice, I always put my devices in a case, at least keeps them cosmetically clean when the time comes for hand me down or sell it to a good home. And a screen protector helps as well.
  • I'm using it right now. It's not bad. But it doesn't showcase the beautiful red my 1520 is in, so I'm thinking of not using it.
  • I have always kept my phones in an old boxing glove!
  • What? How do you carry that around?
  • On his key chain. Duh! :)
  • I like it
  • Hey Daniel, are you using the 1520 as your daily device? What are you thinking about the size? (I know... That is a review, but there was firsts impressions...).
  • I am. I like it but there are tradeoffs e.g. charging/driving. I like it, but I also spend a lot of the time with my phone not in my pocket and I tend to wear cargo pants. It's really big though.
  • I see... I am thinking to buy one and, as I am from Brazil, the only comparable device here is the Note 3. And I don't think it is too big. But the 1520 is bigger...
  • Is there a similar one for the L1020?
    I always prefer these silicone cases to all others, and I normally buy the official Nokia ones, but it turns out Nokia hasn't made them for the L1020 and neither has one for the L1520 showed up.
    This one looks very nice, hence my question. Also, Daniel, enlighten me as I still haven't understood: you say, in the end of the videos, "take care, bye" or "take care, 'body" (as in a compressed "everybody")?
  • I believe it's "buddy".
  • He's sying take care of your body, it's a health guru thing.
  • Not sure if WPC owns these but I recommend Fosmon S Cases instead. Same material but has grip on the sides which is much needed for these Nokia devices. I've been using them for HD7, 8X, L925 and soon the L1520.
  • "Hey, hey , want a puddy-pop?" ~Bill Cosby
  • I got the black. Good case so far. Just wish more colors.
  • What's that weather app on the home screen?
  • I would like to know as well!
  • Vieather.
  • THANKS!!!
  • My hope is that someone makes a snapon back cover that includes a Qi charging coil.  I doubt we will see one from Nokia so it will have to be third party.  I'm sure the case companies have it on their radar but are just waiting to see how this sells.
  • I'd like to see a quality built thin cover with kickstand. Huge phone like this is made to beg for one.
  • If i see one like this in red ill buy one
  • I have the black version of that case. I like it okay. I would prefer a seidio
  • just ordered the black case, stylus, and 2.1 amp dual usb car charger all for $18.41 today with the MONDAY code at checkout.. saved almost $14.00.  waiting for my Red 1520 to get here as well